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The Fair Tax Explained Part 1 of 2

The Fair Tax Explained Part 2 of 2

What is the FairTax?

Q&A on the FAIRTAX pt.2

The Fair Tax

Charlie Rose Show: Fair Tax

Mike Huckabee – What is the “Fair Tax?”

Lunch & Taxes HOWITWORKS

Lunch & Taxes HOWMUCH

Lunch & Taxes COLLECTED

Lunch & Taxes: LESS


Lunch & Taxes HER

The Origins of the FairTax


Fair Tax – for our future!

John Linder On Taxes

Americans For FairTax

Tom Wright on the FairTax part 1

Tom Wright on the FairTax part 2

Tom Wright on the FairTax part 3

Tom Wright on the FairTax part 4

Tom Wright on the FairTax part 5

Tom Wright on the FairTax part 6

Tom Wright on the FairTax part 7

Tom Wright on the FairTax part 8

Tom Wright on the FairTax part 9

Dave Ramsey on the Fair Tax

Pence on the Fair Tax

Background Articles and Videos

The advantages and benefits of the FairTax include the following:

  • Replaces all individual and corporate income taxes, Social Security, Medicare and other payroll taxes, alternative minimum tax, capital gains taxes, gift and estate taxes with a single rate national retail sales consumption tax–The Fair Tax
  • Provides a pre-bate for the taxes paid on the necessities of life up to the poverty level for all individuals–this eliminates the regressive aspect of any sales tax.
  • Pay taxes only when you consume a new good or service–no taxes on education and used or old goods.
  • No more filing of annual tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service and invasions of your privacy
  • Encourages work, savings and investment
  • Attracts capital and manufacturing back to the United States
  • Broadens the tax base
  • Expands our export sector by making it very competitive
  • Grows the economy at much higher rates
  • Creates more and higher paid jobs
  • Easy to understand and fair to all Americans

The more and better you understand the principles and benefits of the FairTax, the more you will be saying to yourself, “we need to do this now!”

Neal Boortz is an talk show host and libertarian who co-authored two books on the FairTax with Congressman John Linder.

H.R. 25  FairTax Act of 2009

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Value Added Tax or VAT–Plan B–If The Cap and Trade Energy Tax Bill Does Not Pass–Kill The VAT, Abolish The IRS–Stop Socialist Spending and Vote For The FairTax!

Memo To: American Talk Radio Show Hosts–United We Stand, Divided We Fall–The FairTax or Flat Tax–It Is Time!

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