Game Change–Reid Must Go Now And The First Black President Clinton Must Apologize To Obama!

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The View / Mark Halperin – The View

New Book “Game Change” Democrats,Obama,Cocain,and Bigotry


Reporter says Sarah Palin said Saddam Hussein attacked the U.S. on 9/11

’60 Minutes’ Ignores Revelation of Reid’s ‘Negro’ Remark In Book, Focuses on Anti-Palin Passages

‘Game Change’ Reveals Harry Reid’s Comments on Obama: Video


Democratic Senator & Majority Leader Harry Reid Apologizes For Disparaging Remarks About Obama



Game Change – Reid on Obama – Racial Comments

More Than Just Political Gossip…

Instead of reporting these comments and quotes before the election, the authors held them back.

The progressive radical socialists protect their own instead of informing the American people.

Senator Reid will be forced to retire soon.

Clinton reveals  his true feelings about Obama.

The Edwards are revealed as phonies that they were and are.

Better late than never.

The progressive radical socialist media are still on a search and destroy mission to damage Sarah Palin.

They will fail for the simple reason the conservative base loves Sarah Palin and cannot stand the biased progressive radical socialist state media.

Background Articles and Videos

Charlie Rose – Mark Halperin (Time) and Chuck Todd (NBC)

Rush Limbaugh: Barack the Magic Negro – History and the Media Part 1

Rush Limbaugh: Barack the Magic Negro – History and the Media Part 2


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