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Larry Sechrest, 1946-2008

The Mises Memorial Lecture, given by Larry Sechrest at the 2008 Austrian Scholars Conference, Ludwig von Mises Institute, Auburn Alabama; 15 March 2008.

The Anticapitalists: Barbarians at the Gate

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Larry Sechrest, 1946-2008

“…Our dear friend Larry Sechrest, professor of economics at Sul Ross University, and a long-time writer and speaker for economic liberty, died this morning (October 30, 2008). He was born in 1946. The cause was heart failure, and he died with his wife Molly by his side.

She says that it meant so much to him that only recently the Mises Institute was able to bring back his marvelous book Free Banking into print. Of course this book, which is a prophetic attack on the dangers of the central bank, is a gift he has given the ages. In addition, here is his scholarly article archive on

This past year, he delivered the Mises Memorial Lecture, which was widely read and commented on: The Anti-Capitalists: Barbarians at the Gate.

Larry earned his PhD late in life from the University of Texas, Arlington, and immediately went to work teaching. He was person of great charity and optimism, but also courage, as was shown a few years ago when a controversy arose about some of his writing. He had written a hilarious and wonderful essay about the trouble with today’s students, singling out his own students as examples. The essay appeared in Liberty Magazine and is online here.

What followed was an amazing spectacle. The locals were very upset. The mayor of Alpine, Texas, got involved and denounced him, as did many others. There was even a “support Sul Ross” parade right there in town, with floats and posters, all to protest the words of Sechrest. The students, the professors, the merchants, everyone, was against Sechrest – except that in private everyone knew he was right and let him know, again privately. It was a sight that H.L. Mencken would have adored. …”


 My Hometown  

A Strange Little Town in Texas

by Larry J. Sechrest

“…Welcome to Alpine, where cowboys are poets, burglars don’t have a chance, and football is rivaled only by beer, sex and church. And, by the way, if you move there, drop your auto club membership. …”

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