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Limited Government Libertarians vs.Big Government Conservative vs. Liberals of Democratic and Republican Parties–Videos

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Judge Napolitano on Freedom Watch Libertarians vs. “Big Government Party” Republicans, Democrats


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President Obama Is The Reason Your Gasoline Prices Are Going Up!–American People Favor Drilling For Oil and Gas!–Drill Baby Drill–Videos

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END FED: Oil Prices Rise Due To

 1) Oil Comanies Can’t Drill

2) Fed Money Printing

 3) Wars & Instability


Obama Wants Gas Prices to Hit European Levels


Energy Problems are Obama Delivering on Campaign Promise


EPA Blocks Oil Drilling in Alaska – 4/25/2011


Obama New Task Force Will Examine Gas Prices



Bernard Whitman on Fox News Applauds Obama’s Decision to Investigate Oil Price Gouging, 4.22.11  



Playing the oil prices money game


Courtney calls on CFTC to issue rules limiting the role of oil speculators


Michael Greenberger Talks Speculation In Commodity Markets



Mike Masters on Regulating Commodities Speculation




Glenn Beck: The Federal Reserve Is Looting America… Oil Isn’t Rising, The Dollar Is Dropping


END FED Inflation Created By Gov Buying Bonds; QE2 ‘Wealth Effect’; Companies Game System; QE3


Peter Schiff on CNBC Fast Money 4/25/11: Unstoppable Silver


Peter Schiff On Silver and Inflation Lock In Your Food At Today’s Price Try It For Free Below!



CNN/Opinion Research Corporation: “69 percent of Americans favor increased offshore drilling”

WASHINGTON – Earlier today, a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll was released, further underscoring the fact that an overwhelmingly clear majority of Americans support the responsible development of homegrown oil and natural gas offshore. According to the poll, “69 percent of Americans favor increased offshore drilling.” According to CNN’s polling director, Keating Holland, “Although support for increased drilling in U.S. waters is highest among Republicans, a majority of Democrats also favor it.”

Barry Russell, president and CEO of the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA), issued this statement regarding these findings:

“America’s independent oil and natural gas producers play a leading role in responsibly producing the homegrown energy resources critical to meet the nation’s growing demands. In fact, according to a recent report, independents drill 95 percent of America’s onshore and offshore wells. Equally clear, as confirmed by this new survey, is the American people’s support for the responsible development of job-creating offshore energy exploration and production.

“Our economy is struggling, and many remain out of work along the Gulf Coast as a result of misguided Washington policies that continue to discourage access to reliable oil and natural gas supplies offshore. And with gas prices on the rise, hampering our economic recovering and stretching family budgets to the brink, the Obama Administration and leaders in Congress must act boldly and swiftly to streamline access to taxpayer-owned oil and natural gas resources offshore. Shirking this critical responsibly will only further weaken our nation’s energy security. The American people have spoken clearly. Inaction is not an option.”


Obama Wants US to Help Brazil Develop Oil Reserves


Obama’s $2B Payback to Soros: Drill in Brazil


Glenn Beck: Is Obama a George Soros Puppet?



Glenn Beck-Soros Petrobras & Obama giving 2 billion to him


Vitter Criticizes Obama’s Support for Brazil Oil Exploration 



Gulf Oil Industry in Recovery


Year After Oil Spill, Obama Energy Policy Endangers Economy


Vitter Fights Moratorium as Gulf Coast Economy Struggles to Recover from Drilling Shutdown (WWL-TV)




Federal Judge Martin Feldman Rules Against Obama Oil Drilling Ban !!!



Myron Ebell on the Offshore Drilling Moratorium

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar seeks to reimpose drilling moratorium


Pence Discusses Need to End Offshore Drilling Moratorium


Drilling Moratorium May Imperil Louisiana’s Oil Industry


Obama Lifts Ban on Offshore Drilling 

Obama Lift’s Moratorium on Offshore Drilling Part 1 – 4-01-2010 Democracy NOW!


Obama Lift’s Moratorium on Offshore Drilling Part 2 – 4-01-2010 Democracy NOW!


 Obama Says NO Drilling In ANWR As It Could Be A Problem


Gov. Palin on Drilling in the ANWR


Shell Arctic Exploration Program: The Next Chapter in Alaska’s Oil and Gas History


Background Articles and Videos 


Oil Price History and Analysis


Obama doesn’t believe in offshore drilling


Barack Obama on Offshore Oil Drilling


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President Obama–Killer of The American Dream and Market Capitalism–Stop The Radical Socialists Before They Kill You!




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The Narcissist President Barack Obama Interview With Texas Reporter–Videos

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Obama hates the tough questions

OBAMA: What does this Narcissism Psychiatric Disorder have to do with me?

Obama Interview With Texas Reporter Turns Tense

President Obama Gets Frustrated & “Checks” Texas Reporter

Obama Vs Reporter On Texas

Dr. Drew Pinsky on Red Eye 3/19/09

Obama is Delusional…

Background Articles and Videos

Barack Obama – Narcissist or Merely Narcissistic?

 What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder? (Mental Health Guru)

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Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)–Videos

Sam Vaknin: Narcissism–Videos

Sam Vaknin Analyzes Barack Obama–Videos

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