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Former WikiLeaker Creates ‘Openleaks’


27C3 Openleaks


Assange’s right hand man launches rival site Open Leaks.org


Openleaks – Daniel Domscheit-Berg / Presentation at 27C3 on December 30, 2010


Openleaks: The Wikileaks of 2011?



WikiLeaks vs OpenLeaks Documentary HD [Full] Propaganda Controlled Opposition or Victim of Success?


Julian Assange, the Tyrant?


Wikileaks & The End of Net Neutrality

WikiLeaks rival launches new secret-spilling site

The Associated Press

Friday, Jan. 28, 2011

“…A former member of the group that created WikiLeaks has launched a rival website with the aim of giving whistleblowers more control over the secrets they spill.

Daniel Domscheit-Berg says the new platform called OpenLeaks will allow sources to choose specifically who they want to submit documents to anonymously, such as to a particular news outlet.

He told reporters Friday that the site will begin testing in several weeks and hopes it will be fully operational later this year.

Domscheit-Berg says the site has no funding for now but will be fully transparent with any money it receives. …”


(Reuters) – All across Europe, from Brussels to the Balkans, a new generation of WikiLeaks-style websites is sprouting.Like their forerunner, the fledgling whistle-blowing sites are a chaotic mixture of complex systems engineering, earnest campaigning, muckraking and self-promotion.

And though their goals are varied, the activists behind the sites told Reuters that they share one major concern: they all vow not to repeat mistakes they believe were made by Julian Assange, the controversial WikiLeaks creator.

The proliferation of websites to encourage, facilitate and shelter leakers is so anarchic that two aspiring anti-corporate leak sites are both claiming rights to the rubric “GreenLeaks” and muttering about legal consequences if the other side doesn’t back down.

The most closely watched rollout in the leak-hosting world was the launch on Thursday of OpenLeaks.org, a site whose principal creator, German transparency activist Daniel Domscheit-Berg, was once Assange’s closest collaborator. …”


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