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Glenn Beck On Tea Party Election Wins and Restoring Honor Rally Iconic Photo–Videos

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Glenn Beck Part 1 – Make Your Choice America 9/15/2010

Glenn Beck Part 2 – Make Your Choice America 9/15/2010

Glenn Beck Part 3 – Make Your Choice America 9/15/2010

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Kelly’s Heroes–Videos

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Kelly’s Heroes part 1

Kelly’s Heroes part 2

Kelly’s Heroes part 3

Kelly’s Heroes part 4

Kelly’s Heroes part 5

Kelly’s Heroes part 6

Kelly’s Heroes part 7

Kelly’s Heroes part 8

Kelly’s Heroes part 9

Kelly’s Heroes part 10

Kelly’s Heroes part 11

Kelly’s Heroes part 12

Kelly’s Heroes part 13

Kelly’s Heroes part 14

Kelly’s Heroes part 15

Kelly’s Heroes part 16

Kelly’s Heroes part 17

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Outer Limits – Dead Man’s Switch –Videos


Richard The Lionheart–Videos

Saving Private Ryan–Video

The Hitler Gang–Videos

The Patriot–Videos

The Wave–Videos

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Progressive Republican “Architect” Rove On Conservative Christine O’Donnell Is Part of The Republican Progressive Problem–Compassionate Conservative=Republican Progressive–In Your Heart You Know Christine O’Donnell Is Right!

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Freedom is the Only Solution

Rove Tells A Disagreeing Hannity: We Can’t Win With O’Donnell


Conservative Christine O’Donnell Makes Her Case Against RINO Mike Castle at RIght Online



Christine O’Donnell on socialismin America


Christine O’Donnell on Your World with Cavuto – September 2, 2010


Rush Limbaugh on Christine O’Donnell


Mark Levin interviews Christine O’Donnell for US Senate in Delaware


I am first and foremost a movement conservative of the traditional libertarian wing.

I would describe my political philosophy as classical liberal or what in America is called libertarian.

I vote for the candidate that comes closest to my own political philosophy and ignore  party labels.

Today I consider myself an independent.

I have simply given up on the Republican Party for they have not limited the size and scope of government and have repeatedly  engaged in government intervention both domestically and abroad.

The Democratic Party is a  collectivist/statist party that favors heavy government intervention into the lives of the American people.

The Republican Party is also a collective/statist party that favors significant government intervention into the lives of the American people and the citizens of other countries as well–nation building.

Neither party will permanently close ten Federal Department that need to be shut down.

Neither party will support a FairTax, a national consumption tax to replace Federal income, payroll, gift and estate taxes.

Neither party will vigorously support immigration law enforcement and telling illegal aliens to please go home or you and your family will be deported.

Neither party will make both Social Security and Medicare, an individually controlled and owned account and insurance.

Neither party will pay down the National Debt and reduce unfunded liabilities.

Why? Both parties are populated with professional  politicians more interested in holding office than in doing what is right and what the people are demanding.

The Republican Party at the local, state, and national level is deeply penetrated with progressives.

More and more Americans consider both political parties as damaged goods or brands.

Karl Rove is part of the problem. The reason many conservatives left the Republican Party were President Bush’s refusal to limit government spending by vetoing bills, comprehensive immigration reform and amnesty for illegal aliens, and his slowness in changing strategy and military commanders in the “war on terrorism” in Iraq.

The Republican deserved to lose in both 2006 and 2008.

Keeping running progressive Republicans and the Republican Party will be the third-party.

The Democratic Party under the leadership of Barack Obama is quickly becoming a third-party.

Let the Democratic Party and Republican parties destroy themselves as they wrecked the American economy.

A plaque on both parties for abandoning their principles for power.

Yes, Obama is five times worse but neither Bush nor Obama will ever get my vote nor will any candidate that is a progressive or socialist.

Let the people of Delaware decides whether they want a person running as a conservative or a progressive Republican.

If they want another Biden let them have one.

Rove better stop talking and start listening.

Defeat progressive liberals of both parties.

In your heart you know she is right!


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Barry Goldwater Speech


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