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Unemployment: The 1930s and Today

Bob Murphy, Author of the Politically Incorrect Guide to the Great Depression & New Deal

Robert Murphy: Busting the Myth of Green Jobs

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Robert P. Murphy – BookTV: The Politically Incorrect Guide

Austrian vs. Neoclassical Analytics

Authors Forum: “Human Action” Study Guide

Dr Robert Murphy “Repeating Mistakes of The Great Depression” Nassau, Bahamas Part 1/7



Dr Robert Murphy “Repeating Mistakes of The Great Depression” Nassau, Bahamas Part 2/7


Dr Robert Murphy “Repeating Mistakes of The Great Depression” Nassau, Bahamas Part 3/7


Dr Robert Murphy “Repeating Mistakes of The Great Depression” Nassau, Bahamas Part 4/7


Dr Robert Murphy “Repeating Mistakes of The Great Depression” Nassau, Bahamas Part 5/7


Dr Robert Murphy “Repeating Mistakes of The Great Depression” Nassau, Bahamas Part 6/7


Dr Robert Murphy “Repeating Mistakes of The Great Depression” Nassau, Bahamas Part 7/7


Background Articles and Videos

Robert Murphy

“…Robert P. “Bob” Murphy (born 23 May 1976) is an Austrian School economist and free market-oriented author.

Murphy completed his Bachelor of Arts in economics at Hillsdale College in 1998. He then moved back to his home state of New York to continue his studies at New York University. Murphy earned his Ph.D. in economics from NYU in 2003 after successfully defending a dissertation on Unanticipated Intertemporal Change in Theories of Interest.[1]

Murphy is married to Rachael Murphy (née Fajardo) with whom he has one son, Joel Clark Murphy, and lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Murphy is a Christian, and has stated in his writings that “my ethical beliefs are informed by my Christian faith, and I am a firm believer in natural law.”[2]

After earning his doctoral degree, Murphy served as Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics at Hillsdale College in Michigan, U.S., a role he relinquished in the summer of 2006 when he moved back to New York City. From 2006 until early 2007, Murphy was employed as a research and portfolio analyst with Laffer Associates,[3][4] an economic and investment consultancy firm.[5]

Murphy is a senior fellow in business and economic studies at the Pacific Research Institute,[6] and is an adjunct scholar and frequent speaker at the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He writes a column for[7] and has also written for He is an adjunct scholar at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy[8] and an economist for the Institute for Energy Research.[9] Murphy appeared before the United States House Committee on Financial Services on 24 July 2008 to discuss oil prices and the United States dollar.[10] His work has been cited by Walter Block,[11] with whom Murphy has also published.[12] Murphy is a frequent radio guest. He appeared on “Free Markets With Dr. Mike Beitler” on the Voice America Business network on October 30, 2008. …”

Economists Can Be Hilarious

By Robert Murphy

“…We economists have a reputation for being dry and boring. That’s why Ben Stein’s scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off works so well — and why this guy is such a novelty. Given our dismal reputation, I am happy to report that some economists’ recent defenses of the efficient-markets hypothesis are laugh-out-loud funny. Outside Cirque du Soleil, you will not see such contortions as when these economists try to defend their theory from either refutation or triviality. …”

Apologist Responses to Climategate Misconstrue the Real Debate (Quantitative, not Qualitative)

by Robert Murphy

“…These defenses are self-evidently absurd to anyone who has read the actual CRU emails in question. The public’s faith in the sacrosanct “peer-review process” will be understandably shaken when they read just how this “consensus” was enforced. Furthermore, the real debate was not between ultra-skeptics who say “global warming is a hoax” versus professional climate scientists who say “anthropogenic climate change is real.”

No, the true debate has been among practicing climatologists, with some arguing that the global climate’s sensitivity to a doubling of greenhouse gas concentrations may be well below the IPCC AR4’s reported range of 2C – 4.5C. If these “skeptics”–such as Richard Lindzen, Pat Michaels, and Roy Spencer–are right, then the case for large-scale government intervention to penalize carbon emissions is considerably weakened.

In this context, the evidence brought to light by “Climategate” may be very significant, because it reaffirms the chinks in the IPCC armor that the educated skeptics have been pointing out for years. It’s true, an email from Phil Jones by itself doesn’t make Richard Lindzen right or wrong, but when policymakers need to decide which scientific experts they can trust, then the CRU emails are very relevant. …”

“…The scholarly skeptics do not doubt that the earth is warmer now than it was in 1850, and they don’t doubt that higher global temperatures would have noticeable effects on migratory patterns, ice sheets, and so forth. The real debate has been and continues to be: What fraction of this warming can be attributed to human activities? And then extrapolating, what will be the likely impacts on the climate if economic activity continues on its present trajectory?

When it comes to nuanced questions such as these–as opposed to loud mouths declaring, “Global warming is a hoax!”–the CRU emails and computer code are very revealing. Those of us who are not experts on climate models now have proof that the official line that “the science is settled” was a bluff. Of course it’s still possible that the IPCC projections may turn out to be accurate when all is said and done, but the confidence we should right now place in their modeling is much lower than what their biggest enthusiasts have been assuring us for years. …”

Mises Daily, Robert P. Murphy

Free Advice, Robert P. Murphy

Web Site of Robert P. Murphy, PhD.

Bob Murphy at Oil/Dollar Hearing 7/24/08 (Part 1 of 2)

Bob Murphy at Oil/Dollar Hearing 7/24/08 (Part 2 of 2)

Why You’ve Never Heard of the Great Depression of 1920


Conversations With History: Lessons from FDR’s New Deal

The Great Depression and the Current Recession–Robert Higgs–Videos

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