The Joy of Discovering A Swedish Songbird–Sofia Karlsson–Videos

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Updated October 10, 2011 and October 5, 2013

Sofia Karlsson

Sofia Karlsson




I checked my e-mail this morning and someone had subscribed to my artist site on YouTube.

The new subscriber had a very attractive site.

In checking-out the new subscriber’s favorites I was delighted to discover a beautiful and talented singer, Sofia Karlsson from Sweden.

Must make a resolution to start learning Swedish.


Sofia Karlsson & Augustifamiljen – Send Me an Angel

Sofia Karlsson – Black Is the Colour (Musikplats 100-konserten)

Sofia Karlsson – I Courted a Wee Girl

Sofia Karlsson – Fanfar (SVT Moraeus med mera)

Sofia Karlsson dokumentär & konsert

Sofia Karlsson – Jag väntar

Sofia Karlsson – Kom änglar (Live, På spåret, Dec. 2011)

Sofia Karlsson – April Come She Will (Polar Music Prize 2012)

Sofia Karlsson – Stanna kvar (If You Stay) (Musikplats Stockholm, 2011)

Sofia Karlsson – Winter in the Old Town English lyrics under closed captions

Sofia Karlsson – Olive Tree (December 24, 2010)

du var där – Sofia Karlsson

smält mig till glöd – Sofia Karlsson

Sofia Karlsson – Två tungor (Sofia-portrett, 2007)

Sofia karlsson-Mörka vatten Stockholm studio4 radiohuset111007

Sofia Karlsson – Mörka Vatten

Sofia Karlsson – Stanna kvar

Sofia Karlsson – Till havs

Sofia Karlsson – Alla hjärtans dag

Sofia Karlsson – Jag väntar

Sofia Karlsson – Du liv… (TV4, Jan. 2010)

Sofia Karlsson spelar Flickan och kråkan på visfestivalen

Sofia Karlsson – Luciasång

Sofia Karlsson – Visa Från Kåkbrinken LIVE

Jul i Folkton – Gläns över sjö och strand (Cassels, 2009)

Sofia Karlsson – Vinter I Gamla Stan Live Sånger För Livet 2008

Sofia Karlsson, Du Liv, HD- kvalitet Pildammsteatern Malmö 09

Sofia Karlsson Två tungor

Sofia Karlsson – Omkring Tiggarn Från Luossa

Sofia Karlsson – Spelar för livet (Live)

Sofia Karlsson & Tina Ahlin – Ännu doftar kärlek (Valborg 2011)

Sofia Karlsson – Luciasång

Sofia Karlsson***Dina Händer (Göteborg)

Sofia Karlsson spelar Flickan och kråkan på visfestivalen

Sofia Karlsson – Jag väntar

Sofia Karlsson: “Imma på fönstret”

Sofia Karlsson & Augustifamiljen – Gammal Fäbod Psalm

Sofia Karlsson – Julvisa i Finnmarken (Gammelvala, 2006)

Sofia Karlsson – Hemlängtan

Sofia Karlsson – Mörka Vatten

Sofia Karlsson – Stanna kvar

Sofia Karlsson, Arty McGlynn and Nollaig Casey in Tobo, Sweden



B0053P 0083


Background Articles and Videos

Sofia Karlsson sjunger “Tre vita duvor”

Sofia Karlsson, Arty McGlynn and Nollaig Casey in Tobo, Sweden

Sofia Karlsson

“…In the grey and pale Swedish winter season the onslaught of the annual domestic Eurovision Song Contest totally dominates the media and air waves. Meanwhile Sofia Karlsson and her band, on their second consecutive year, continue their seemingly everlasting tour. This time around Gothenburg, in the Southwestern part of Sweden. In churches, libraries, cinemas, restaurants and theatres Karlsson sings her songs to sold out houses every night. A renaissance for a genre, the Swedish visa*, today often dismissed as belonging rather in a museum than on stage? Whatever the reason, the longing for a strong melody, a good story and a fine story teller is beyond doubt. And few deliver like Sofia Karlsson in this sense. With a diction almost uncannily perfect and an unusual attention to the value of the words she has an ability to infuse new life into even the most worn out and often performed material. The unprecedented success of her platinum selling album Svarta ballader (Black ballads) from 2005 with her pioneering interpretations of Swedish poet Dan Andersson is a proof of this as good as any. …”

Sofia Karlson MySpace

“…Sofia Karlsson – Vocalist from Stockholm. Musical influences: First grandma playing chorals on the pump organ, grandad playing the single row accordion and mother who always sang in the car, later Fred Åkerström, Dolly Parton, Tracy Chapman, Dansar Edward, Kirsten Bråten-Berg and Lena Willemark.

Educated at the Folk music dept. of the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Between 1998-2002 full time member in Swedish folk music act Groupa. Released her debut solo album Folk songs (Amigo, AMCD 748), in 2002. Her hugely successful second solo album Black Ballads – Sofia Karlsson sings Dan Andersson (Amigo, AMCD 756) was released in 2005.

*VISA – The words chanson, lied, visa all mean the same thing in their respective language, i.e. song, and yet each of them has a meaning that distinguishes them from songs in general.

In Scandinavia, the word “visa” usually refers to a text of literary quality joined by stanzas and matched with a melody repeated with the stanzas. The typical visa is of “small size”. In recent years, yet another criterion has come along, namely that it should be “interpretable”.  …”

Sofia Karlsson

“Sofia Karlsson grew up in Enskede, Stockholm. She attended the Folk music dept. of the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Between 1998 and 2002 she was a full time member in Swedish folk music act Groupa. In 2002 she released her debut solo album “Folk songs”.

In 2005 she made her public breakthrough with her second album “Svarta ballader” (Black ballads). The album contains her interpretations of the Swedish poet Dan Andersson. The album was in the charts for more than a year and has to date sold 60.000 copies and was rewarded with a Swedish as well as a Danish Grammy.

After touring Sweden for two years she released her third album “Visor från vinden” (Songs from the loft) with its collection of classical Swedish songs written by famous Swedish musicians as Fred Åkerström, Peps Persson, Lars Forsell and Evert Taube. …”

Sofia Karlsson Official Website

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