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  Wake Up Call – New World Order (Documentary) – Remastered – 01 of 16


Wake Up Call – New World Order (Documentary) – Remastered – 02 of 16


Wake Up Call – New World Order (Documentary) – Remastered – 03 of 16


Wake Up Call – New World Order (Documentary) – Remastered – 04 of 16


Wake Up Call – New World Order (Documentary) – Remastered – 05 of 16


Wake Up Call – New World Order (Documentary) – Remastered – 06 of 16


Wake Up Call – New World Order (Documentary) – Remastered – 07 of 16


Wake Up Call – New World Order (Documentary) – Remastered – 08 of 16


Wake Up Call – New World Order (Documentary) – Remastered – 09 of 16


Wake Up Call – New World Order (Documentary) – Remastered – 10 of 16


Wake Up Call – New World Order (Documentary) – Remastered – 11 of 16


Wake Up Call – New World Order (Documentary) – Remastered – 12 of 16


Wake Up Call – New World Order (Documentary) – Remastered – 13 of 16


Wake Up Call – New World Order (Documentary) – Remastered – 14 of 16


Wake Up Call – New World Order (Documentary) – Remastered – 15 of 16


Wake Up Call – New World Order (Documentary) – Remastered – 16 of 16


Background Articles and Videos

 Conspiracy Theory

“…Conspiracy theory is a term that originally was a neutral descriptor for any conspiracy claim. However, it has come almost exclusively to refer to any theory which explains a historical or current event as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful Machiavellian conspirators, such as a “secret team” or “shadow government”, rather than broad social forces and large structures of human collectivities.[1]

Conspiracy theories are often viewed with skepticism and sometimes ridiculed because they are seldom supported by any conclusive evidence and contrast with institutional analysis, which focuses on people’s collective behavior in publicly known institutions, as recorded in scholarly material and mainstream media reports, to explain historical or current events, rather than on secretive coalitions of individuals. [2]

The term is therefore often used dismissively in an attempt to characterize a belief as outlandishly false and held by a person judged to be a crank or a group confined to the lunatic fringe. Such characterization is often the subject of dispute due to its possible unfairness and inaccuracy.[3]

In the late 20th and early 21st centuries, conspiracy theories have become commonplace in mass media, which has contributed to conspiracism emerging as a cultural phenomenon and the possible replacement of democracy by conspiracy as the dominant paradigm of political action in the public mind. Belief in conspiracy theories has therefore become a topic of interest for sociologists, psychologists and experts in folklore.[4]



New World Order

“… conspiracy theory, the term “New World Order” or “NWO” refers to the advent of a cryptocratic or totalitarian one-world government.[2]

The common theme in conspiracy theories about a New World Order is that a powerful and secretive elite of globalists is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an autonomous world government, which would replace sovereign states and other checks and balances in international power struggles. Significant occurrences in politics and finance are speculated to be caused by an extremely influential cabal operating through many front organizations. Numerous historical and current events are seen as steps in an on-going plot to achieve world domination through secret political gatherings and decision-making processes.[2]

Prior to the early 1990s, New World Order conspiracism was limited to two subcultures, primarily the militantly anti-government right, and secondarily Christian fundamentalists concerned with end-time emergence of the Antichrist.[3] Some skeptics and skeptical organizations, such as political scientist Michael Barkun, have expressed concern that right-wing conspiracy theories about a New World Order have now not only been embraced by many left-wing conspiracy theorists but have seeped into popular culture, thereby inaugurating an unrivaled period of millenarian activity in the United States of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. They warn that this development may not only fuel leaderless resistance by national-anarchists but have devastating effects on American political life, such as producerist demagogy influencing elections as well as domestic and foreign policy.[2][4][5][6][7][8]


During the 20th century, many statesmen, such as Woodrow Wilson, Winston Churchill, Mikhail Gorbachev, and George H. W. Bush, used the term “new world order” to refer to a new period of history evidencing a dramatic change in world political thought and the balance of power after World War I, World War II, and the Cold War. They all saw these periods as opportunities to implement idealistic or liberal proposals for global governance only in the sense of new collective efforts to identify, understand, or address worldwide problems that go beyond the capacity of individual nation-states to solve. These proposals led to the creation of international organizations, such as the United Nations and N.A.T.O., and international regimes, such as the Bretton Woods system and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, which were calculated both to maintain a balance of power as well as regularize cooperation between nations. These creations, however, would always be criticized and opposed by American paleoconservatives on isolationist grounds and by neoconservatives on benevolent imperalist grounds.[9]

Progressives welcomed these new international organizations and regimes but argued they suffered from a democratic deficit and therefore were inadequate to not only prevent another global war but also foster global justice. Thus, activists around the globe formed a world federalist movement bent on creating a “real” new world order. A number of intellectuals of the reformist left, such as English writer H. G. Wells, adopted and redefined the term “new world order” as a synonym for the establishment of a full-fledged social democratic world government. In reaction, some conspiracy theorists of the American secular and Christian right, whose paranoia was shaped by the Red Scares, began interpreting any use of term “new world order” by members of the Establishment, even when they were simply acknowledging a change in the international balance of power, as a call for the imposition of a state atheistic and bureaucratic collectivist world government, which controls the means of production, while the surplus (“profit”) is distributed among a ruling class of bureaucrats, rather than among the working class.[10]

In his 11 September 1990 “Toward a New World Order” speech (full text) to a joint session of the United States Congress, President George H. W. Bush described his ideals for post-Cold-War global governance in cooperation with post-Soviet states:

Until now, the world we’ve known has been a world divided – a world of barbed wire and concrete block, conflict and cold war. Now, we can see a new world coming into view. A world in which there is the very real prospect of a new world order. In the words of Winston Churchill, a “world order” in which “the principles of justice and fair play … protect the weak against the strong …” A world where the United Nations, freed from cold war stalemate, is poised to fulfill the historic vision of its founders. A world in which freedom and respect for human rights find a home among all nations.

Chip Berlet, an investigative reporter specializing in the study of right-wing populist movements in the U.S., writes:

When President Bush announced his new foreign policy would help build a New World Order, his phrasing surged through the Christian and secular hard right like an electric shock, since the phrase had been used to represent the dreaded collectivist One World Government for decades. Some Christians saw Bush as signaling the End Times betrayal by a world leader. Secular anticommunists saw a bold attempt to smash US sovereignty and impose a tyrannical collectivist system run by the United Nations.[10]

Observers note that the galvanization of conspiracy theorists of the secular and Christian right into militancy led to the rise of the militia movement and their use of viral propaganda on the Internet contributed to their extremist political ideas about the New World Order finding their way into the politically radical literature of some black nationalists, but also the previously apolitical literature of many Kennedy assassinologists, ufologists, and, most recently, occultists. The wide appeal of these subcultures then transmitted New World Order conspiracism like a “mind virus” to a large new audience of seekers of alternative views from the mid-1990s on.[2]

After the turn of the century, specifically during the global financial crisis of 2008–2009, many politicians and pundits, such as Gordon Brown, Henry Kissinger, and Barack Obama, used the term “new world order” in their advocacy for a Keynesian reform of the global financial system and their calls for a “New Bretton Woods”.[11][12][13] These declarations had the unintended consequence of providing fresh fodder for New World Order conspiracy theorists, and culminated in former Clinton administration adviser Dick Morris and conservative talk show host Sean Hannity arguing on one of his Fox News Channel programs that “conspiracy theorists were right”.[14] Fox News has been repeatedly criticized by progressive media watchdog groups for not only mainstreaming the conspiracist rhetoric of the right-wing lunatic fringe but possibly agitating its lone wolves into action.[15][16]



Alex Jones

“…Alex Jones (born Alexander Emerich Jones, February 11, 1974) is an American talk radio host and filmmaker. Described as a constitutionalist and paleoconservative[1], his syndicated news/talk show The Alex Jones Show airs via the Genesis Communication Network on over 60 AM, FM, and shortwave radio stations across the United States and on the Internet.[2] Mainstream news sources have referred to him as a conspiracy theorist.[3][4][5][6][7]





David Icke

“…David Vaughan Icke (pronounced /aɪk/; born 29 April 1952) is a British writer and public speaker who has devoted himself since 1990 to researching “who and what is really controlling the world.”[1] A former professional football player, reporter, television sports presenter, and spokesman for the Green Party, he is the author of 20 books explaining his views.

Icke argues that he has developed a moral and political worldview that combines spiritualism with a passionate denunciation of what he sees as totalitarian trends in the modern world, a position that has been described as “New Age conspiracism.”[2]

At the heart of Icke’s research is the view that the world is ruled by a secret group called the “Global Elite” or “Illuminati,” which he has linked to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, an anti-Semitic hoax.[3][4] In 1999, he published The Biggest Secret, in which he wrote that the Illuminati are a race of reptilian humanoids known as the Babylonian Brotherhood, and that many prominent figures are reptilian, including George W. Bush, Queen Elizabeth II, Kris Kristofferson, and Boxcar Willie.[3][5]

According to Political Research Associates, Icke’s speaking engagements can draw a substantial audience in Canada.[6] During an October 1999 speaking tour there, he received a standing ovation from students after a four-hour speech at the University of Toronto,[7] while his books were removed from the shelves of Indigo Books after protests from the Canadian Jewish Congress.[8] Icke and the Canadian tour become the focus of a British Channel 4 documentary by Jon Ronson, David Icke, the Lizards and the Jews.[9]




The Power Hour

“…The Power Hour is a brokered radio show that is syndicated to various radio stations, including many Christian radio stations, originating from Versailles, Missouri. The show features news of interest to the anti-New World Order movement and also covers in-depth news not covered in mainstream media. The ideology of the show is right-wing conservative. Later in the show appear guests who often sell a product or service, including alternative health topics. The guests’ products are sold through the show’s online web store, ThePowerMall.com.

Althuogh The Power Hour was originally hosted by Joyce Riley and Dave von Kleist (a married couple), Riley announced their separation and von Kleist’s departure from the program on May 15, 2009.[1] She has hosted the program herself since then.

The Power Hour can be heard Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. central time (actual times may vary by station), and is distributed by Genesis Communications Network. …”



Webster Griffin Tarpley

“…Webster Griffin Tarpley is an author, journalist, lecturer, and critic of US foreign and domestic policy. Tarpley maintains that the September 11 attacks were engineered by a rogue network of the military industrial complex and intelligence agencies. His writings and speeches describe a model of false flag terror operations by a rogue network in the military/intelligence sector working with moles in the private sector and in corporate media, and locates such contemporary false flag operations in a historical context stretching back in the English speaking world to at least the “gunpowder plot” in England in 1605. …”

“…Tarpley was on the editorial board of the National Caucus of Labor Committees’ journal, The Campaigner, in 1971, according to its masthead.[1]

As a journalist living in Europe in the 1980s, Tarpley wrote a study commissioned by a committee of the Italian Parliament on the assassination of Prime Minister Aldo Moro. The study reported on the false flag nature of the assassination, orchestrated by the neofascist lodge Propaganda Due with the cooperation of senior members of Italian government secret services but blamed on the Red Brigades.[2]

Tarpley was U.S. President of the Schiller Institute in the 1980s and 1990s.[3][4] In 1986 Tarpley attempted to run on the platform of Lyndon LaRouche in the New York State Democratic Party primary for the U.S. Senate, but was ruled off the ballot because of a defect in his nominating petitions.[5] He was a frequent host of “The LaRouche Connection”, which its producer, LaRouche’s Executive Intelligence Review News Service,[6][7] describes as “a news and information cable television program”.[8]

Tarpley first gained attention for co-authoring, with Anton Chaitkin, (“history editor of Executive Intelligence Review”) a 1992 book on George H. W. Bush, George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, which was published by Executive Intelligence Review, run by Lyndon LaRouche.[9] He has expounded the “Versailles Thesis” laying the blame for the great wars of the 20th century on intrigues by Britain to retain her dominance.[10] He gained experience as a political operative during his years with the LaRouche movement but broke away sometime after 1995.

In 2005, Tarpley published 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA. He speaks at length about the themes in the book during an interview in the film Oil, Smoke, Mirrors.

Since March, 2006, Tarpley has had a weekly online talk radio show called World Crisis Radio, currently hosted on GCNLive.com. Tarpley is a member of the “world anti-imperialist conference” Axis for Peace, of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and of a research Netzwerk of German 9/11 authors founded in September 2006. He is featured in the film, Zero: an investigation into 9/11 (2007-2008). …”



Michael Badnarik

“…Michael J. Badnarik (born August 1, 1954) is an American software engineer, political figure, and former radio talk show host. He was the Libertarian Party nominee for President of the United States in the 2004 elections, and placed fourth in the race, behind independent candidate Ralph Nader. Two years later he ran as a Libertarian Party candidate in the 2006 congressional elections for Texas’s 10th congressional district seat near Austin.[1] In a three candidate field, Badnarik came in third receiving 7,603 votes for 4.3% of the vote. …”

“…Badnarik’s political philosophy emphasizes individual liberty, personal responsibility, and adherence to what he considers to be an originalist interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. All of his positions arise from this foundation. In economics, Badnarik believes in laissez-faire capitalism, a system in which the only function of the government is the protection of individual rights from the initiation of force and fraud. He therefore opposes institutions such as welfare, and business regulation.

Badnarik first ran for public office in 2000 as a Libertarian, earning 15,221 votes in a race for the Texas legislature; he ran again for the same seat in 2002.

Badnarik is a participant in the libertarian Free State Project.[2] …”



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