Appeaser Obama Betrays Israel and American Jews And Christians To Islamic Religious Fanatics–Videos

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Israel map throughout history


Israel Upset About Obama Speech


President Obama on the Middle East [CNN: 5-19-2011]



Obama speech fuels frustration abroad [NBC: 5-19-2011]


Negative Mideast reaction to Obama speech [NBC: 5-19-2011]


Arabs React to Obama’s Speech  





President Obama Gives Back Palestine Israel Boarders from 1967 and $1Billion To Egypt


Obama Lies about Dividing Jerusalem Obama Betrays Israel and Supports Terrorists


Neville Chamberlain or Barack Obama


Glenn Beck-05/19/11-A



Glenn Beck-05/19/11-B


Glenn Beck-05/19/11-C


Barack-Rhashid Connection


Obama Sends Billions to the Middle East…


President Obama has lied so much, the majority of the American people no longer believe or trust President Obama.

Most Americans simply do not want to listen to this President.

My advice to the people of Israel is just wait until Obama is replaced  in January 2013.

Unil then just ignore him like  millions of Americans do each day.

The American people made a big mistake when they elected him in 2008 and they will soon correct their mistake.

Until then I suggest the people of Israel contact their jewish friends in America and politely tell them to not contribute one penny to President Obama’s re-election campaign, particularly those who work on Wall Street’s investment and commercial banking sector in New York.

When the unemployment rate is over 10% and the inflation rate over 5% in early 2012, the combined Obama Misery Index will be over 15%.

At that point Obama will be widely perceived as a lame duck.

The American people will vote their pocket books and throw Obama out of office just like they did Jimmy Carter.

Both Carter and Obama are no friends to either Israel or the jewish people.

American Christians do not particularly care for President Obama either. 


Background Articles and Videos

Barack Obama Friends Sean Hannity Special Part 2


Rush – The Muslim Brotherhood To Obama, Thanks To Obama We Have Come A Long Way Baby


Israel rejects return to 1967 borders – 25 May 09


Ed Koch on Obama – I Smell Munich, the Jews Feel Betrayed on Israel

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