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McCain/Palin Interview (part 1)


McCain/Palin Interview (part 2)


Sarah Palin attacking Obama on abortion


Two of Governor Palin’s replies to questions by Brian Williams illustrate why movement conservatives, libertarians, Republicans, Democrats and independents– are Palin proud and will be turning out to vote in November for the McCain/Palin ticket:


WILLIAMS: Gov. Palin, what is an elite? Who is a member of the elite?

PALIN: Oh, I guess just people who think that theyre better than anyone else and John McCain and I are so committed to serving every American. Hard working, middle class Americans . . . so anyone who thinks that they are, I guess, better than anyone else. Thats, thats my definition of elitism.


WILLIAMS: You recently talked about the liberal feminist agenda in America vis a vis the attacks on Gov. Palin. Gov. are you a feminist?

PALIN: Im not going to label myself anything Brian and I think thats what annoys a lot of Americans, especially in a political campaign is to start trying to label different parts of America . . . I believe in womens rights, I do believe in equal rights . . . its time for women to be provided that opportunity to finally shatter that highest and hardest glass ceiling that is still in place in Americas political system, but were going to shatter that because I think that more and more American women are recognizing, Right on! Weve go someone in whom we can believe in also! Someone who is committed to putting our country first, someone who recognizes the life/family balance thats so necessary as we try to progress our families and the businesses that we own . . . so Im not going to label myself feminist or not, but I do believe that American women can recognize in me an advocate and a friend wholl be in their White House for them.


The American elites are having a nervous breakdown.

The Palin Platoons are growing by leaps and bounds.

How sweet it is!


Sarah Palin Speaks in Clearwater, Fl.


Sarah Palin continued to criticize Barack Obama


Ronald Reagan, John McCain, & Sarah Palin


Sarah Palin in jeans, rocking out to “Redneck Woman”

By Michelle Malkin


“I’ll take Sarah over the Arugula Snob and Smirky any day: …”


Sarah Palin – Redneck Woman




the Mainstream media thinks you’re Stupid…


who’s backing Barack Obama???



Background Articles and Videos 

Laura supports McCain-Palin

Betting Against the Elites on Sarah Palin

By J. Robert Smith

“…When it comes to politics, it’s often smart to bet against the elites — on the left and right.  Bet against them about Sarah Palin.

Palin is the latest in a long line politicians who have been discounted by those comfortably ensconced in positions of power and privilege.  Since, at least, the early 1800s, the chattering classes, especially,  have managed to bet against men who went on to notable, if not historic, presidencies.  They disparaged Andrew Jackson and ridiculed Abe Lincoln.  In recent times, elites turned noses up at Truman and Eisenhower.  And, of course, they disdained Ronald Reagan as a second rate actor and corporate huckster. 

Palin isn’t seeking the presidency — not this go-round.  Yet the very same elites who are uneasy about a rookie being a heartbeat away from the presidency aren’t quite as fussed about a rookie United States senator winning the presidency.  

The surprising and unfortunate thing is that some prominent conservative establishmentarians have joined with the usual suspects on the left to question Palin’s fitness.  David Brooks, David Frum, Charles Krauthammer, George Will and Peggy Noonan, most conspicuously, have taken turns criticizing McCain’s choice of Palin.

In apples-to-oranges comparisons, they’ve commented that the callow Barack Obama is better ready to be president than Sarah Palin is to be vice president.  Or at least implied it: …”

“…Sarah Palin is typically who Americans want to elect to high office – or any office.  They want someone who’s right on the issues, good at the business of politics and governance, but who is fundamentally simpatico. 

Once again, history teaches.  Andrew Jackson was an up-from-the-bootstraps frontiersman in a nation ever pushing west.  He was a fighter, who not only won the Battle of New Orleans, but as a politician, fought the vested interests that he and voters believed were ruining the country. 

Lincoln — who doesn’t know how he was run into the ground as an unschooled backwoodsman?  He was ridiculed for his informality and colloquialisms.  Initially, his own cabinet thought they were his betters. 

Truman had a high school education and spent most his life in rural, small-town Missouri.  His business ventures failed.  There was no polish or elegance to the man, and he had a temper, which he exercised famously when a newspaper critic lambasted his daughter Margret’s recital. 

The unassuming Eisenhower was renowned for his generalship, but as president, he was forever branded an inarticulate middlebrow. 

Ronald Reagan was the “amiable dunce.”  He chopped brush at this ranch and enjoyed a dinner of macaroni and cheese.

But what each of these men had was the allegiance of the American people.  The elites couldn’t figure it out then, and they’re missing the mark again about Sarah Palin.  If history is any guide, the smart money goes on Palin….”



“…Isn’t it a delight to hear nervous Elites deride Sarah Palin, fully
aware the more they blat, the deeper the hole they dig? Ain’t it
fitting? Indeed, it is. For decades, haven’t oddball Elites called
bedrock Americans every name in the book? Yes, they have. Didn’t our
serf media, on behalf of elite lairds, tar every gun owner as a raving
homicidal maniac in search of a target? Why yes, it did. Never
underestimate the transient abilities of preemptive liars. For twenty
five years gun bans have been defeated and gun-freedom initiatives
begun by former President Reagan have prevailed. Result? Crime down as
more firearms rest in the hands of citizens. At least thirty states
recognize Florida’s 1987 ‘Jack Hagler Self-Defense Act’, the law which
solidified citizens’ rights to carry. Remember the media hysteria?
Every fender-bender would become a bloodbath, quacked the tele-
poodles. And didn’t history prove elite gun-grabbers and their media
to be dead wrong? Why yes, it did.

Now comes Sarah Palin. She enjoys glowing approval of eighty per cent
of fellow Alaskans. And she hunts. Yikes! Does that imply she – egad!
– owns a gun? Yes, it does. Better lock down ‘our children’ – quick!
In light of thirty years of gun-hating media tales, doesn’t this make
Governor Palin a menace to the free world? Why yes, according to the
whining Elite media, it does indeed. For the rest of us, it’s good
news. …”


“…Might Governor Palin rekindle anew Liberty’s fire amongst Americans?
Isn’t it clear, even as the media drowns itself in a sea of anti-Palin
invective and quacks of ‘change’, that it has yet to comprehend and
likely may never, the sea change wrought by Senator Cain’s not merely
brilliant but inspired, choice?”

How Palin Governed
Behind all the criticism and controversy, what really happened.By Byron York


“…It was a big, and extraordinarily complex, task. There was no consensus on how it should be done. But Palin, by all accounts, assembled a first-rate group of people to come up with what eventually became a proposal to grant a license to the company TransCanada to build the pipeline. “I give her credit for hiring good people,” says Beth Kerttula, the Democratic minority leader in the Alaska house of representatives who worked with Palin on oil and gas issues and has lately emerged as one of Palin’s leading critics. “She had a strong team.”

There were times during the negotiations when it appeared Palin’s proposal would fall through, perhaps not even getting to a vote in the legislature. Associates say she was determined to prevent that. “She went literally from office to office asking that, regardless of how people intended to vote, that they permit a vote to take place,” Balash recalls. “If she hadn’t made those visits, it in all likelihood would never have come to a vote.”

And when she made those visits, she scored points with legislators of both parties. “On the issues where I worked with her, she listened, and in the long run, she even overrode her own team on things that House Democrats thought were important,” Kerttula recalls. Last summer, Palin’s strategy led to victory, when Alaska’s house and senate approved the TransCanada proposal.

Noting that Palin had also, in 2007, won a fight to raise taxes on the energy companies, the Anchorage Daily News reported that the pipeline deal “sealed the popular Republican governor’s second major victory in two years against not only her opponents in the Legislature but also major oil companies Palin sometimes has poked publicly.” Her approval rating soared. …”


Saturday Night Live: open thread; Sarah Palin’s a good sport

By Michelle Malkin


“…Won’t give it away for those of you on the West Coast, but here’s commenter Ronnie’s reaction at HA:

“Nothing will come of this except Sarah Palin will be perceived as a good sport.”

And two more general reactions:

“Meh” and “huh?” …”


Your spirit-lifter of the day

By Michelle Malkin  

“…There is something very special about this woman, and I pity the detractors on the left and the right who don’t appreciate it.

Get a tissue before you click: …”

Sarah Palin Pays Special Attention to Special Needs Families


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14 Responses to “Palin Proud”

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There’s a difference between being ‘elitist’ and simply not supporting someone because they’re patently not qualified. I have no doubt that Ms. Palin is ‘of the people,’ but that doesn’t mean she can (or should) be given the job for which she’s applying. It’s really beside the point. She’s probably a lot of fun on a night out. But again: in this context, who cares.

It’s also pretty ironic to be casting McCain as a ‘common man’ when standing next to Barack Obama. A hero? Certainly. A leader? Sometimes. But ‘one of us’???? C’mon. You can’t really be serious.

Suggest you visit my next post.

Barack Obama is a socialist.

They believe they are a revolutionary elite.

I view them as criminal thugs.

Do not bet your life on Barack Obama, you might lose it.

Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot are all state socialists that killed many, many people.

Wow. Way to not address any of my points. You’ve been trained well. What’s it like to be as scared as you are? You know, you can live without fear of your government. It’s the Republicans who WANT us to be scared. Looks like it’s worked in your case.

This is so easy even the Dems.should be able to figure it out! Palin has more experience to be V.P. than Obama has to be President,just look up what each person has accomplished,voting present on issues doesn’t qualify Obama,nor for his Running for President.

Thanks. I do feel better know. Governor of Alaska for a few months, mayor of a village for a few years. Did she ever actually graduate from college? I guess that doesn’t actually matter. Your case is iron-clad. What was I worried about?

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