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Interview with American Subversive author David Goodwillie




“…By then–this was ’75 or ’76–I’d pretty much disassociated myself from Weather, or what was left of it. Everything had come to an inglorious end. The war was over, Watergate was  through, and people were tired of fighting. Radicals had earned themselves a bad reputation. For years we’d shouted from the mountaintops, demanding a society free of class and racial divisions, and we’d never once descended from out lofty heights to meet anyone halfway. We’dforce our ideas down people’s throats: a perfect world, liberated not just from the tyranny of government but from the constraints of our own minds. Hence the drugs, the mental manipulation, the endurance training, the orgies…Mandatory non-monogamy: Jesus.”

~”David Goodwillie, American Subversive, page 278

David Goodwillie

Background Articles and Videos

Author David Goodwillie’s previous occupations

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