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President Obama Signs Tax Extension Bad Deal Bill–Now Shut The Government Down And Cut Federal Spending By $1,000 Billion Per Budget Year To Balance The Budget–Videos

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Breaking News: Obama signs tax deal into law

Glenn Beck-12/16/10-A


Glenn Beck-12/16/10-B


Glenn Beck-12/16/10-C


 Do not be fooled by ear-marks–they are at most 1% of the total Federal Expenditures.

A balanced budget requires the cutting of Federal Expenditures by over $1,000 billion.

Anything less is simply not enough.

Any talk of a $100 billion to $500 billion spending cut is not serious.

Everything should and must be on the table including Department of Defense and entitlement spending–Social Security, Medicare and Obamacare.

Obamacare must be repealed.

Ten Federal Departments need to be closed permanently.

The American people also want lower taxes and comprehensive tax reform–the flat tax or the FairTax.

The time is now for leadership to step-up to the plate.

Unfortunately I am not optimistic.

The Tea Party Movement must continually put pressure on the representative and Senators to do what needs to be done.

Otherwise it will take another four to six years when the situation is much worse.

Do nothing and the market will do it for you with inflation that will wrecks the U.S. economy.

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Conservative Communicators To Host Rush Limbaugh Show?–Michele Bachmann, Marsha Blackburn, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Megan McArdle, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Malkin–Which Woman Would You Like To Host The Rush Limbaugh Show?–Videos

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Michele Bachmann


Marsha Blackburn

Ann Coulter

Michelle Malkin



Megan McArdle


Sarah Palin

Rush my suggestion is you have a woman’s week the next time you go on vacation.

Any of the above woman would be excellent in hosting your show.

I also enjoy Mark Steyn when he fills in.

I wish you would invite as a guest host Thomas Sowell and he would accept the invitation.


Thomas Sowell should get a Nobel Prize in Economics for his many scholarly works.


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Rush Limbaugh–Videos

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Rush Right–Obama Destroying the Economy on Purpose–Limbaugh Lambastes Leftists! 

Rush Limbaugh Challenges President Barack Obama to An Open Debate On His Talk Radio Show!

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President Obama and The American Ruling Class Panicked And Passed A Two Year Tax Rate Extension To Prevent Forecasted Decline In GDP & Resulting Increase Of Over 2,500,000 Additional Unemployed Americans If Tax Rates Were Increased In 2011–Videos

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Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Summary

The Economic Outlook and Fiscal Policy  Choices

“…In sum, and as CBO has reported before, perma􀀐
nently or temporarily extending all or part of the
expiring income tax cuts would boost income and
employment in the next few years relative to what
would occur under current law. However, even a
temporary extension would add to federal debt and
reduce future income if it was not accompanied by
other changes in policy. A permanent extension of all
of those tax cuts without future increases in taxes or
reductions in federal spending would roughly dou􀀐
ble the projected budget deficit in 2020; a perma􀀐
nent extension of those cuts except for certain
provisions that would apply only to high􀀐income
taxpayers would increase the budget deficit by
roughly three􀀐quarters to four􀀐fifths as much. As a
result, if policymakers then wanted to balance the
budget in 2020, the required increases in taxes
or reductions in spending would amount to a sub􀀐
stantial share of the budget—and without significant
changes of that sort, federal debt would be on an
unsustainable path that would ultimately reduce
income. …”

Dems, GOP Compromise; Agree to Tax Deal




Parker / Spitzer: DeFazio: Obama makes ‘the end’ pitch


Will Tax Cut Deal Kill Obama’s Reelection Bid?


House Democrats Reject Obama Tax Compromise


Mark Levin – Remmeber Nancy Reagan – Just Say No


Limbaugh’s Take On Obama’s Tax Deal “We Could Have Got More”



Ron Paul : Backlash Over Tax Compromise


Hatch Discusses Extending ’01 and ’03 Tax Relief


Hatch Talks with Fox News About Extending Tax Relief


12-15-10 Hatch Talks Taxes with Greta Van Susteren



Both  Democrat and Republican politicians  ignored the will of the American people and their demand for fiscal responsibility–balanced budgets– and a lower Federal  tax burden  with  comprehensive tax reform–either the flat tax or the  FairTax!

A balanced budget would require  cutting Federal Government expenditures by  over $1,000 billion per budget year for the next three years.

This in turn would require permanently shutting down Federal Departments, agencies and programs and drastically cutting the budgets of all remaining Federal Departments including the Department of Defense.

The American people  want lower Federal tax rates with comprehensive Federal tax reform–the flat tax or preferably the FairTax.

Dan Mitchell on the Flat Tax

Dan Mitchell explains the fair tax


The FairTax: It’s Time


The American people want the enforcement of existing Federal immigration laws including the deportation of illegal aliens who live and work in United States illegally.

Ron Paul on Illegal Immigration & Illegals Protest in the USA – Nation of Aztlan

Michael Savage – The Impact of Illegal Immigration on America’s Teens and Young Adults

Apparently both political  parties recognized that if they went ahead with President Obama’s campaign promise of massive tax hikes  that the result would be a significantly higher unemployment rate of over 12% and more than 18,000,000 Americans unemployed.

This would indeed end the Presidency of Barrack Obama as well as those Representatives and Senators of both political parties who voted  for huge tax hikes and massive increases in Federal government spending .

The big media have consistently insulted the American people and the tea party movement by their use of the double entendre of tea bagging.


Countdown: Conservative Tea Bagging


In the spirit of Christmas invite them to have a tea party by providing them some tea!

How to Throw a Tea Party : Serving For An English Tea Party

The Tea Party Movement could  flood the Senate and the House with billions of tea bags to quench the political ruling class’ thirst for massive increaes Federal spending and huge tax hikes.

Nudge your Senator and Representative to take the Tea Party Plunge!

Stop Spending Our Future – The Crisis


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