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Jack Kemp–A True Believer In The American Dream–Passes

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“If you wish to win a man over to your ideas, first make him your friend.”

~ Abraham Lincoln


“There are no limits to our future if we don’t put limits on our people.”

~Jack Kemp



If your parents and family were Democrats, you knew why Jack Kemp appealed to them, he listened and spoke to their concerns and dreams.

He understood that ideas had consequences and good ideas need to be shared and communicated to those who normally did not vote your political party.

“There really has not been a strong Republican message to either the poor or the African American community at large.”

He understood that if you put family needs ahead of government needs then tax cuts were and are the only way to go.  The American family and the government would both be winners:

“Every time in this century we’ve lowered the tax rates across the board, on employment, on saving, investment and risk-taking in this economy, revenues went up, not down.”

He understood that in sports and life you can only succeed or win when you are in the arena playing to win and on offense:

      “Winning is like shaving — you do it every day or you wind up looking like a bum.”

He will be greatly missed.


The ball has been passed.

Who will catch it?


GOP’s “Bleeding Heart” Passes

Jack Kemp and Ronald Reagan

Jack Kemp and Ronald Reagan


Former VP cannidate and Congressman Jack Kemp died


Conservatives Remember Jack Kemp…


Jack Kemp Remembered As ‘A Man of Ideas’


Self-Described ‘Bleeding-Heart Conservative’ Jack Kemp Dead of Cancer at 73 

Two Guys in a Newsroom (May 4, 2009)



“Upon the subject of education, not presuming to dictate any plan or system respecting it, I can only say that I view it as the most important subject which we as a people can be engaged in.”

~Abraham Lincoln

“We will not rest, … until there’s a quality education — public, private, parochial, charter, magnet or whatever — for every child living in the United States of America, every family in America. We should be their party.”

~Jack Kemp




Background Articles and Videos

Jack Kemp

“…Jack French Kemp (July 13, 1935 – May 2, 2009) was an American politician and professional football player. In the 1996 election, he was Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole’s running mate for Vice President. He had previously contended for the presidential nomination in the 1988 Republican primaries. Kemp began his political career with nine terms as a Congressman for Western New York, from 1971 to 1989, and subsequently served as Housing Secretary in the George H. W. Bush administration.

As an economic conservative, Kemp advocated low taxes and supply-side policies. His positions spanned the social spectrum, ranging from his conservative opposition to abortion to his more libertarian stances advocating immigration reform. As a proponent of both Chicago school and supply-side economics, he is notable as an influence upon the Reagan agenda and the architect of the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981, which is known as the Kemp–Roth tax cut.

Before politics, Kemp was a professional quarterback for 13 years in the National Football League (NFL), Canadian Football League (CFL), and American Football League (AFL). He served as captain of both the San Diego Chargers and Buffalo Bills and earned the AFL Most Valuable Player award in 1965 after leading the Bills to a second consecutive championship. He played in the AFL for all 10 years of its existence, appeared in its All-Star game seven times, played in its championship game five times, and set many of the league’s career passing records. Kemp also co-founded the AFL Players Association, for which he served five terms as president. During the early part of his football career, he served in the United States Army Reserve.

After his days in political office, Kemp remained active as a political advocate and commentator, and served on corporate and non-profit organization boards. He also authored, co-authored, and edited several books. He promoted American football and advocated for retired professional football players. Kemp was the benefactor of Pepperdine University’s Jack F. Kemp Institute of Political Economy. …”


Remembers Kemp, a Shaper of Its Economic Policy


“..The quarterback-turned-politician died of cancer at age 73.

Mr. Kemp was an early influence, along with economist Arthur Laffer and President Ronald Reagan, in getting the Republican Party to embrace the philosophy of tax cuts. Republican Sen. Robert Dole’s selection of Mr. Kemp as his running mate in the 1996 presidential election reaffirmed Mr. Kemp’s imprint on GOP economic policy.

Mr. Kemp’s death comes as the GOP debates its future after heavy losses in last fall’s elections. Mr. Kemp, a leading advocate of emphasizing inclusiveness in conservative policies, had taken part. In a column that appeared shortly after Democrat Barack Obama was elected president, Mr. Kemp, who served as Housing and Urban Development secretary under President George H.W. Bush, wrote: “Let all of us strive to help him be a successful president.” He urged “the party of Lincoln” to “rethink and revisit its historic roots as a party of emancipation, liberation, civil rights and equality of opportunity for all.” …”

Quarterback Jack
By the Editors

“…A Democrat tells the story. Some time in the 1980s, there was a big GOP bash in D.C. The Democrat (a neighbor) watched the glittering elephants arrive, one of them being Jack Kemp, who, alone among the guests, stopped to chat up the cops on duty outside before going in. He did it with the manly bonhomie of an ex-jock and the ease of a born politician. Oh, no, thought the Democrat gloomily, another Republican with the common touch.

The other Republican the Kemp-watcher had in mind was Ronald Reagan, and the two men’s careers were intertwined. As a young congressman from the suburbs of Buffalo, Kemp was instrumental in converting Reagan to supply-side economics in the late 1970s. He backed Reagan in the 1980 election and backed his program to the hilt in the House — more strongly, sometimes, than Reagan himself. Many conservatives (including the editors of this magazine) saw him as Reagan’s heir. …”

 Jack Kemp, RIP   [Jonah Goldberg]

“…The highlight of my early career in Washington was sitting in his HUD office watching the elder Bush give his Detroit Economics Club speech on TV. As I grew older, my disagreements with the man emerged, but my fondness for his big-heartedness never faded. It seems to me that if the GOP needs a makeover, it could do a lot worse than embracing Kempism: A happy warrior love affair with ideas first and tactics second. Good ideas will find their tacticians. Tacticians cannot be relied upon to come up with good ideas. …”


Jack Kemp, R.I.P. [Rick Brookhiser]

“…Was there ever a man of such high spirits as Jack Kemp? Reagan was sunny; Kemp was a perpetual solar flare. He had an athlete’s energy and an optimist’s expectation that all would come out well. He also felt the respect for learning that only those who come to it late and under their own steam have. Ideas, he believed, really could save the world. …”


Jack Kemp, 1935-2009

By Michelle Malkin  

Jack Kemp was diagnosed with cancer in January. He died today at the age of 73. Didn’t agree with him on many core issues, but he was a GOP institution with a wonderful family.



Here’s a tribute from the Heritage Foundation:

Heritage Foundation President Edwin Feulner tonight issued the following statement on the death of former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Jack Kemp:

“Jack Kemp was a leader – whether it was in a football huddle, a national political campaign or a policy discussion about the Austrian school of economics. …”


Patriotism, Politics and the Presidency (1 of 3), 2008

Patriotism, Politics and the Presidency (2 of 3), 2008

Patriotism, Politics and the Presidency (3 of 3), 2008


Charlie Rose August 05 1996


Jack Kemp Remembers


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Playing for Change–Stand By Me–Videos

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Playing for Change


Ben E. King – Stand by me


For the kids


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Stand By Me

“..Stand by Me is a 1986 adventuredrama film directed by Rob Reiner. The title comes from a song with the same title by Ben E. King (which plays during the closing credits) and is based on the novella The Body by Stephen King.  …”

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An Inspirational film that touches your Soul

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Brother David


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