The War Without End That Obama Supports?–Spoken Like A Statist True Believer

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Glenn Beck Legalize Marijuana & Stop The Violence

Barack Obama on Marijuana Decriminalization (2004)

Mexico’s Drug War


Lou Dobbs: Mexican Border Drug War & Border Fencing


Ted Galen Carpenter on Drug Prohibition’s Role in Mexico’s Violence


Mexican Drug Cartels Overrunning American Cities. Build a border Wall


The illegal drug business is highly profitable and big business in Mexico and the United States.

The profits from the business are used to corrupt politicians, judges and law enforcement in both Mexico and the United States.

If drugs now illegal were made legal, the huge profits would decline and the government would have a new excise tax to collect.

Prison populations would also decline and the money spent elsewhere or returned to the taxpayer.

Yet politicians of both political parties vigorously oppose drug legalization.

The main argument against drug legalization is that it would result in more drug use especially among the young.

Well if the consumer wants to waste his/her money, body and life on drugs–so be it, so long as they pay for their drug habit with their own money.

I am far more concerned about the American people who do not use drugs being murdered, attacked, robbed, and then taxed to put away those who are involved in the big business of drug distribution.

Drug legalization may or may not result in more Americans using drugs, put it should over time reduce the violence now associated with the drug trade and reduce the prison population.

The American people win and the criminal class loses–sounds good to me.

Unfortunately, the political class of both parties oppose drug legalization.


Big businesses make big campaign contributions, how dare you suggest drugs be legal?

Go to you doctor and I bet he prescribed drugs for your problem no matter what the medical condition.

Drug companies, doctors, and drug dealers contribute to the political campaigns of candidates for political office world wide, including those running for office in the United States.

Individuals should be free to chose what they put into their bodies.

The state should not use govenment intervention to try to limit the supply of drugs, both legal and illegal.

I do not approve of or use tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs and urge others not to use them.

I have seen what the abuse of these substances does not only to the user of them but to their families, friends and employees.

The war on drugs is a lost cause.

The time is long past that the collateral damage of illegal drug use be minimized if not eliminated by legalizing all drugs.

The Mexican invasion of 20 to 30 million illegal aliens into the United States has also brought the massive amount of illegal drugs, gang violence and corruption into the United States.

The benign neglect of the Open Borders needs to be replaced by drug legalization in the US to stop the demand for illegal drugs and closed borders with a double fence, road, and patrolled borders to stop criminal aliens bringing their drugs, gang violence and corruption into the US.



OBAMA – Bill Maher discuss with guest about Obama’s Marijuana statement


Obama Marijuana Policy (MPP-TV)


Profiles in Marijuana Reform: Milton Friedman (MPP-TV)


Video FileQuick Capture


William F. Buckley on cigarettes, illegal drug and hypocrisy


William F. Buckley on Drugs (1-3)


William F. Buckley on Drugs (2-3)

William F. Buckley on Drugs (3-3)


Legalize Marijuana…


Background Articles and Videos



Troubled Neighbor: Mexico’s Drug Violence Poses a Threat to the United States

by Ted Galen Carpenter

“…While U.S. leaders have focused on actual or illusory security threats in distant regions, there is a troubling security problem brewing much closer to home. Violence in Mexico, mostly related to the trade in illegal drugs, has risen sharply in recent years and shows signs of becoming even worse. That violence involves turf fights among the various drug-trafficking organizations as they seek to control access to the lucrative U.S. market. To an increasing extent, the violence also entails fighting between drug traffickers and Mexican military and police forces.

The carnage has already reached the point that the U.S. State Department has issued travel alerts for Americans traveling in Mexico. U.S. tourism to cities on Mexico’s border with the United States, where the bloodshed has been the worst, has dropped sharply. Even more troubling, the violence is spilling across the border into communities in the southwestern United States.

U.S. officials, alarmed at the growing power of the Mexican drug cartels, have pressured the government of Felipe Calderón to wage amore vigorous anti-drug campaign. Calderón has responded by giving the army the lead role in efforts to eliminate the drug traffickers instead of relying on federal and local police forces, which have been thoroughly corrupted by drug money. Washington has rewarded Calderón’s government by implementing the initial stage of the so-called Mérida Initiative. In June 2008, Congress approved a $400 million installment modeled on Plan Colombia, the anti-drug assistance measure for Colombia and other drug-source countries in the Andean region. That program, now in its ninth year, has already cost more than $5 billion, without significantly reducing the flow of drugs coming out of South America. The Mérida Initiative will likely cost billions and be equally ineffectual. …”

“…55. Rethinking the International Drug War

Congress should

  • repeal the Anti-Drug Abuse Acts of 1986 and 1988 and all legislation requiring the United States to certify drug-source countries’ cooperation in counternarcotics efforts,
  • declare an end to the international war on drugs, and
  • remove U.S. trade barriers to the products of developing countries.
Washington’s international drug control campaign exhibits every flaw inherent to the worst forms of central planning. The war on drugs–a program whose budget has tripled over the last 10 years–has failed remarkably in all aspects of its overseas mission. Most telling, illicit drugs continue to flow across U.S. borders, unaffected by the more than $20 billion Washington has spent since 1982 in its supply-side campaign. The purity of cocaine and heroin, moreover, has increased, while the prices of those drugs have fallen dramatically during the same period.The U.S. government has not only federalized the social problem of drug abuse by treating narcotics use as a criminal offense; it has intruded into the complex social settings of dozens of countries around the globe by pressuring foreign governments to adopt certain laws and policies. In the process, Washington has severely aggravated the political and economic problems of drug-source nations. Counternarcotics strategy thus conflicts with sound foreign policy goals, namely the encouragement of free markets and democracy in developing countries. For countless reasons, the international drug war is both undesirable and unwinnable. …”


Planting the seeds of the next shamnesty

By Michelle Malkin  

“…The Hill reports that President Obama will “huddle” with Hispanic Democrats tomorrow to talk “immigration reform.”

Translation: The seeds of the next shamnesty are being planted: …”

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition


Undercover Narc Says Legalize ALL Drugs 


Drug Legalization Isn’t the Answer

Countries that have experimented with a permissive approach have always turned back


“…Since 2001 the number of young people using illegal drugs has dropped by 900,000 to about 2.7 million. This drop is an important development for all the obvious reasons, plus one. Substance abuse is a disease. Until recently, we failed to grasp the nature of this disease and how to reduce the suffering it causes.

For decades, we did not want to believe that alcohol or drugs could have the power to take over our lives, despite the evidence we witnessed when our loved ones grappled with drug addiction. We did not understand how this disease could alter personality and steal individual freedom. We have paid a high price for this confusion.

We will not quickly change the powerful forces that have for decades presented drug use as thrilling and fun. For most drug addicts, the first foray into drug use begins when they are young and have no expectation of becoming addicted. Nonetheless, they do become addicted and their denial increases as dependency worsens.

We can prevent and successfully treat this disease, however. There are millions of Americans in recovery who are staying clean and sober each day. The rate of drug use among high-school seniors has been cut nearly in half since its peak years of 1978 and 1979, to 22.3% in 2008. Prevention and treatment have been producing steady results. …”


President Obama Names New Drug CZAR


William J. Bennett Promotes Conservative Principles



The lady in the above vidoe is in deep denial as to what is going on and out of touch as to what the American people want–for the illegal aliens to go home!



Immigration Raids Suspended For Fear of Retaliation from Obama Administration


Mismatch: Laura Ingraham Vs. Immigration Activist


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