The Obama Big Lie and Inconvenient Truth About Health Care–The Public Option Trojan Horse–Leads To A Single Payor Goverment Monopoly of Health Care and The Bankruptcy of USA!

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M3, longer term chart



“…M3 consists of M2, institutional money market mutual funds, time deposits in amounts of $100,000 or more, repurchase agreement liabilities of depository institutions (in denominations of $100,000 or more) on U.S. government and federal agency securities, and Eurodollars.

For reference, and as of early 2007, M3 is about $11.5 trillion, M2 about $7.1 trillion, institutional money markets funds about $1.4 trillion, jumbo CDs about $1.7 trillion, repos about $.67 trillion ($670 billion) and estimated Eurodollars are about $.61 trillion ($610 billion).
11/30/2007 – Note that much of the large growth in M3 lately has been in flows into CDs and Money Market Funds, a normal occurrence during financial turmoil. See our financial crisis page for more detail, and a picture of the current level of a U.S. financial crisis.  …”


Glenn Beck on the US Financial crisis

U.S. Headed For Fiscal Crisis?

I.O.U.S.A.: Byte-Sized – The 30 Minute Version 


Stop Spending Our Future – The Crisis

The leaders and political elites of both political parties, Democrats and Republicans, are not telling the American people the truth–the United States is broke and cannot afford any new entitlement programs.

The United States cannot grow its way out the financial crisis to provide the funding for the liabilities the Federal Government already promised to pay for Social Security and Medicare entitlement programs.

Any politican who proposes either new entitlement programs or the expansion of existing programs such as Social Security or Medicare is fiscally irresponsible and is pandering and lying to the American people.

Both former President Bush and now President Obama are two of the most fiscally irresponsible Presidents this nation’s voters foolishly elected to the office of President.

Stop The Spending and Deficits

US Federal Government Deficits




Our first Green On The Outside and Red On The Inside President Obama only makes a  huge and unsustainable entitlement problem and crisis infinitely worse.

By proposing a new entitlement program–universal health care with a public option of a government insurer–Presidemt Obama is now threatening all those Americans who are satisfied with their health care and insurance plan.

A public option leads slowly and surely to Socialized Medicine or a Government Single Payer health care system and the bankruptcy of the United States!

The cost of such a new entitlement program is beyond the means of the American people and the US economy to pay for and sustain.

It would add trillions  of dollars to the already bloated US deficits.

Kill the Obama Universal Health Care bill before it kills you and bankrupts the United States of America.

Both the Federal Government Medicare and Medcaid pay less than the cost of the services provided by doctors and hospitals.

This results in doctors and hospitals shifting the unreimbused cost to private insurers.

Rep. Paul Ryan points out that Health Care Reform will be the most Important Vote

Rep. Brady (R-TX) asks CBO Director Elmendorf if we know the cost of the Dems Health Care Bill

The Federal Government is the problem not the solution.

One of the primary reasons private insurance premiums are rising is the Federal Government does not pay the full bill.

Will Fox testifies before Congress

Government caused the uninsured

When you need medical care for a serious condition, the Government will make you wait until it is too late.

Dead men tell no tales.

The Federal Government will use rationing and long waits to cut the cost of medical care.

Yaron Brook’s Call to Action – July 2009

This will result in the killing and torture of old people and those with serious medical conditions that would be too expensive to treat. 

The old and infirm will have to sit and wait for care, surgery and drugs that are never provided in a timely manner,  if at all.

The Downside Of British Health Care

This is exactly what happens now in countries that have socialized medicine or a single payer system.

The government simply waits you out so that they do not have to pay for your health care in a timely manner.

Canada Is A Perfect Example Of The Free Health Care Failing

Canadians to Americans: Don’t make your healthcare like ours

The Down Side of the Canadian Healthcare System

Why do you think people from all around the world come to the United States for treatment?

They know that if they wait for their country’s health care system to provide the care, they may die or be in pain for months or years.

In the United States they will be treated quickly to avoid unnecessay pain and suffering.

Obama’s Health Care Deception

Obama on single payer health insurance

SEIU, the White House & ACORN


Health Care Forum: Barack Obama (1 of 3)

Health Care Forum: Barack Obama (2 of 3)


Health Care Forum: Barack Obama (3 of 3)

Any candidate of any political party that gives any indication to the American people that they are going  to replace, tax, or threaten the American  people’s health care and insurance coverage, can deservedly expect to be defeated in the next election.

The progressive radical socialists lead by President Obama are a clear and present danager to your life, health care and current insurance plan.

Send a message both to President Obama and your Senators and Representative by signing the Free Our Health Care Petition:


Please take a minute to sign this petition keeping Government control OUT of healthcare.


When you are not treated for a heart attack, the red line will flatten out on the monitor.

You may very well die if you do not stop the passage of President Obama’s universal health care plan.

The American people and economy cannot pay for the medical care of illegal aliens who work in the United States.

The United States Federal Government could go a long way in lowering the number of Americans unemployed now exceeding 15,000,000 as well as lowering the number of uninsured Americans by simply enforcing the immigration laws.

Require all businesses to use E-Verify to determine the legal status of a person to work in the United States.

Attempt to Block E-Verify

E-Verify & Border Fence may be canceled

Obama Admin wants to kill E-Verify

Obama Adm Favors Illegal Immigration

All illegal aliens now working in the US would be replaced by American citizens.

All illegal aliens would be removed from their work place and deported to their country of origin.

All illegal aliens would have to pay upfront the cost of medical care.

Unless the Federal Government starts enforcing immigration laws, more and more hospitals will be closing throughout the United States.

Again the Federal Government is the problem for not paying their medical bills in full and not stopping illegal aliens from working in the United States.

Health care and illegal immigration TV ad in California

Giving Up California to the Illegal Invaders

With the Federal Reserve rapdily increasing the money supply as measured by M3 (green line)–inflation will soon be coming back as measured by the CPI-U–Consumer Price Index (black line).


The result is your own money is worth less as its purchasing power declines.

This is a hidden tax.

Time for the American people to get mad and tell off their Representatives and the Senators.

Time for the Representatives and Senators to earn their pay and actually read the billl, balance the budget and pay down the national debt with budget surpluses and not massive deficits.

Time for the Federal Government to close down entire Departments not expand their budgets and programs.

The Federal Government like families and businesses needs to live within its means.

Reform and save both the Social Security and Medicare programs by letting the American people have ownership over their retirement and health insurance program instead of relying upon the mere promises of the Federal Government.

Stop messing with the American people’s health care insurance plans and running up huge budgetary deficits by spending more than the tax revenues collected each year.

If the progressive radical socialists of the Democratic Party really wanted more competition in the health care insurance market to “keep them honest”,  they would provide the same tax-advantages to individuals that employers have in providing a group plan by making individual premium payments tax deductible.

Next the Federal Government should permit employers to offer as an option of an individual health insurance plan as an alternative to group health insurance.

Health savings accounts should be encouraged with higher annual contribution limits and letting individuals and families with individual health insurance plans to have a health savings account.

These three reforms would encourage more people to become insured that currently elect not to purchase coverage and would address their portability concerns as they move from job to job.

Individuals would be permitted to purchase individual health insurance from companies doing business in any state and not just the state where they call home.

Insurance companies would provide individual plans that could be customized to the needs of the individual and their families.

Act responsibly for a change and keep the Federal Government out of the insurance business.


Like the backloaded stimulus bill, the proposed healthcare bill is also backloaded with most of the cost impact taking place after 2012 with a five year cost of $979 billion or nearly $200 billion per year:

“…It’s important to keep in mind that the most costly aspects of the legislation involve providing subsidies to individuals to purchase health care ($773 billion) and to expand Medicaid ($438 billion), but it takes several years for those provisions to kick in. As you can see from the chart below, that means that the costs start out relatively modest but ramp up over time. In the first three years of the plan the cost of the subsidies and Medicaid expansion is just $8 billion; in the first five years, it’s $202 billion; but in the last five years, it’s $979 billion. Put another way, 17 percent of the spending comes in the first five years, while 83 percent comes in the second five years. What this means is that the American people see $1 trillion over 10 years and they think that means the bill would cost about $100 billion a year — but the reality is more than double that. In the final year of the CBO estimates, 2019, the spending hits $230 billion….”


Put this kill the old people with health care rationing   out of its misery by defeatiing the bill now.

The life you save may be your own.

Do not let Obama kill you softly with his song of  socialized medicine.



Roberta Flack-Killing Me Softly With His Song


Background Articles and Videos


Document drop: CBO scores the health care takeover

By Michelle Malkin  

“…A Senate staffer passes along the CBO/Joint Committee on Taxation report scoring the House health care takeover.

Bottom line from the staffer:

$1.042 trillion over “ten years”, though the program really gets going in 2015 so its more like a 5 year score. Also, don’t forget most bills carve out unions so that they have a reprieve. Who needs card check [with] US government health insurance as a recruiting tool.

I’ve uploaded the full report: Read it here.

From the caveats section of the report intro:

Important Caveats Regarding This Preliminary Analysis

There are several reasons why the preliminary analysis that is provided in this letter and its attachments does not constitute a comprehensive cost estimate for the coverage provisions of America’s Affordable Health Choices Act:

• First, our analysis was based on specifications regarding insurance coverage that were provided by the tri-committee group and that differ in important ways from the “discussion draft” version of legislative language that was released on June 19, 2009. The specifications that we analyzed are supposed to be reflected in the draft language released by the three committees today, but we have not yet been able to analyze that language to determine whether it conforms to those specifications. Our review of that language could have a significant effect on our analysis. More generally, as our understanding of the specifications improves, that also could affect our future estimates.

• Second, some effects of the proposal have not yet been fully captured in our analysis. In particular, we have not yet estimated the administrative costs to the federal government of implementing the specified policies, nor have we accounted for all of the proposal’s likely effects on spending for other federal
programs. We expect to include those effects in the near future, but we also expect that they will not have a sizable impact on our analysis.

• Third, the budgetary information shown in the attached table reflects many of the major cash flows that would affect the federal budget as a result of implementing the specified policies, and it provides our preliminary assessment of the proposal’s net effects on the federal budget deficit (subject to the caveats listed above). Some additional cash flows would appear in the budget—either as outlays and offsetting receipts or outlays and revenues—but would net to zero and thus would not affect the deficit. CBO and the JCT staff have not yet estimated all of those cash flows but expect to do so in the near
future.2 Those additional cash flows would include the premiums collected by the public plan and its outlays as well as risk-adjustment transfers from plans with relatively healthy enrollees to plans with relatively unhealthy enrollees. …”


Warning: More Obamacare/MSM theater on the way

By Michelle Malkin 


Photoshop credit: The People’s Cube

“…The Democrats’ government health care takeover plans are flailing. What to do? What to do? Enlist every willing MSM lackey, of course.

We had the All Barack Channel special. The Obamacare Theater production. And now a trifecta of dinosaur broadcast media interviews. Noel Sheppard reports: “All Three Nets To Interview Obama About Healthcare Wednesday.”


Tax-maniacs backing off health benefits?

By Michelle Malkin  

“…Looks like there’s trouble in Beltway taxaholics’ paradise. There are multiple reports that Democrats are backing off a key proposal to tax health benefits to pay for the trillion-dollar government takeover of health care.

WSJ: “A Senate Democrat involved in negotiations on legislation to overhaul the health-care system said senators may be souring on a plan to tax some employer-provided health benefits. Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., said that public polls conducted over the July 4 congressional recess and reviewed by senators are causing lawmakers to have second thoughts about limiting the tax exclusion for employer health plans.”

Bloomberg: Senators May Drop Tax Plan for Worker Health Benefits

AP: “Tax on health benefits fading?”

But hey, don’t worry. They’ll find something else to tax. Just give ‘em time.

*** …”


Get ready for health care tax-apalooza

By Michelle Malkin  

Photoshop: Reader Rachael in Ky

“…The Democrats are preparing for their Big Reveal on how to pay for their trillion-dollar government takeover of health care.

Gird your loins and say goodbye to your wallets:

By the end of this week, House Democrats may have answered the biggest question looming in the healthcare debate – how they plan to pay for their overhaul.

Leadership aides say they will introduce a bill by Thursday or Friday, in preparation for votes in committee next week. And that bill, they say, will include a way to pay for the bill…

…Leadership aides stress that no final decision has been made on how to pay the tab. The Democrats on Rangel’s committee will hold a marathon meeting all day Tuesday where healthcare and the “pay-for,” as it’s called, are sure to come up.

A large portion is expected to come from reductions in Medicare and Medicaid. But that won’t pay for the full overhaul. As for raising money, ideas have included a national sales tax, taxing soda and a “surtax” on people making more than $250,000. …”

Not a surprise: SEIU & Wal-Mart unite behind Obamacare

By Michelle Malkin  

“… Wal-Mart announced today that it was backing Obama’s government health care plan. The discount retail giant was joined by the Service Employees International Union and the left-wing Center for American Progress. CQ reports:

Walmart, the nation’s largest private employer, announced Tuesday that it would support a mandate on businesses to help expand health care coverage, an about-face from other business interests that have strongly opposed any such requirement.

But this is not a sudden “about-face.” Wal-Mart and the SEIU, still bitter enemies on most other policy and employment matters, first joined hands on health care two years ago. The unholy alliance was forged out of mutual desperation and political expediency.

More from Forbes, USAToday. And AP:

Wal-Mart, the nation’s largest private employer, announced its position in a letter to congressional and administration officials Tuesday. It was joined by a major labor union that sometimes has criticized Wal-Mart as stingy with employee benefits.

“We are for an employer mandate which is fair and broad in its coverage,” the letter said. “Any alternative to an employer mandate should not create barriers to hiring entry-level employees.”

That was a reference to some proposals in Congress to have employers pay the Medicaid costs of new hires. Critics say that would discourage the hiring of low-income people.

The letter was also signed by Andrew L. Stern, president of the Service Employees International Union, which has more than a million members and counts more U.S. health workers than any other union. Also signing it was John Podesta, who headed Obama’s transition team and is president of the Center for American Progress.

Wal-Mart wants the union thugs off its back. Stern wants more power and publicity.

Take this marriage for what it’s worth.

*** …”

The House Health Care Bill: A Blueprint for Federal Control


by Robert E. Moffit, Ph.D.

“…Like the U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee bill,[1] the House bill would create a new public plan to compete with private health insurance in a national health insurance exchange; impose mandates on individuals and businesses to buy health insurance coverage or be subject to tax penalties; and allow the federal government to control, standardize, and regulate health insurance, defining what is and is not “acceptable coverage” for American citizens.The “Public” Plan

The bill would require the secretary of health and human services (HHS) to establish a “public health insurance option” to compete against private health plans on a “level playing field” in a national health insurance exchange. It would also expand eligibility for the existing Medicaid program up the income scale to 133 percent of the federal poverty level.

The public plan’s payment to providers would be based on Medicare payment rates plus 5 percent. The Lewin Group estimates that, by using the Medicare payment rates and opening up the plan to all employees, as the bill would provide, the House bill could result in up to 113.5 million people losing private coverage.[2] Lewin estimates that cost shifting to private plans from the public plan would amount to an additional $460 per person for those remaining in private insurance,[3] while physician and hospital revenues, under such a scenario, would decline significantly.

Contrary to the House sponsors’ claims, it is hard to imagine a “level playing field” where Congress creates a special government plan to compete against private health plans while also creating the rules for its competitors.

While the House bill would set up an account within the Treasury for the deposit of startup funds and premiums, the bill would also require taxpayers to retain the risks and depend on congressional restraint in the appropriation of additional taxpayer funds for the public plan. In light of recent congressional bailouts of automakers and financial institutions, belief in such restraint would amount to a triumph of imagination over experience. …”

“…Promises, Promises

The President has said repeatedly that if Americans like their private health insurance coverage, they would be able to keep it. But in fact, the incentives built into the House bill–a combination of mandates and the provision of a public plan–would guarantee that millions of Americans would lose their private coverage, regardless of their personal preferences.

In the Senate, the leading bill would add $1 trillion to the deficit over 10 years, while pushing millions of Americans out of their employer-based coverage. While the President insists that health care reform should be “deficit neutral,” the cost of the House bill–both quantifiable and not–is yet unknown. …” 


Donald S. McAlvany

“…Donald S. McAlvany is an American Christian conservative political and economics commentator, podcaster, and newsletter author.

McAlvany attended the University of Texas. In 1972, McAlvany founded International Collectors Associates (ICA), headquartered in Durango, Colorado. The firm is described as a “securities, precious metals brokerage, insurance and consultation firm serving clients in over 20 countries.” In 1976 McAlvany began publishing the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, a monthly newsletter that analyzes economic, political, and financial issues, globally. in recent years he has also produced a monthly podcast on economic and “hard money” investing.[1]

He has been a lecturer at Christian, political, monetary and investment conferences “in Western Europe, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Singapore, as well as all over the North American continent and Latin America.”

He serves on the board of The Conservative Caucus, is a member of the Council for National Policy[2], is chairman of the Council on Southern Africa, was “a founder of the Industry Council on Tangible Assets (ICTA), and one of the founding directors of the fellowship of Christian Financial Advisors.”[3]

He was formerly the editor of The African Intelligence Digest.[4] …”

“…McAlvany gained some notoriety for his prediction of a possible Y2K catastrophe, before 2000. In 1999, McAlvany self-published the book Y2K Tidal Wave: Year 2000 Economic Survival[5]. Like economists Dr. Gary North, Ed Yourdon[6] and Ed Yardeni[7], and many others, McAlvany suggested that a Y2K date-rollover failure of the global Information Technology (IT) infrastructure might precipitate severe disruption and perhaps even an economic collapse. A concerted last-minute effort by IT professionals prevented this catastrophe, but McAlvany later described Y2K as “a close one.” …”

ICA, a McAlvany Financial Company

America’s Financial Future (Part 1)

America’s Financial Future (Part 2)

U.S. Economy and Financial System Bankrupt–What’s next?

U.S. Economy and Financial System BankruptPt.2–What’s next?


U.S.Real Estate:How it affects your financial future

Economic implications of the real estate bubble


The Ultimate American Dollar Collapse

China: What every investor should know

Soaring U.S. Global Inflation 


Gold: The Ultimate investment for capital preservation.

McAlvany DVD 2009 “Deflation or Inflation? What’s Next?”

McAlvany Seminar 2008:Protect Your Assets Now, Pt.1

McAlvany Seminar 2008:Protect Your Assets Now, Pt.2

Wall Street’s Schemes Part I: Mcalvany 2008

Wall Street’s Schemes Part II: Mcalvany 2008

Transitions Ahead Part I: Mcalvany 2008

Transitions Ahead Part II: Mcalvany 2008

Middle East Turmoil Part I: Mcalvany 2008

Middle East Turmoil Part II: Mcalvany 2008

US Dollar Cave-In Part I: Mcalvany 2008

US Dollar Cave-In Part II: Mcalvany 2008

An Inflationary Recession Part I: Mcalvany 2008

An Inflationary Recession Part II: Mcalvany 2008

McAlvany DVD 2009 “Deflation or Inflation? What’s Next?”

McAlvany DVD 2009 “How bad is it?”

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[…] The Obama Big Lie and Inconvenient Truth About Health Care–The Public Option Trojan Horse–Leads … […]

[…] The Obama Big Lie and Inconvenient Truth About Health Care–The Public Option Trojan Horse–Leads … […]

[…] The Obama Big Lie and Inconvenient Truth About Health Care–The Public Option Trojan Horse–Leads … […]

[…] The Obama Big Lie and Inconvenient Truth About Health Care–The Public Option Trojan Horse–Leads … […]

[…] The Obama Big Lie and Inconvenient Truth About Health Care–The Public Option Trojan Horse–Leads … […]

[…] The Obama Big Lie and Inconvenient Truth About Health Care–The Public Option Trojan Horse–Leads … […]

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