Thomas Sowell and Conflict of Visions–Videos

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While Thomas Sowell has written many books, two that I would recommend to any reader are  A Conflict of Visions: Ideological Origins of Political  Struggles (1987) and The Vision of the Anointed: Self-Congratulation as a Basis for  Social Policy (1995).

The videos below discuss the book–A Conflict of Visions:


Letters to a Captive Nation – #2 – Thomas Sowell


Letters to a Captive Nation – #3 – Thomas Sowell


Letters to a Captive Nation – #4 – Thomas Sowell


Letters to a Captive Nation


A Conflict of Visions are exemplified by the 2008 elections for President of the United States:

Unconstrained Obama vs. Constrained McCain: A Conflict of Visions


Thomas Sowell

“…Thomas Sowell (born June 30, 1930), is an American economist, social commentator, and author of dozens of books. He often writes from an economically laissez-faire perspective. He is currently a senior fellow of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. In 1990, he won the Francis Boyer Award, presented by the American Enterprise Institute. In 2002 he was awarded the National Humanities Medal for prolific scholarship melding history, economics, and political science. …”


Biography: Thomas Sowell

“…Sowell’s intent not to be swayed by voices of dissent among other African American leaders may be illustrated by one of his favorite quotations, as listed on his own home page and attributed to David Ricardo: “I wish that I may never think the smiles of the great and powerful a sufficient inducement to turn aside from the straight path of honesty and the convictions of my own mind.” …”

Further Reading


Thomas Sowell

Rose and Milton Friedman Senior Fellow
The Hoover Institution
Stanford University
Stanford, California 94305




 Background Articles and Videos

Dennis Prager & Thomas Sowell – Part 1/3: Global Warming, Iraq, “Annointed” Liberals

Dennis Prager & Thomas Sowell – Part 2/3: Housing Crisis, Nuclear Iran, Wall Street



Uncommon Knowledge: Thomas Sowell


Thomas Sowell: Before and After Affirmative Action


Thomas Sowell – Welfare

Thomas Sowell Speaking at The Fairmont Conference (1980)


Thomas Sowell – Is “Income Stagnation” an Economic Myth?


Thomas Sowell on Barack Obama


Charlie Rose September 15 1995: Interview with Thomas Sowell, 29 minutes into video


Thomas Sowell Translates Political Rhetoric


Columns by Thomas Sowell

Enjoy Capitalism



Charlie Rose – An Appreciation of Milton Friedman


Charlie Rose: June 1, 1999 interview with Milton Friedman


Free To Choose


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[…] Thomas Sowell and Conflict of Visions–Videos […]

[…] Thomas Sowell and Conflict of Visions–Videos […]

[…] Thomas Sowell and Conflict of Visions–Videos […]

[…] Thomas Sowell and Conflict of Visions–Videos […]

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