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  “A big part of it is staying out of places where you’re going to be tempted. Give yourself an opportunity, and you’re opening a door. If you don’t give yourself an opportunity, nothing’s going to go down.”

~Jon Foreman

“Probably the most important thing my parents have given me would be the realization that Christ is a person and my need to know Him individually and personally — not to rely on anything else — whether it be the faith of your family or friends to fill that identity for you, but really to know Christ personally.”

~-Chad Butler

“The best part about surfing is being out right before sunset. The wind starts to die down and the sun kind of jumps in with you. It’s hard to see how anyone cannot be aware of God’s presence.”

~Tim Foreman


Switchfoot – Stars



switchfoot (meant to live)



Switchfoot – Dare You To Move



Switchfoot – We Are One Tonight



Oh! Gravity – Switchfoot Video



Equally Skilled – Jon Foreman

Only Hope – Switchfoot

Walk to Remember – Dare You To Move



The Notebook- Only Hope by Switchfoot

Only hope

switchfoot – on fire

you – switchfoot


Switchfoot – God Only Knows

Switchfoot – New Way To Be Human

Switchfoot – The Beautiful Letdown


Switchfoot “Burn Out Bright”

Switchfoot – Twenty-Four

Switchfoot – Meant to live (Spiderman) 

Meant To Live (Live in Manila)

Switchfoot Concert in Manila


Switchfoot – Learning to Breathe

Switchfoot “Awakening” Music Video


Switchfoot This Is Home



Switchfoot -“This is Home” – THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA

Switchfoot – This Is Your Life (Ingles – Español)

Switchfoot – Crazy In Love [Beyonce cover]

Switchfoot – You [A Walk To Remember]

“A lot of kids won’t go to their parents when they have a problem. I’ve found that’s pretty much always the best place to go. My mom, my dad always have the most wise insights with pretty much everything i deal with.”

~Tim Foreman

 “At times. I think there’s nothing better then being out as the sun is setting. Sometimes I’ll surf alone and just be out there with God and the dolphins. Those are amazing experiences.”

~Chad Butler

“It’s funny, because I used to write songs to relax–at the end of the day or in between classes. The last couple of years, I’ve been writing (music) for work. So it’s like, ‘What am I gonna do to relax?’ Surfing is something we can do and just be able to feel at home.”

~Jon Foreman



Background Articles and Videos


Switchfoot is an American alternative rock band from San Diego, California. The band’s members are Jon Foreman (vocals, guitar), Tim Foreman (bass guitar, backing vocals), Chad Butler (drums, percussion), Jerome Fontamillas (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), and Drew Shirley (guitar).

Known for their energetic live shows [1][2][3][4], the three guitarists in the line-up often operate simultaneously, building on the pop sensibilities of Foreman’s songwriting, and, rounded out by Fontamillas’s work on the synthesizer, bringing his industrial roots to the sound, the band works up “the Switchfoot sound”[5] – a melodic crunch of densely layered sound featuring some electronic experimentation, and often driven by hard-charging guitar riffs, while throwing in a few softer, spacey ballads as well.

Switchfoot first gained mainstream recognition after the inclusion of four of their songs in the 2002 movie A Walk to Remember. This recognition led to their major label debut, The Beautiful Letdown, which was released in 2003. It went on to sell over 2.6 million copies and produced the band’s best-known singles, “Meant to Live” and “Dare You to Move”.

According to Jon Foreman, the name “Switchfoot” is a surfing term. “We all love to surf and have been surfing all our lives so to us, the name made sense. To switch your feet means to take a new stance facing the opposite direction. It’s about change and movement, a different way of approaching life and music”.[6]



Switchfoot Official Site



Switchfoot Unplugged 2008


Switchfoot Interview (March 2009)

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