Obama’s Gungate: Update On Operation Fast and Furious–Videos

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Fast, Furious & Fouled Up


Agent’s family prepares to sue as ATF admits mistakes


ATF Denies Gunwalking


ATF Agent Shared Fast & Furious Info with White House


Rep. Issa on AG Holder’s claim he had no prior knowledge of Operation Fast and Furious


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Obama’s Gungate: Operation Fast and Furious–Arming Mexican Drug Cartels and Criminals–Killing American and Mexican Citizens–A Pretext For The Ultimate Aim of Disarming The American People and Repealing the Second Amendment–Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, FBI, BATFE, ICE and DEA Coverup and Stonewalling–Call For Special Prosecutor–President Obama and Attorney General Holder Should Be Impeached For Obstruction of Justice–Videos–Updated

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