Just Because You Can Build A Mosque At Ground Zero Does Not Mean You Should: The Two Faces of President Obama–Let Me Be Clear–I Am An Agent Provocateur!

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Obama ‘Not Commenting’ on Ground Zero Mosque

Byron York examines Obama’s support for the New York mosque near Ground Zero

President Obama Out of Touch?

ABC’s Cokie Roberts Says Obama “Very Clearly” Endorsed Ground Zero Mosque

Obama Endorses Ground Zero Mosque (8/13/10)

President Obama backs ‘Ground Zero’ mosque plans


Battle Over Mosque Goes National


Obama Ignoring the Will of the Americans on Ground Zero Mosque


Newt Gingrich: No Ground Zero Mosque

Newt Gingrich: Ban Sharia – It is” totally abhorrent to the Western World”


Pres. Obama Attempts to Clarify Ground Zero Mosque Comments The FOX Nation



Mosque opponents declare Obama out of touch


A Mosque at Ground Zero…

Obama Supports Mosque at Ground Zero…




Lou Christie – Two Faces Have I

President Obama has two very bad habits–lying and using strawman arguments.

Finally, President Obama gets caught doing both where the vast majority of the American people not only understand the issue but oppose the building of a Mosque at ground zero because it is simply wrong.

President Obama intentionally provoked the American people with his speech Friday evening.

For that he will pay a very high political price and so will the Democratic Party for ignoring the will and sovereignty  of the American people

I hope the President enjoyed his  just deserts.

Background Articles and Videos

Newt Gingrich: Obamas Willfull Blindness – “The Left always preferred our opponents to us”



Rockefellers, Ground Zero Mosque and The War on Drugs – Alex Jones Tv



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