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“True, governments can reduce the rate of interest in the short run. They can issue  additional paper money.

They can open the way to credit expansion by the banks. They can thus create an artificial boom and the appearance of prosperity.

But such a boom is bound to collapse soon or late and bring about a depression.”

~Ludwig von Mises, Omnipotent Government, page 251

The Federal Reserve System is a private banking cartel that sets the price of money, serves as a lender of last resort, regulates member banks, and is the central bank of the United States responsible for the setting and the  implemenation of monetary policy, the expansion and contraction of the money supply with the goal of general price level stability.

The Federal Reserve fueled the housing bubble by expanding the money supply and keeping interest rates too low for too long.

The Federal Reserve failed to adequately regulate banks in particular large banks.

The Federal Reserve deserves a large portion  of the blame for the current financial crisis and recession.

Screw up big time and now the President proposes to expand their role.

Give me a break.

President Obama is bought and paid for by the large Wall Street financial institutions and the banking cartel and will do anything they want.

Thei Federal Reserve System’s  incompetence has destroyed trillions in wealth and transfered more wealth from the American people to those to big to fail in the form of bailouts–the crime of the century.

Terminate the tyranny of the banking cartel and abolish the central bank–the Federal Reserve System.

End The Fed! 


President Obama Announces Financial Regulation Reform


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No Risk of Hyperinflation Says Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. Rest easy Glenn Beck009


No Risk of Hyperinflation Says Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. Rest easy Glenn Beck




Why the Meltdown Should Have Surprised No One



A Recipe for the Next Great Depression


End The Fed: Final Cut


“The interest of the capitalists are scarcely ever represented in monetary policy.”

~Ludwig von Mises, The Theory of Money and Credit, page 414


 Eccles Building Constitution  Ave.

Background Articles And Videos

Eccles Building Boardroom


Federal Reserve System

“…The Federal Reserve System (also the Federal Reserve; informally The Fed) is the central banking system of the United States. Created in 1913 by the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act (signed by Woodrow Wilson), it is a quasi-public and quasi-private (government entity with private components) banking system[1] that comprises (1) the presidentially appointed Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in Washington, D.C.; (2) the Federal Open Market Committee; (3) twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks located in major cities throughout the nation acting as fiscal agents for the U.S. Treasury, each with its own nine-member board of directors; (4) numerous other private U.S. member banks, which subscribe to required amounts of non-transferable stock in their regional Federal Reserve Banks; and (5) various advisory councils. Since February 2006, Ben Bernanke has served as the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Donald Kohn is the current Vice Chairman (Term: June 2006–June 2010).


Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Summary Of Obama Financial Regulation Plan

“…WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- A summary of President Barack Obama’s regulatory plan, “Financial Regulatory Reform: A New Foundation.”

For the regulation of financial firms, the proposal:

–Creates Financial Services Oversight Council, which would coordinate activities among regulators, replacing the President’s Working Group.

–Ensures that any financial firm big enough to pose a risk to the financial system would be heavily regulated by the Federal Reserve, including regular stress tests.

–Gives the Fed oversight over parent companies and all subsidiaries, including unregulated units and those based overseas.

–Says the Treasury will re-examine capital standards for banks and bank-holding companies.

–Tells regulators to issue guidelines on executive compensation, with the goal of aligning pay with long-term shareholder value, including a re-examination of the utility of golden parachutes.

–Creates a new bank agency, the National Bank Supervisor, and kills the Office of Thrift Supervision. The new agency will look over national banks, including federal branches and agencies of foreign banks.

–Forces industrial banks, non-bank financial firms and credit-card banks to become more traditional bank holding companies subject to federal oversight.

–Kills the SEC program that supervised Wall Street investment banks.

–Requires hedge funds, private-equity funds and venture-capital funds to register with the SEC, allowing the agency to collect data from the firms.

–Subjects hedge funds to new requirements in areas such as record keeping, disclosure and reporting. The oversight would include assets under management, borrowings, off-balance sheet exposures.

–Urges the SEC to give directors of money-market mutual funds the power to suspend redemptions, and take other action to strengthen regulation of money-market mutual funds to prevent runs.

–Beefs up oversight of insurance by creating an office within the Treasury to coordinate information and policy.

–Kicks off a process by which the Treasury and the Department of Housing and Urban Development will figure out the future of mortgage giants Fannie Mae (FNM), Freddie Mac (FRE) and the federal home-loan banks. …”


Obama’s new financial regs – worse than we imagined

Rick Moran 

“…Hey kids! Let’s create a brand, spanking, new federal bureaucracy to protect consumers of mortgages, credit cards, and other financial instruments from their own stupidity!
That’s just one of the nanny state goodie being proposed by the Obama administration to address what they say were the causes of the financial meltdown.  
The plan seeks to overhaul the nation’s outdated system of financial regulations. Senior officials debated using a bulldozer to clear the way for fundamental reforms but decided instead to build within the shell of the existing system, offering what amounts to an architect’s blueprint for modernizing a creaky old building.
The White House makes its case for this approach in an 85-page white paper that describes the roots of the crisis. Gaps in regulation allowed companies to make loans many borrowers could not afford. Funding came from new kinds of investments that were poorly understood by regulators. Big firms paid employees massive bonuses, while setting aside little money to absorb potential losses. 

Surely some loans were made by criminals. The laws are already in place to deal with them. But how can you close a “gap” in the stupidity of the borrower? Never fear, the government is here!

The government would create a new agency to protect consumers of mortgages, credit cards and other financial products.

We welcome our ACORN overlords. …”
“…The problem, of course, is vastly expanding the mandate of the Federal Reserve – to give the quasi-independent agency regulatory power not answerable to Congress. If you’re a company and have a complaint about how the Fed is regulating your business, I wish you good luck and bon chance. You will get no satisfaction from our lawmakers.

More Perspective – Geithner Calls for Financial Regulation Overhaul – Bloomberg

Another Look – Geithner’s Plan for Financial Overhaul – Bloomberg

The Founding of the Federal Reserve


The Future of Austrian Economics



How the Federal Reserve works. Part One


How the Federal Reserve works. Part Two


How the Federal Reserve works. Part Three


How the Federal Reserve works. Part Four


How the Federal Reserve works. Part Five


G. Edward Griffin in Austin, Texas 4/29/2008 – Part 1/13


G. Edward Griffin in Austin, Texas 4/29/2008 – Part 2/13


G. Edward Griffin in Austin, Texas 4/29/2008 – Part 3/13


G. Edward Griffin in Austin, Texas 4/29/2008 – Part 4/13


G. Edward Griffin in Austin, Texas 4/29/2008 – Part 5/13


G. Edward Griffin in Austin, Texas 4/29/2008 – Part 5/13


G. Edward Griffin in Austin, Texas 4/29/2008 – Part 6/13


G. Edward Griffin in Austin, Texas 4/29/2008 – Part 7/13


G. Edward Griffin in Austin, Texas 4/29/2008 – Part 8/13


G. Edward Griffin in Austin, Texas 4/29/2008 – Part 9/13


G. Edward Griffin in Austin, Texas 4/29/2008 – Part 10/13


G. Edward Griffin in Austin, Texas 4/29/2008 – Part 11/13


G. Edward Griffin in Austin, Texas 4/29/2008 – Part 12/13


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This is a nightmare for those who value free, independent markets. And it might get worse yet. Interpreting these broad goals will be the job of federal regulators who may take the opportunity to impose even more draconian restrictions. …”




Some of those “causes,” according to this piece by Binyamin Appelbaum and David Cho of the Washington Post, are remarkable for the ideological basis on which they have been analyzed:

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