The Big Economic Picture–Some Perspectives–Videos

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May I suggest you pay attention to these videos.

I have reached very similiar conclusions–get the big picture!

Protect yourself and your family.

U.S. Economy and Financial System Bankrupt–What’s next?


U.S. Economy and Financial System BankruptPt.2–What’s next?



U.S.Real Estate:How it affects your financial future


Economic implications of the real estate bubble


The Ultimate American Dollar Collapse


China: What every investor should know


Soaring U.S. Global Inflation



Gold: The Ultimate investment for capital preservation.


McAlvany DVD 2009 “Deflation or Inflation? What’s Next?”


McAlvany Seminar 2008:Protect Your Assets Now, Pt.1


McAlvany Seminar 2008:Protect Your Assets Now, Pt.2


Wall Street’s Schemes Part I: Mcalvany 2008


Wall Street’s Schemes Part II: Mcalvany 2008


Transitions Ahead Part I: Mcalvany 2008


Transitions Ahead Part II: Mcalvany 2008


Middle East Turmoil Part I: Mcalvany 2008


Middle East Turmoil Part II: Mcalvany 2008


US Dollar Cave-In Part I: Mcalvany 2008


US Dollar Cave-In Part II: Mcalvany 2008


An Inflationary Recession Part I: Mcalvany 2008


An Inflationary Recession Part II: Mcalvany 2008


McAlvany DVD 2009 “Deflation or Inflation? What’s Next?”


McAlvany DVD 2009 “How bad is it?”


Background Articles and Videos


Donald S. McAlvany

“…Donald S. McAlvany is an American Christian conservative political and economics commentator, podcaster, and newsletter author.

McAlvany attended the University of Texas. In 1972, McAlvany founded International Collectors Associates (ICA), headquartered in Durango, Colorado. The firm is described as a “securities, precious metals brokerage, insurance and consultation firm serving clients in over 20 countries.” In 1976 McAlvany began publishing the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, a monthly newsletter that analyzes economic, political, and financial issues, globally. in recent years he has also produced a monthly podcast on economic and “hard money” investing.[1]

He has been a lecturer at Christian, political, monetary and investment conferences “in Western Europe, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Singapore, as well as all over the North American continent and Latin America.”

He serves on the board of The Conservative Caucus, is a member of the Council for National Policy[2], is chairman of the Council on Southern Africa, was “a founder of the Industry Council on Tangible Assets (ICTA), and one of the founding directors of the fellowship of Christian Financial Advisors.”[3]

He was formerly the editor of The African Intelligence Digest.[4] …”

“…McAlvany gained some notoriety for his prediction of a possible Y2K catastrophe, before 2000. In 1999, McAlvany self-published the book Y2K Tidal Wave: Year 2000 Economic Survival[5]. Like economists Dr. Gary North, Ed Yourdon[6] and Ed Yardeni[7], and many others, McAlvany suggested that a Y2K date-rollover failure of the global Information Technology (IT) infrastructure might precipitate severe disruption and perhaps even an economic collapse. A concerted last-minute effort by IT professionals prevented this catastrophe, but McAlvany later described Y2K as “a close one.” …”


ICA, a McAlvany Financial Company



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[…] The Big Economic Picture–Some Perspectives–Videos […]

[…] The Big Economic Picture–Some Perspectives–Videos […]

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