Progressive Radical Socialists’ Full Frontal Assault On Free Speech With Network Neutrality–Government Regulation and Hostile Takeover Of The Internet!

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Net Neutrality


Internet Regulation – Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights


The Truth About Net Neutrality (Part 1/2)

The Truth About Net Neutrality (Part 2/2)


CWA rally against net neutrality


Glenn Beck-10-20-09-A


Glenn Beck-10-20-09-B


Glenn Beck-10-20-09-C


Glenn Beck-10-20-09-D


Glenn Beck-10-20-09-E


What’s Boiling My Blood: Net Neutrality Part One


What’s Boiling My Blood: Net Neutrality Part Two


What’s Boiling My Blood: Net Neutrality Part Three


What’s Boiling My Blood: Net Neutrality Part Four


What’s Boiling My Blood: Net Neutrality Part Five

George Carlin – We Like War


Background Articles and Videos

FCC Net Neutrality: Arbitrary and Capricious?

FCC Commissioner on Net Neutrality

Lawrence Lessig on Net Neutrality and Google-1/2

Lawrence Lessig on Net Neutrality and Google-2/2

Barack Obama: On Net Neutrality

Vint Cerf, Google

Vint Cerf on Net Neutrality

Internet Regulations and Freedom of Speech in Blogs

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Network Neurtrality–FCC Julius Genachowski–Tim Wu–Free and Open Internet Or Slow and Stupid Internet?

Robert W. McChesney–Videos

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Cloward Piven Strategy–The Crisis Strategy Of Barack Obama

Yuri Bezmenov On KGB Soviet Propaganda and Subversion–Videos 

President Barack Obama Puppet of Trilateral Commission?–Videos

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Soros Funded and Obama’s Manufactured Hate Generator–The Southern Poverty Law Center–Disinformation Propaganda Campaign 

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