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UPDATED March 1, 2012 

Rest In Peace

Andrew Breitbart Dead at 43: Conservative Blogger Believed to Have Died of Natural Causes

Rush Limbaugh’s Moving Tribute To Andrew Breitbart

Santorum On Breitbart’s Death: “What A Powerful Force”

Andrew Breitbart’s final CNN appearance

Rep. Louie Gohmert Pays Tribute to Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart at CPAC 2012 02102012 – FULL SPEECH

Cenk Uygur interviews Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart Screaming At Protesters

Breitbart reveals secret Drudge, Rush history to Hollywood Republicans

Andrew Breitbart: Glenn Beck “Screwed the Pooch”

Glenn Beck Suggests Tea Party Is Racist

Andrew Breitbart Takes A Baseball Bat To Glenn Beck,He Is Race Baiter And A Coward

The Politics of Hollywood with Andrew Breitbart

Big Hollywood

“…Andrew Breitbart is publisher of the news portals and In January 2009, he launched Big Hollywood, a group blog off of on Hollywood and politics from the center/right perspective. His latest group blog endeavor, Big Government, launched in September. His column, “Big Hollywood,” appears weekly in the Washington Times and he co-wrote the best-selling attack on celebrity culture, Hollywood, Interrupted. Andrew was also the primary developer for The Huffington Post (don’t hold that against him).  …”

Big Government

ACORN Shocker

Sean Hannity, Hannah Giles and Andrew Breitbart discuss ACORN San Bernadino

Andrew Breitbart on the Mark Levin Show

Michael Savage Interviews Andrew Breitbart on ACORN Investigation -(Part 1 of 2)- September 18, 2009

Michael Savage Interviews Andrew Breitbart on ACORN Investigation -(Part 1 of 2)- September 18, 2009

Sean Hannity, Hannah Giles and Andrew Breitbart discuss ACORN San Bernadino

the Obama/Press honeymoon over ?

Hannity : Andrew Breitbart is the guest

quincy 912 06 Andrew Breitbart

Ann Coulter: Breitbart was ‘Set Up’

Breitbart refuses opportunity to apologize to Sherrod

The End of Andrew Breitbart’s Credibility

Breitbart on Real Time

Breitbart on Real Time Pt. 2

Dennis Miller Talks With Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart ~ Part 1 of 8

Andrew Breitbart ~ Part 2 of 8

Andrew Breitbart ~ Part 3 of 8

Andrew Breitbart ~ Part 4 of 8

Andrew Breitbart ~ Part 5 of 8

Andrew Breitbart ~ Part 6 of 8

Andrew Breitbart ~ Part 7 of 8

Andrew Breitbart ~ Part 8 of 8

Background Articles and Videos

Andrew Breitbart

“…Andrew Breitbart (born February 1, 1969) is an American conservative commentator for the Washington Times, author,[2] and an occasional guest commentator on various news programs. He may be best-known for serving as an editor for the Drudge Report website. He was a researcher for Arianna Huffington, and was employed by her to assist in the launch of her website, The Huffington Post.[3] He currently runs his own portal,, and two other sites: Big Hollywood, and Big Government. …”

“…Breitbart grew up in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles and procured employment at local fast-food restaurant All-American Burger at age 15, by lying about his age. Later, he worked as a pizza deliveryperson and car washer.[4] He graduated from Tulane University in 1991.[5]

His early jobs included a stint at cable channel E! Entertainment Television, working for the company’s online magazine before going to work for Huffington. In 1995 he saw the Drudge Report and was so impressed that he emailed Matt Drudge. “I thought what he was doing was by far the coolest thing on the Internet. And I still do.”[3]

He is married to Susannah (Susie) Bean, daughter of actor Orson Bean, with whom he has four children.[3][6]

“…Andrew Breitbart gave some advance notice that he would be producing a new blog, entitled “Big Government”, and that it would premier on September 10, 2009. [15] The blog started by airing footage about the alleged scandal regarding ACORN staffers in Baltimore who gave unethical advice concerning underage prostitution and tax-evasion on-tape to Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe. Within 24 hours of the video’s release, the two women featured on the hidden camera were fired by ACORN over the incident.

After the release of the second in the tape series, which targeted the Washington D.C. ACORN office, the U.S. Census Bureau severed its connection with ACORN, which had been scheduled to assist in the 2010 census, a move that one of ACORN’s founders, Wade Rathke, has condemned, saying the Census Bureau’s actions prove “how willing the Obama administration is open to a cave-in to the conservatives on false pretenses on a completely fake ‘issue.’”

Five “sting tapes,” with Hannah Giles portraying the “prostitute” Kenya, and O’Keefe acting as her boyfriend/pimp, have been released; these feature the ACORN offices in Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, DC, Brooklyn, New York, and both San Bernardino and San Diego, California.

The tapings were criticised by people such as MSNBC’s Norah O’Donnell, who suggested it was “entrapment” with hidden cameras.[16] Brian Kettenring, deputy director of national operations for ACORN, said that the tapes were illegally recorded and are examples of “gotcha” journalism.[16]


Andrew Breitbart, Conservative Visionary

By Matthew Vadum

“…Refusing to engage the ideological enemy in popular media invites failure, argues Internet news entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart.

He’s absolutely right to say that conservatives “can’t win the political war until we take on the Hollywood and mainstream media battles.”

Breitbart offered this reflection after running the gauntlet of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” (video available at Breitbart’s Big Hollywood website) where he was tag-teamed by a liberal elitist host and a self-important pseudo-intellectual named Michael Eric Dyson.

“Pretty much everyone I respect in media and politics” warned him not to appear on the show, but he did and writes in today’s Washington Times that he had the time of his life. Maher and Dyson worked hard to rough him up, but he left knowing he won the rigged bout “simply by showing up.”

The payoff was immediate. After finishing the shoot, “I felt like I had gone 12 rounds with Mike Tyson and Roberto Duran. But when I got back to my dressing room, my BlackBerry was filling with messages from people I’ve never met, many of whom disagree with my politics but were compelled to praise my willingness to enter the lion’s den.” …”

Conservatives need to embrace the media and popular culture

Michael van der Galie

“…You can read my latest post for Big Hollywood here. The subject of the post is the speech Andrew Breitbart recently gave in Washington D.C., in which he tried to explain to fellow conservatives that they have to embrace the media and popular culture in general if they want to make a comeback.

Both are currently dominated by liberals. This has had and continues to have a major impact on American society and, therefore, on politics. Breitbart rightfully argues that conservatives will have to copy the media strategy liberals have and attempt to dominate the media and popular culture. …”

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