President-Elect Obama–Bought and Paid For–Will He Stay Bought?

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CBS Exposes The Obama Campaign’s Financing


Obama: $200 Mill From “Unknown Sources”


FOX: Scott Johnson (Obama Campaign Breaks Campaign Finance Laws in Collecting Funds)


Obama Ranks Second In Freddie/Fannie Contributions


Obama: How Much Foreign Money?


Secrets: Palin ‘One Step’ From Stealing —


Sarah Palin spent $ 150,000 in one month for clothes – The devil wears Prada!


Sarah Palin Defends $150,000 Shopping Spree 10-26-2008


I for one am getting very tired of the sexist comments of the pump and dumb drive-by media or big media and their pals on the the radical socialist left about Governor Sarah Palin.

The election is over and they are still harping about money spent on some clothes for campaign events.

A little perspective is in order.

Assume for a minute that the amount spent is $150,000 for some clothes.

So what.

What is really disturbing and should get far more attention is the millions of dollars being sent from abroad to Senator Barack Obama’s  Presidential campaign by foreigners.

This is illegal no matter what the amount.

Looks like organized money laundering to me with the real source of the money unknown.

Ruehsen on Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing


Expect more huge bailouts for both domestic and foreign corporations as well as large and continuing subsidies to these same companies.

Will Obama stay bought?

Of course he will.

He will want to run again in 2012 and will need even more money.

Those individuals that contributed millions to Obama campaign are of very special interest to Obama.

Why do you think Obama was very friendly with now convicted felon Tony Rezko.

In Chicago politics a corrupt politician that is bought and paid for is called hope and change.


Change with an Asterisk



Obama LIED About Taking Money From Oil Companies


Barack Obama & Tony Rezko Connection


Barack Obama Mafia Cronyism?


Barack Obama – The Cult Continues – Tony Rezko


Rezko Guilty of 16 Counts in Corruption Case


Obama tied to Chicago corruption


The real reason big media is attacking Governor Palin is fear she will run in 2012 and win.

Big Media and the radical socialist left is doing all they can to destroy her now or at least make her “damaged” goods.

Suggest they look to the President-elect who is already damaged goods.

Big Media knows they cannot keep the lid on Obama for four years, no matter how much they hide his highly questionable past associations and alliances.

Someone always talks when faced with a long prison sentence.


69% of GOP Voters Say Palin Helped McCain

“…Ninety-one percent (91%) of Republicans have a favorable view of Palin, including 65% who say their view is Very Favorable. Only eight percent (8%) have an unfavorable view of her, including three percent (3%) Very Unfavorable.

When asked to choose among some of the GOP’s top names for their choice for the party’s 2012 presidential nominee, 64% say Palin. The next closest contenders are two former governors and unsuccessful challengers for the presidential nomination this year — Mike Huckabee of Arkansas with 12% support and Mitt Romney of Massachusetts with 11%.

Three other sitting governors – Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Charlie Crist of Florida and Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota – all pull low single-digit support.


Sarah Palin Responds to Anonymous Critics


Republican Women Strike Back Against Palin Smears


Women Leaders Lash Out at Palin Coverage


Former California Politician Attacks VP Palin Critics


Women Against Gov Palin



the Mainstream media thinks you’re Stupid…


McCain, Palin and the Media…


Sarah Palin is change…



Background Articles and Videos



Ex-CIA Expert: Obama Took Millions in Illegal Foreign Donations

By: Kenneth R. Timmerman

“…A Newsmax investigation of Obama/Biden campaign contributors, undertaken in conjunction with a private investigative firm headed by a former CIA operations officer, has identified 118 donors who appear to lack U.S. citizenship.


Some of these “red flag” donors work for foreign governments; others have made public statements declaring that they are citizens of Cameroun, Nigeria, Pakistan, Canada, and other countries.


A Newsmax sampling of about 3,400 donors also found hundreds more who showed “yellow flags” such as not having used a Social Security number or a known U.S. address. Most U.S.-born citizens are issued Social Security numbers at birth or by the time they enter kindergarten.


Under federal law, only U.S. citizens or permanent residents may donate to federal political campaigns. It is illegal for the campaigns to accept money knowingly from foreign donors.


The McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill of 2002 placed new restrictions on political fundraising after the scandals of 1996, when the Clinton-Gore re-election campaign was exposed for having taken millions of dollars of unregulated soft money from donors with ties to Chinese military intelligence.


But even with the new laws, it remains very difficult to identify with any precision foreign money if a campaign itself does not cooperate with the Federal Election Commission and perform its own due diligence.


Until very recently, the Obama campaign had no safeguards in its online fundraising Web site designed to weed out foreign donors. Instead, its operations appeared to be designed specifically to enhance the flow of illegal money.


Obama’s Foreign Donors: The media averts its eyes
By Pamela Geller

“…I have been researching, documenting and studying thousands upon thousands of Obama’s campaign

donations for the past month. Egregious abuse was immediately evident and I published the results of my ongoing investigation. Each subsequent post built a more damning case against Obama’s illegal contribution activity.

The media took little notice of what I was substantiating. I went so far as to upload the documents so that anyone could do their own research. I asked readers to download the documents and a number of folks pitched in.

Despite dropping the groundbreaking bombshell story of “Palestinian” brothers from the Rafah refugee camp in Gaza who donated $33,000 to Obama’s campaign, no big media picked up the story. Jihadis donating to Obama from Gaza? Could there be a bigger story? Foreign donations are illegal, but this story was all that and so much more. The “Palestinian” brothers were proud and vocal of their “love” for Obama. Their vocal support on behalf of “Palestinians” spoke volumes to Obama’s campaign.

And yet still no media. …”


Why Is Chicago So Corrupt?And how do you measure corruption, anyway?

“…In Chicago, corruption persisted, to some degree because the city never had the benefit of a reformist mayor like New York City’s Fiorello LaGuardia, who had political ties to FDR. Instead, Chicago moved towards a one-party system that made it even more vulnerable to corruption: The city’s last Republican mayor left office in 1931. Today, not even the Democratic primaries are competitive—for the most part, once you’re in office, you stay there. The weak campaign finance laws in Illinois probably helped to stave off competition in recent years.

The star power of Chicago politicians may also contribute to the city’s continuing problems with corruption. Incumbents tend to be big personalities who get celebrity coverage in the local papers—which sometimes translates into ethical leeway from voters. (In cities like Los Angeles and New York, local politicians take a back seat to the media celebs.)

Bonus Explainer: How do we know that Chicago’s so corrupt? The most straightforward way to measure corruption is to check the number of convicted local officials. Between 1995 and 2004, 469 politicians from the federal district of Northern Illinois were found guilty of corruption. The only districts with higher tallies were central California (which includes L.A.), and southern Florida (which includes Miami). Eastern Louisiana (and New Orleans) rank somewhat further down the list. …” 


So Tell Us, Sen. Obama, ‘Who Else Sent You?’

Russ Vaughn

“…Thirteen years later, the now out-of-business slum lord, Tony Rezko, is a convicted felon and on his way to federal prison, while his political protégé is trying to become the head of the federal government. Do you suppose foreign-born Tony understands irony? Do you think he’s scrambling to find Eric Holder’s phone number? Although, considering Obama’s demonstrated willingness to abandon anyone who comes between him and the White House, Ol’ Tony probably shouldn’t hold his breath waiting for a return call. After all, the tens of thousands he has given Obama in the past are now chump change for a candidate who can forego public campaign funding without a backward glance at either his promises or his former mentors.

The true irony in all this is not that this champion of change is tainted; it’s by what he’s tainted. You’d at least think if this Pied Piper of America’s youth is going to be just another corrupt politician that it would be something hip like being in the pocket of some billionaire software developer or hip-hop promoter.
But slum lords? The Messiah of Change?
So what at first seemed nothing more than tainted whiffs of unwise political and religious associations by Obama are growing into a stench of ordinary political corruption that may very well be more than many moderate voters, even Democrats, can stomach. For sure there are increasing numbers of blowflies buzzing in and about the diminishing glow of that once-bright halo. Of course, for the Kool Aid drinkers, it will simply morph into a crown of thorns.
So tell us, Sen. Obama, “Who else sent you?”  …” smells like a fund-raising front

By Michelle Malkin 


“…Government domain names (”.gov”) for websites are supposed to be restricted to eligible government organizations and programs.

Does Barack Obama’s transition website, — which is basically a souped-up version of his campaign site — qualify? As Ed Morrissey pointed out yesterday, “The incoming administration technically has no status as a government organization or program until January 20, 2009. The “Office of the President-Elect” doesn’t exist within the government.”

The primary goal of the transition site seems to be to collect e-mail addresses and personal information — for future fund-raising and political organizing projects. More on that in a moment.

Did the GSA, which administers the rules governing .gov websites, vet this site? One industry exec doesn’t think so, and has sent a complaint:

To whom it may concern,

Recently a new .gov domain name was registered. The name of this domain was This appears to be a violation of the Domain Naming Conventions Summary located at The domain does not appear to meet the criteria outlined on that page. It is my belief that the name was granted without the proper review, due to the current political climate and may in fact have been a political favor which is a clear violation of federal law.

What is the process to file a complaint regarding improper use of the .gov TLD?

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Charles Wyble
Chief Technology Officer
Known Element Enterprises – Corporate …”


FEC Rules Leave Loopholes For Online Donation Data

Reports Of Irregularities In Donations Under $200 Raise Questions Of Who Bears The Burden Of Filtering Out Improper Money

“The increasing use of online financial tools, debit cards and prepaid credit cards to make political contributions has created technological loopholes in federal and public oversight of campaign donations.

The result has been a recent spate of news stories raising questions about apparently implausible or suspicious donations to the presidential campaigns. Right-of-center activists also claim that Barack Obama‘s campaign has collected tens of millions of dollars from suspect overseas donors. Their complaints spurred the Republican National Committee on Oct. 6 to ask the Federal Election Commission for an investigation of the Obama donations.

To test the campaigns’ practices, this author bought two pre-paid American Express gift cards worth $25 each to donate to the Obama and McCain campaigns online. As required by law, the campaigns’ Web sites asked for, and National Journal provided, the donor’s correct name, location and employment. The cards were purchased with cash at a Washington, D.C., drugstore, and the campaigns’ Web sites were accessed through a public computer at a library in Fairfax County, Virginia.

The Obama campaign’s Web site accepted the $25 donation, but the McCain campaign’s Web site rejected it. …”


Money Laundering

Money laundering is the practice of engaging in financial transactions in order to conceal the identity, source, and/or destination of money, and is a main operation of the underground economy.

In the past, the term “money laundering” was applied only to financial transactions related to organized crime. Today its definition is often expanded by government regulators (such as the United States Office of the Comptroller of the Currency) to encompass any financial transaction which generates an asset or a value as the result of an illegal act, which may involve actions such as tax evasion or false accounting. As a result, the illegal activity of money laundering is now recognized as potentially practiced by individuals, small and large businesses, corrupt officials, members of organized crime (such as drug dealers or the Mafia), and even corrupt states, through a complex network of shell companies and trusts based in offshore tax havens. A few examples of money laundering are smurfing or kiting.

The increasing complexity of financial crime, the increasing recognized value of so-called “financial intelligence” (FININT) in combating transnational crime and terrorism, and the speculated impact of capital extracted from the legitimate economy has led to an increased prominence of money laundering in political, economic, and legal debate. …”


How Money Laundering Works

by Julia Layton

“…Money Laundering Basics
Money laundering, at its simplest, is the act of making money that comes from Source A look like it comes from Source B. In practice, criminals are trying to disguise the origins of money obtained through illegal activities so it looks like it was obtained from legal sources. Otherwise, they can’t use the money because it would connect them to the criminal activity, and law-enforcement officials would seize it.


­The most common types of criminals who need to launder money are drug traffickers, embezzlers, corrupt politicians and public officials, mobsters, terrorists and con artists. Drug traffickers are in serious need of good laundering systems because they deal almost exclusively in cash, which causes all sorts of logistics problems. Not only does cash draw the attention of law-enforcement officials, but it’s also really heavy. Cocaine that’s worth $1 million on the street weighs about 44 pounds (20 kg), while a stash of U.S. dollars worth $1 million weighs about 256 pounds (116 kg). …”


George Soros and Acorn in the 2008 Elections




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This entire site is creepy. To beat the establishment in this country you have to have lots and lots of money. If you raise lots and lots of money the ghouls on websites like this try to make it look dirty. Where do you think McCain’s money came from, running a Christian children’s summer camp in Arizona. You guys just can’t handle that Americans set aside racial hatred and repudiated the proven crooks who have been in charge for 8 years.

[…] President-Elect Obama–Bought and Paid For–Will He Stay Bought? […]

[…] President-Elect Obama–Bought and Paid For–Will He Stay Bought? […]

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