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Palin and Perry Hijacking Tea Party Movement?–Check Their Words and Actions On Illegal Immigration–Videos

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cnn – rick perry @tea party


Rick Perry at the Austin Tea Party

Sarah Palin Tea Party Speech Zingers

2010 Boston Tea Party – Sarah Palin part 1

Ron Paul: Tea Party 07 


Ron Paul: Our National Sovereignty is Under Threat

Ron Paul on Illegal Immigration



Perry’s North American Highway

Texas Gov. Rick Perry on border security

Sarah Palin On SB1070 The Arizona Illegal Alien Law

Hi-Jacking the TEA-Party movement


Alex Jones Tv 1/2: Sarah Palin is Not Going to Save You!!!

Anti-illegal immigration lawmaker to run for Texas governor

Gov. Rick Perry has been appealing to the Republican right-wing preparing for a GOP primary fight with U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. But now state Rep. Leo Berman, R-Tyler, is joining the fray with a promise to focus on ending illegal immigration in Texas. Note: Berman dropped out of the race and endorsed Perry.

Unfortunately Governor Perry sounds like George W. Bush and John McCain  on illegal immigration.

Any one soft on illegal immigration will not be getting my vote.

There  are currently thirty million American citizens seeking full-time employment.

There are between ten and fifteen million illegal aliens working in the United States with over two million in Texas.

The American people want immigration law enforcement not amnesty for illegal aliens.

Several million Texas would be employed today had the Federal Government and the State of Texas enforce immigration laws.

Both the Democratic and Republican Parties are selling out the American people.

While I did not vote or seriously consider Ron Paul in 2008, I have now changed my mind and hope he runs in 2012.

The Tea Party Patriots are not fooled by the professional politicians attempts to hijack the tea party movement.

A Ron Paul/Sarah Palin ticket in 2012 would be interesting:

Ron Paul / Sarah Palin in 2012–A Winning Ticket–United We Stand–Celebrate 2013 By Ending The Fed, IRS, Obama Care and Massive Government Spending, Deficits, Debt, Regulation and Taxes!

However, when Palin used the code word pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens in other words amnesty for illegal aliens,  she lost my vote.

Both Perry and Palin would not deport all illegal aliens that are now here.

The roads and highways in Texas run in both directions–north and south.

Tell the illegal aliens to go home, most will.

Those who do not should be arrested and deported.

If President Eisenhower can enforce the immigration laws, so can the next President of the United States.

Looks like Alex Jones figured out both Palin and Perry early and often.

Background Articles and Videos

 Immigration Gumballs


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Cost of Illegal Immigration

Stop Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants – Expert Reveals the True Cost of Amnesty

The Enduring Appeal of Sarah Palin

Rick Perry Has Concerns over Arizona Immigration Bill

“…While some local lawmakers across the country are condemning the law and moving to boycott business with Arizona, others are praising it and calling for similar laws in their own states. There are some state representatives in Texas who say their state should adopt a strict immigration measure like Arizona’s.

But Perry, who bragged earlier this week about shooting a coyote and suggested last year that his state could secede from the United States, explained why he thinks the Arizona law is flawed.

“Some aspects of the law turn law enforcement officers into immigration officials by requiring them to determine immigration status during any lawful contact with a suspected alien, taking them away from their existing law enforcement duties, which are critical to keeping citizens safe,” Perry said.

Meanwhile, the Arizona legislature yesterday moved to modify the new law in order to address the concerns raised by Perry and others, the Arizona Republic reports.

State lawmakers proposed changes the phrase “lawful contact” to “lawful stop, detention or arrest” in order to clarify that officers would not need to question presumably innocent parties, such as crime victims or witnesses, about their immigration status. They also moved to eliminate the word “solely” from the sentence “A law enforcement official or agency… may not solely consider race, color or national origin” in establishing “reasonable suspicion” that a person is in the country illegally. They also clarified that an officer is required to verify a person’s immigration status if there is “reasonable suspicion” to doubt it when responding to city ordinance violations, which could include responding to loud parties or barking dogs. …”

Gov. Perry Backs Resolution Affirming Texas Sovereignty Under 10th Amendment – Part 2


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In Full: Palin’s Tea Party Speech

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Ancient Greece–Maps–Videos

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Map of Ancient Greece

Index of Maps of Ancient Greece

The available maps include :

 Athens vs Sparta, Sokratis and ancient Greece part 1 HQ

Athens vs Sparta, Sokratis and ancient Greece part 2 HQ

Athens vs Sparta, Sokratis and ancient Greece part 3 HQ

Athens vs Sparta, Sokratis and ancient Greece part 4 HQ

Athens vs Sparta, Sokratis and ancient Greece part 5 HQ

Athens vs Sparta, Sokratis and ancient Greece part 6 HQ

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