1st Place: Ron Paul, 2nd Place: Michele Bachmann, 3rd Place: Mitt Romney–Winners of The 2011 Ames, Iowa Straw Poll–Videos

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Campaign For Liberty, Peace and Prosperity



Ron Paul on Neil Cavuto: From Ames Iowa Straw Poll, Great Interview!


Ron Paul: Rick Perry Offers No Real Change


Ron Paul at Iowa State Fair


Michele Bachmann Iowa State Fair


Michele Bachmann Iowa Straw Poll Kick Off


Michele Bachmann talks dollars and cents


Kristine Frazao from Ames, Iowa

Countdown to Ames: Iowa Republican’s Craig Robinson Predicts Straw Poll Results




Ames Straw Poll: The Complete Guide

Who is participating in this year’s poll?

1. Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann
2. Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain
3. Twitter account-haver Newt Gingrich
4. Former Utah Governor/Ambassador to China/Wizard keyboardist Jon Huntsman
5. Michigan Representative Thad McCotter
6. Texas Representative Ron Paul
7. Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty
8. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney
9. Former Pennsylvania Senator/Jelly enthusiast Rick Santorum

So, the non-participants are Gary Johnson, Fred Karger, Buddy Roemer, and presumed future primary candidate Rick Perry.



My own prediction is Ron Paul will come in first, followed by Michele Backmann and Mitt Romney.

The race is between the Constitutionalist Republicans Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann and the Establishment Republicans Perry and Romney.

I think the final Republican ticket will be either Paul/Bachman or Perry/Pallin.

I support a Paul/Bachmann Republican Party ticket in 2012 for both are fiscally responsible and voted down the increase in the National Debt ceiling.

A Paul/Bachmann ticket would unite the libertarian and social conservatives who are for limited government in terms of size and scope, a constitutional representative republic and a peace and prosperity economy.

Now if Ron Paul would come on out and support the FairTax, he would win in a landside!

Ames straw poll grounds


The FairTax: It’s Time


Background Articles and Videos

Ron Paul Highlights – GOP Debate in Ames, Iowa

Ron Paul: A New Hope





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