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President Obama and The Progressive Radical Socialist Democrats Focus On Redistributing/Stealing Wealth Not Creating Wealth or Jobs!–Where are the Jobs? Where’s the Fence?

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Where’s the Beef


On Fox News, Boehner Asks “Where Are the Jobs?”


McMorris Rodgers’ Remarks at the House Republican’s Weekly Leadership Press Conference


Obama Job Creation


Response to Obama, 5: Tax Rates and Job Creation


Border Security and Illegal Immigration – Newt Gingrich


Glenn Beck Show – Oct 27, 2009 – Pt 1 of 5


Glenn Beck Show – Oct 27, 2009 – Pt 2 of 5


Glenn Beck Show – Oct 27, 2009 – Pt 3 of 5


Glenn Beck Show – Oct 27, 2009 – Pt 4 of 5


Glenn Beck Show – Oct 27, 2009 – Pt 5 of 5




DeMint on Stripping of Fence, Immigration Provisions From DHS Report


Where’s The Fence?


The American people are asking, “Where are the jobs?, Where is the fence?”

The political elites of both political parties are facing a second American revolution by the American people.

The American people will target for defeat in 2010, 2012, and 2014 elections politicians that arrogantly ignore the demand for policies and programs that actually create new job and stop illegal immigration into the United States.

The progressive radical socialists Democratic Party led by President Obama with their bailouts, stimulus bills, massive deficit spending and political payoffs to Wall Street banks, unions and lawyers are wrecking the American economy, destroying  jobs and killing the American dream.

The American people know who you are, where you live and work and are coming after you.

We will not shut up.

We will not go away.

We will stand up.

We will broom budget busting bums.


Background Articles and Videos

Silence: Another Week Without a Small Business Job Creation Plan from Washington Democrats
With American Families Asking “Where Are The Jobs,” Republicans Push for “Bipartisan Jobs Plan” to Help Small Businesses, Democrats Schedule a Meeting

“….With American workers and their families continuing to ask “where are the jobs,” another week has gone by without a small business job creation plan from Democrats in Washington. While they dither, House Republicans have proposed a “bipartisan jobs plan” to help small businesses, assembled a “kitchen cabinet” of economic experts, and convened a working group of lawmakers to review additional job creation proposals. After months of near-record unemployment rates, Democrats, on the other hand, have scheduled a meeting next week to “find a way” to address the jobs crisis. All indications point to Democrats doubling down on their disastrous economic record and proposing a second ‘stimulus’ to complement their costly, job-killing agenda. This means more spending and borrowing at a time when the Obama Administration’s budget already includes trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see. The American people are looking for more than more of the same. …”

Small business job creation: the findings and their critics

1. Small businesses create a vastly disproportionate share of the net new jobs in the United States. The precise share is difficult to construct for a variety of reasons, some of which are noted below. However, it is reasonable to estimate that over the past twenty-five years two-thirds of the net new jobs in the private sector originated among small firms that account for about half of total private employment.(3)

The smallest size class (1-19 employees) produces the most net new jobs relative to its share of total employment. In fact, the smallest size class is the only size class that has produced more net jobs relative to its employment share. Kirchhoff, using a somewhat different approach, calculated that small, single-establishment firms formed in just 1977-78 and their growth over the next six years created 21 percent of all net jobs produced between 1977 and 1984.(4)

3. The share of net jobs created by small (and large) businesses change from measuring period to measuring period. This variation appears closely tied to the business cycle. Larger firms expand their share of net new employment toward the end of expansions. Small businesses provide a relatively stable supply throughout. Thus, variation in shares is primarily due to variations in large firm employment practices.

4. Jobs created from small business births are about two to three times as plentiful as the number created from small business expansions.(5) This proportion seems to vary with the business cycle. Similarly, jobs lost in small businesses are primarily a function of business deaths rather than of business contractions.

5. Small business jobs tend to be created by two types of firms. Birch refers to them as the “mice” and the “gazelles.” The mice are the new, small entries. The gazelles are a comparatively few rapidly growing firms that are responsible for the bulk of small business jobs created through expansions. Birch estimates that 5 percent of small firms account for three of four new jobs created through expansion and 10 percent account for almost nine of ten.(6) Curiously, the gazelles appear in virtually every industry, not just in the growing ones. …”

Past clues to the present jobless recovery

By James A. Cooke

“…Why is this nation headed towards a jobless recovery? Simple. It’s because our economy is undergoing a structural change that will make it more difficult for unemployed Americans to find work.

This is not the first time in our history an economic transformation has impacted the way Americans earn their livelihood. Our current economic downturn resembles the Long Depression of the 1880s, when the U.S. economy switched from farming to a manufacturing. 
Although the start dates for downturns are marked by the bursting of an inflated asset bubble, other factors come together to drag down the economy.  Our current economic affliction started last October, when an inflated real estate market collapsed, triggering a crash on Wall Street. Likewise, the 1873 recession started with the downfall of financier Jay Cooke, who had overinvested in railroads. The downturn that began in October 1873 lasted until March 1879, making it the longest economic contraction in our nation’s history. Economist Stanley Lebergott in his book “Manpower in Economic Growth” estimates that unemployment ranged between 12-14 percent in 1876, at the nadir of that downturn. …”
“…If the parallels with the Long Depression are correct, then the ranks of jobseekers will remain stubbornly high for several years during this period of adjustment. The challenge for federal and state governments will be spurring the creation of decent-paying jobs, which are as of yet unspecified. It should be noted that the federal government didn’t solve the economic crisis of the late 1800s and despite its best efforts the government may not be capable of a solution nowadays. What’s required here are innovation and Yankee ingenuity, and the ability for individuals to see new market demands for products and services.”

Dismantling America
by Thomas Sowell

“…Why should we assume that Barack Obama didn’t know what such people were like, when he has been associating with precisely these kinds of people for decades before he reached the White House?Nothing is more consistent with his lifelong patterns than putting such people in government– people who reject American values, resent Americans in general and successful Americans in particular, as well as resenting America’s influence in the world.

Any miscalculation on his part would be in not thinking that others would discover what these stealth appointees were like. Had it not been for the Fox News Channel, these stealth appointees might have remained unexposed for what they are. Fox News is now high on the administration’s enemies list.

Nothing so epitomizes President Obama’s own contempt for American values and traditions like trying to ram two bills through Congress in his first year– each bill more than a thousand pages long– too fast for either of them to be read, much less discussed. That he succeeded only the first time says that some people are starting to wake up. Whether enough people will wake up in time to keep America from being dismantled, piece by piece, is another question– and the biggest question for this generation.”


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The Heidelberg Appeal: Beware of False Gods and Prophets

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The Intended Consequences of Obama Care: Young Americans–Now Pay Up, Working Americans–Taxes Go Up, and Old Americans,Your Time Is Up!

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Glenn Beck-10-26-09-A


Glenn Beck-10-26-09-B


Glenn Beck-10-26-09-C


Glenn Beck-10-26-09-D


Glenn Beck-10-26-09-E


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Robert Reich: What An Honest President Would Say About Health Reform

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