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Julian Assange To Be Extradicted To Sweden On European Arrest Warrant–Assange Appeals Court’s Decision–Leaving On A Jet Plane–Secret Swedish Sex Star Chamber–Videos

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He’s Not The Messiah


Assange Extradition Reveals Total Hypocrisy & Political Bias Of British Justice


Glenn Greenwald Comments on Julian Assange Extradition Case, Campaign to Target WikiLeaks Supporters


Swedish lawyer questions Assange reluctance


‘US will want Assange extradited for crimes they’re inventing now’


British Justice is against Assange 2011-02-27


Julian Assange court statement on extradition (24Feb11)


Softening up on Julian Assange


John Denver – Leaving on a Jet Plane


Er hat wikileaks gesagt!


 Background Articles and Videos

London Court Grants Swedish Request to Extradite Assange


“…Judge Howard Riddle took just over an hour to issue a sweeping dismissal of the defense team’s arguments — from arcane technical points to dark suggestions that Mr. Assange would not receive a fair trial in Sweden and might even face extradition to the United States, imprisonment at the Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, prison and possibly death.

The judge said that Mr. Assange appeared to have been “deliberately avoiding interrogation” when he left Sweden in September in the wake of allegations by two women in Stockholm that he had sexually abused them. Under Sweden’s strict sexual-crimes laws, he is accused of two counts of sexual molestation, one count of unlawful coercion and one count of rape. His accusers, both WikiLeaks volunteers, have said that their sexual encounters with Mr. Assange started out as consensual but turned nonconsensual.

Under the circumstances, Judge Riddle said, Swedish prosecutors had every right to issue a warrant last December for his arrest and return.

Mr. Assange, a 39-year-old Australian, was impassive but pale as the judgment was delivered. Outside the court, he described the decision as “a rubber-stamping process” and reiterated his determination to fight the decision. …”


Mr. Assange has told friends in Britain that he feared that extradition to Sweden would be a step toward prosecution on American soil for his work with WikiLeaks. But a former colleague said in an interview that he thought Mr. Assange’s concerns were more immediate.

The colleague, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, one of the OpenLeaks founders, told reporters last week that when Mr. Assange first heard about the sexual abuse allegations in late August, “he was not concerned about the United States.”

“He was very scared of going to prison in Sweden,” Mr. Domscheit-Berg said, “which he thought might happen.”

If Mr. Assange’s appeals fail and he is returned to Sweden, the country’s procedures will not allow him bail, and he will probably be jailed in the city of Gothenburg, the British court was told.

If convicted, he could receive a maximum sentence of four years. …”


Julian Assange’s Extradition Hearing – A Legal Analysis Part 1 of 5


Julian Assange’s Extradition Hearing – A Legal Analysis Part 2 of 5

Julian Assange’s Extradition Hearing – A Legal Analysis Part 3 of 5


Julian Assange’s Extradition Hearing – A Legal Analysis Part 4 of 5


Julian Assange’s Extradition Hearing – A Legal Analysis Part 5 of 5




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