President Obama’s Narcissist Suppliers Attack Glenn Beck and The American People!

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Barack Obama – Narcissist or Merely Narcissistic?

Caddell And Schoen team up to attack Obama on new nuclear policy and more



Looks like Glenn Beck and the American people must really be driving President Barack Obama crazy for rejecting Obama Care Less.

Barack Obama’s narcissist suppliers and enablers are threatened by criticisms of their fiscally irresponsbile new entitlement program and wealth redistribution that uses the Federal Government to extort and steal money and property from the American people.

The American people  are slowly and surely understanding that President Obama and the progressive radical socialist are wrecking the United States economy, destroying jobs and killing the Americdan Dream.

Come the November elections the Democratic Party will lose control over the House of Representatives and may be even the Senate.

Once this happens, Barack Obama is a lame duck President and other progressive radical socialists, in particular Hillary Clinton, will start planning their 2012 Presidential campaigns.

Barack Obama will lose his cool as more and more Americans conclude he is just a liar, con man and petulant President.

My advice is stop listening to what Barck Obama says and focus in on what he actually does or does not do.

Actions and results count.

Ideas and words are a dime a dozen.

Obama’s bullshit change


President Obama is a progressive radical socialist that sold out his own political base as well as the American people.

President Obama will go down in history as one of the worst Presidents this nation has ever had, bar none.

President Obama is a danger to the liberty and prosperity of the American people.

More and more Americans cannot wait until November 2012 to correct their one big mistake, voting for Barack Obama.

Start the countdown to Sunday January 20, 2013, the inauguration of a new President.

Background Articles and Videos

Narcissists, Narcissistic Supply and Sources of Supply

Frequently Asked Question # 76

“…The narcissist, in contrast, is the mental equivalent of an alcoholic. He is insatiable. He directs his whole behaviour, in fact his life, to obtain these pleasurable titbits of attention. He embeds them in a coherent, completely biased, picture of himself. He uses them to regulates his labile sense of self-worth and self-esteem.

To elicit constant interest, he projects to others a confabulated, fictitious version of himself, known as the False Self. The False Self is everything the narcissist is not: omniscient, omnipotent, charming, intelligent, rich, or well-connected.

The narcissist then proceeds to harvest reactions to this projected image from family members, friends, co-workers, neighbours, business partners and from colleagues. If these – the adulation, admiration, attention, fear, respect, applause, affirmation – are not forthcoming, the narcissist demands them, or extorts them. Money, compliments, a favourable critique, an appearance in the media, a sexual conquest are all converted into the same currency in the narcissist’s mind.

This currency is what I call Narcissistic Supply.

It is important to distinguish between the various components of the process of narcissistic supply:

1. The trigger of supply is the person or object that provokes the source into yielding narcissistic supply by confronting the source with information about the narcissist’s False Self.

2. The source of narcissistic supply is the person that provides the narcissistic supply

3. Narcissistic supply is the reaction of the source to the trigger.


Laura Ingraham – Obama A Narcissist? Sarah Palin A Pundit?

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