Obamanomics–New Deal Progressive Radical Socialist Interventionism

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Thomas Sowell – Obama’s Vision

The great Thomas Sowell talks about Obama-nomics

Thomas Sowell – The Vision of the Anointed

Obamanomics – Lew Rockwell on Economics 101

Peter Schiff – Consumer spending, gold new high, dollar new low

Obamanomics: Part One “The Hidden Agenda”

Obamanomics: Part Two”The Hidden Agenda”

Neal: Obamanomics

Background Articles and Videos

Thomas Sowell and a Conflict of Visions

Uncommon Knowledge: The Great Depression with Amity Shlaes

Obama’s Broken Promises Jul 1, 2009

Cavuto schools O’Reilly on Obamanomics

Timothy P. Carney: Obamanomics: General Electric wins big with White House
By: Timothy P. Carney

“…General Electric is a sprawling, complex corporation with many diverse businesses. The company makes light bulbs and refrigerators, sure, but it also has a finance arm, a transportation arm, a health-care arm, a communications arm, and more. The above letter from Immelt reveals what these arms all have in common: They all reach out for government favors.

Look at any major Obama policy initiative — healthcare reform, climate-change regulation, embryonic stem-cell research, infrastructure stimulus, electrical transmission smart-grids — and you’ll find GE has set up shop, angling for a way to pocket government handouts, gain business through mandates, or profit from government regulation. …”


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Banking Cartel’s Public Relations Campaign Continues:Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke On The Record

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