Third Republican Debate In Ames, Iowa, August 11, 2011–Show Me The Money!–Videos

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Full GOP Debate in Ames, Iowa – Aug. 11, 2011

3rd GOP Presidential Republican Debate In Iowa on Fox News: Part 1

3rd GOP Presidential Republican Debate In Iowa on Fox News: Part 2

3rd GOP Presidential Republican Debate In Iowa on Fox News: Part 3

3rd GOP Presidential Republican Debate In Iowa on Fox News: Part 4

3rd GOP Presidential Republican Debate In Iowa on Fox News: Part 5

3rd GOP Presidential Republican Debate In Iowa on Fox News: Part 6

3rd GOP Presidential Republican Debate In Iowa on Fox News: Part 7

Tim Pawlenty is the big loser in the third Republican debate in Ames, Iowa.

Pawlenty the former Governor of Minnesota went after Tea Party Republican Michele Bachmann by attacking her record in Congress and her veracity.

Bachmann responded by throwing a knockout punch by revealing to the American people that Pawlenty used to be for cap and trade energy tax and carbon emission controls when he was Governor of Minnesota.

Now that Pawlenty is running for President he has flip-flopped on the issue of the cap and trade energy tax and admits he made a mistake.

Tim Pawlenty: Courage to Stand for Renewable Energy

Pawlenty’s ‘Flip-Flop’ On Cap And Trade, Global Warming

Bachmann was a Republican leader in the Democratic controlled House of Representative against Obamacare, the cap and trade energy tax and raising the national debt ceiling as well as a leader of the Tea Party caucus.

Michele Bachmann CO2 Is A Natural Byproduct of Nature!

Rep. Michele Bachmann Delivers Tea Party Response to State of the Union

As far as I am concerned any candidate that was ever for a cap and trade energy tax on carbon dioxide emissions is not an acceptable candidate for President.

The cap and trade energy tax is a jobs killer that would put the economy into an even worse recession.

Cap and Trade is a Massive Energy Tax

Cap and Trade Will Destroy the Middle Class

Cap and Trade Explained (in plain old English)

The clear winner was the Republican establishment candidate with the most money Mitt Romney.

The clear winners among the Republican constitutional candidates were Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul.

The losers were Pawlenty, Gingrich and Santorium.

The straw poll in Iowa this Saturday will validate the winners and losers of the third Republican debate as well which candidates are both well organized and can attract campaign contributions from their supporters.

Ron Paul Expects To Come In Top 3 In Ames Iowa Straw Poll

Only the top three candidates will be considered still viable and worthy of campaign contributions.

My own prediction is Bachmann, Paul and Romney will finish in the top three with the remaining candidates falling way behind these leaders.

The Pawlenty, Santorium and Gingrich will simply run out of money and not be contenders in 2012 once Governor Rick Perry enters the race.

Herman Cain will run fourth and will keep on running until he too runs out of money in early 2012 if not sooner.

By next week the leaders for the Presidency nomination will be Republican establishment candidates Romney and Perry and Republican Constitutional candidates Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul.

I am still supporting Ron Paul as the Presidential candidate and Michele Bachmann as the Vice-Presidential candidate.

Ron Paul on John Stossel after Debate: I Just Don’t Believe These Wars Are Necessary

Ron Paul on Fox At Iowa State Fair: Philosophy of This Country is Shifting Towards The Constitution

Ron Paul Iowa Debate Highlights Part 1

Ron Paul Iowa Debate Highlights Part 2

I consider Mitt Romney as a closet progressive and Rick Perry has closet neoconservative and simply do not trust either of them.

Neither Romney nor Perry is up to the job to aggressively cut the size or scope of the Federal Government which would require closing eight to ten Federal Departments, cutting Defense spending by about 25%, cutting entitlement spending (Social Security, Medicare, Medicare and welfare programs) and comprehensive tax reform–the FairTax or Flat tax.

Ron Paul is the one candidate that truly believes in a limited constitutional republic with balanced budgets and  and bringing the troops home.

His voting record in Congress clearly demonstrates this.

Ron Paul is clearly the only peace candidate of either political party with his bring the troops home and cut military spending positions.

While the American people may believe and trust Ron Paul, it is still not clear they will support him.

The real question is will the American people send him enough money to enable him to run against the Republican establishment candidates Romney and Perry.

Who will win?

The candidates that can bring in the most money and use it wisely by building a well organized campaign.

Both Romney and Perry can bring in the big  Republican establishment money especially from the military industrial complex and the petroleum industry.

It remains to be seen if Paul and Bachmann can consistently bring in the money from the American people.

Show me the money will be one of the key tests all candidates must meet to remain viable candidates.

Money is required to pay for television and radio ads both in the primaries and the general election.

Without money the majority of the American people who do not follow politics simply do not know a candidate’s name or position on the issues.

What is interesting to note is Ron Paul leads all the other candidates for President including Barack Obama in terms of campaign contributions from  active duty military by a large margin.

Campaign Finance Numbers Out: What Do They Mean For 2012?

Obama’s $86 Million Campaign Haul Leaves GOP Competitors Far Behind

Ron Paul: #1 with the Troops

What do America’s soldiers know about a commander-in-chief that you don’t know?

RESTORE AMERICA NOW! Ron Paul 2012 – Special Message Military Spending

Ron Paul 2012 Who’s Laughing Now! – Join the rEVOLution!

Background Articles and Videos

Judge Napolitano On The Fed Destroying The Economy

Peter Schiff “The Framers Of Our Constitution Warned About The Perils Of Democracy”

Rush Limbaugh – Ron Paul Is Going To Destroy This Party, This Is Nuts On Parade

Ron Paul Vs GOP Warmongers: Congressman Romps To Victory In Iowa Debate – Alex Jones Tv


IOWA GOP CHAIR: Ames Straw Poll ‘Very Vital,’ Despite No-Shows

Ron Paul Mentioned on FOX Ron Paul Winning Ames Could Scare The Establishment

Ron Paul “This Military Spending Doesn’t Defend Us IT MAKES THINGS WORSE!”

Rand Paul Goes to Bat for His Dad

What is the Straw Poll?

The Iowa Straw Poll is simply a presidential poll taken by Iowa Republicans.  The Straw Poll has become a huge event, normally held in Ames, IA.  There are many “straw polls” around the country, but the Iowa GOP Ames Straw Poll is THE straw poll.  In fact, the Ames Straw Poll has become one of the most popular Republican political events in Presidential election cycles.

Started in 1979 and held in the early fall the year before the caucus in contested presidential cycles, the Straw Poll serves as a first indicator of the strength of a candidate’s organization and message.  Though the Straw Poll results have no official or legal effect, nearly a thousand media outlets are expected to attend and tens of thousands of Iowans participate.  With all the activity during the day, some folks say the Iowa Straw Poll is like the Iowa State Fair – but better because politics is involved.

In order to vote in the Iowa Straw Poll, one must be at least 18 years of age on or before November 2012 and a resident of the state of Iowa.  The Iowa Straw Poll is a Republican event – the Democrat Party does not organize a straw poll.

Pawlenty’s ‘Flip-Flop’ On Cap And Trade, Global Warming

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