Global Warming Is Caused By Man: The Arrogance of Man–The Wrath Of Mother Nature–

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Rocky Mountain High: John Denver

US Snow Freezing Conditions On The Way After Big Snowfalls In East Coast

Major snowstorm sweeps across eastern US

Huge Snow Storm Continues to Bury East Coast

Unstoppable Solar Cycles

Professor Fred Singer on Climate Change Pt 1

Professor Fred Singer on Climate Change Pt 2

5. Climate Change — isn’t it natural?

The Problems with Computer Models – from The Great Global Warming Swindle

Why Climate Models Are Wrong

John Denver..Sunshine On My Shoulders


Background Articles and Videos

Dr Roy Spencer on Global Warming Part 1 of 6

Dr Roy Spencer on Global Warming Part 2 of 6


Dr Roy Spencer on Global Warming Part 3 of 6


Dr Roy Spencer on Global Warming Part 4 of 6


Dr Roy Spencer on Global Warming Part 5 of 6


Dr Roy Spencer on Global Warming Part 6 of 6

Animals Attack: Polar Bear vs. Ring Seal

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Global Warming/Climate Change

Al Gore Global Warming Hot Head Says The Artic Ice Cap Will Disappear In 5-10-15 Years–Volcanoe Gate–Eruptions Melt Ice and Increase Carbon Dioxide!–Videos

Climategate–The Political Scam, Investment Fraud, and Science Scandal of The Century Exposed–The Progressive Radical Socialist’s Big Lie And Con That Man Is The Cause Of Global Warming Was In Fact Nothing More Than Politicians, Investment Bankers, and Government Scientists Creating Climate Crisis!–

Glenn Beck, John Bolton, and Lord Christopher Monckton On Copenhagen 2009 Treaty, Climate Change and World Government–Videos

Lord Christopher Monckton–Climate Change–Treaty–Videos

“We Can Reverse Climate Change”–President Barack Obama–Liar or Fool–Or Both–You Be The Judge!

John Holdren–Science Czar–Videos

John Holdren: Global Warming: What Do We Know and Should Do–Videos

The Obama Depression Has Arrived: 15,000,000 to 25,000,000 Unemployed Americans–Stimulus Package and Bailouts A Failure–400,000 Leave Labor Force In July!

Facing Fundamental Facts

Gore Grilled & Gingrich Gouged–American People Oppose Massive Carbon Cap and Trade Tax Increase–Videos

National Center for Policy Analysis–A Global Warming Primer

Global Warming is The Greatest Hoax, Scam and Disinformation Campaign in History

Global Warming Videos

Global Warming Books

Global Warming Sites 

The Heidelberg Appeal: Beware of False Gods and Prophets

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