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“…Anthropology also instills a sense of skepticism about official rhetoric. In Most societies, elites try to maintain a sense of skepticism about official rhetoric. In most societies, elites try to maintain their power not simply by garnering wealth, but also by dominating the mainstream ideologies, in terms of both what is said and what is not discussed. Social “silences” serve to maintain power structures, in ways that participants often barely understand themselves let alone plan.

 That set ideas might sound excessively abstract (or hippie). But they would seem to be sorely needed now. In recent years, regulators, bankers, politicians, investors, and journalists have failed to employ truly holistic thought–to our collective cost. …” 

~Gillian Tett, Fool’s Gold, page 251

Book TV: Gillian Tett, “Fools Gold”


Gillian Tett Keynote Remarks at CED Economic Summit (Part 1)


Gillian Tett Keynote Remarks at CED Economic Summit (Part 2)


Gillian Tett Keynote Remarks at CED Economic Summit (Part 3)


“Derivatives: ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ or Generators of Market Stability?”


Gillian Tett on risk






“Now, however, it is clear that this lack of holistic thought and debate has had devastating consequences. Regulators have realized, too late, that they were wrong to place so much blind faith in the creed of  risk dispersion. Bank executives have been confronted with vast losses created by dysfunctional internal silos.  Politicians are facing fiscal crisis as an economic boom crumbles to dust. Most tragic of all, millions of ordinary families, who never even knew that CDOs existed, far less dealt with them, have suffered shattering financial blows. They are understandably angry. So am I. It is a terrible, damning indictment of how twenty-first-century Western society works.”

~Gillian Tett, Fool’s Gold, page 252


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Book TV: Sebastian Mallaby, “More Money than God”


Newsnight – 1of2 – (20100526) Sovereign default piece


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Gillian Tett

“…Gillian Tett is a British author and award-winning journalist at the Financial Times, where she is an assistant editor overseeing the FT’s global financial markets coverage. The Financial Times on March 1, 2010, announced the appointment of Gillian Tett as U.S. managing editor.[1] She has written about the financial instruments that were part of the cause of the financial crisis that started in the fourth quarter of 2007, such as CDOs, credit default swaps, SIVs, conduits, and SPVs.[2][3][4]

Following a Ph.D. in social anthropology at Clare College, Cambridge[5] based on field research in the former Soviet Union,[1] Tett moved to a career in journalism while doing fieldwork in Soviet-influenced Central Asia[6] and joined the Financial Times in 1993. She worked in the former Soviet Union and in Europe and was posted to Tokyo in 1997, where she later became bureau chief.[1]

In 2003 Tett became deputy head of the influential[7][8][9][10] Lex column. In 2010 The Huffington Post asked “Is Gillian Tett The Most Powerful Woman in Newspapers?”[11]

Tett predicted the financial crisis in 2006.[12] Her 2009 book Fool’s Gold: How Unrestrained Greed Corrupted a Dream, Shattered Global Markets and Unleashed a Catastrophe was widely reviewed throughout the English-speaking world[13][14][15][16] and won the Spear’s Book Award for the financial book of 2009. …”


  • 2007 Wincott prize for financial journalism (capital markets coverage)[17]
  • 2008 British Business Journalist of the Year[18]
  • 2009 Journalist of the Year (British Press Awards)[19]
  • 2009 Financial Book of the Year (for her book Fool’s Gold)[20][21]


  • Fool’s Gold: How Unrestrained Greed Corrupted a Dream, Shattered Global Markets and Unleashed a Catastrophe ISBN 978-1408701645 (in some markets called Fool’s Gold: How the Bold Dreams of a Small Tribe at J.P Morgan Was Corrupted by Wall Street Greed and Unleashed a Catastrophe ISBN 978-1416598572)
  • Saving the Sun: How Wall Street Mavericks Shook Up Japan’s Financial World and Made Billions (ISBN 978-0060554255).

The Most Powerful Woman in Newspapers?

by Peter Lauria

“…The publicity is all part of a months-long coming-out party here in the States for Tett, whose early outing of the credit-derivatives pyramid scheme that crippled the global financial markets has given her something of a celebrity moment. Or at least as much of a celebrity moment as a financial journalist can have. The horrible financial climate has been great for Tett, who has given the FT the authoritative voice documentating the global economic meltdown, while her camera-ready looks have made her the go-to journalist for television outlets across the globe. In ascending to the highest U.S. editorial position at the Financial Times, Tett has managed to make the august, salmon-hued broadsheet two things never identified with it before: trendy and sexy.

“You have to understand money to understand the world.”

“The FT has become a sort of status symbol, people want to show off that they read it,” says Reed Phillips, managing partner of boutique media advisory firm DeSilva & Phillips. “They’d rather leave the FT out on the coffee table than The Wall Street Journal.”

“Status symbol” isn’t a word recently associated with the newspaper industry, but the FT has been an anomaly. Long thought of as a British newspaper, the FT has quadrupled its circulation in the U.S. to 137,000 and now has more readers stateside than it does in the U.K. (worldwide circulation: 401,000). Meanwhile, its website boasts 2 million registered users, and 126,000 people pay for subscription services—digital products accounted for 73 percent of the FT Group’s revenue last year, while advertising only accounted for 19 percent, a near reversal from a decade ago that underscores a desire among all media organizations to be less reliant on advertising. …”

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