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Guys and Gals Gaga and Giddy Over Governor Sarah Palin

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 Governor Palin reminds me of the northern lights or Aurora Borealis that light up the Alaskian skies.

Northern Lights – Music: “The Messenger”, Blackmore’s Night


Listening to callers on talk radio, Senator McCain’s selection of Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate has lit up not only the conservative and Republican base, but also significant portions of independents, Reagan Democrats and not surprising Hillary Clinton woman supporters.

The reaction among the Obama cult has been down right nasty and insulting.

The Messiah’s mask has been riped off and it is not a pretty sight.

Obama is just another corrupt hack machine politician on the make.

What the American people call corruption, Obama and his cult call family values.

Almost forgot, Obama is black, since he likes to point this out every chance he gets.

I do not want to be called a racist by not mentioning this.

Obama’s campaign is in free fall and will crash harder than the one on Wall Street.

Obama’s dissing of Senator Hillary Clinton and his selection of chatty cathy Senator Biden, gives new meaning to the term poor judgement.

Joe Biden: Be Patriotic Pay Higher Taxes


 Match Made in Heaven: Biden VP to a Clean Obama


I strongly suspect that the only reason Senator Obama selected chatty cathy Senator Biden is that he was the only white, male, “southerner”, slave state Senator that would accept the nomination:


Sen. Biden Brags: “My State Was A Slave State”


Senator Obama most likely would have been elected President of the United States had he selected Senator Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

By selecting Senator Biden, Senator Obama confirms his poor judgement and lack of experience in his selection of friends, associates, and supporters.

Barack Obama – New Bill Ayers – Bernardine Dohrn?

Friends of Barack Obama – Fools & Criminals

Know Enough?


Comparing Senator Biden to Governor Palin, is like comparing night and day:


Sarah Palin Interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity Part 1


Sarah Palin Interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity Part 2


Sarah Palin Interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity Part 3


Sarah Palin Interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity Part 4


Sarah Palin Interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity Part 5


Transcript: Full Palin-Hannity Interview
By Bryan


Background Articles and Videos


Sarah Palin appeals to the White Trash Vote

Chgo Sun-Times: ‘Sarah Palin Makes Me Sick’

“…So we know Mitchell’s primary symptom, but what’s the underlying cause?  As it turns out, it’s an all too common complaint among the many suffering from Palin Derangement Syndrome:

“Frankly, Sarah Palin scares me.”


Don’t feel lonely, Mary.  It’s going around these days.

Former New York mayor Ed Koch says of Palin, “She scares the hell out of me.”  Actor Matt Damon calls the GOP vice presidential candidate “terrifying.”  New Republic editor Noam Scheiber writes:

The reason Palin scares me has more to do with mechanics than demographics: Palin is such a sensation, and draws such large crowds, that anything she says–particularly attacks on Obama–immediately become part of the campaign conversation.


 “Rock matriarch” – I guess that’s a nice way of putting it – Sharon Osbourne admits, “I’m scared of that woman with the glasses and gun! Ugh!”       
And at a Web site that boasts “the latest in green gossip,” we learn that singer Pink “is terrified of Sarah Palin, says she ‘hates women.'”

The fear and terror engendered by Sarah Palin among Obamatons make Adrian Monk look like John Wayne.  Then again, this could be an opportunity.  Over at the official Barack Obama site, there’s a group designated Pagans for Obama.  Perhaps the campaign could institute a group named Sissies for Obama. …”


Miserable provocateur rails against conservative women again

By Michelle Malkin  

“…Stare into the curdled face of Sandra Bernhard. Listen to her hiss. Off her meds? There are no meds to cure this hatred.

Sandra who, you say?

She’s that snarling, has-been friend of Madonna who does “comedy” or something.

And she last made headlines two years ago when she sold MAC lipstick by bashing conservative women as “little freaked out, intimidated, frightened, right-wing Republican thin-lipped bitch[es].” MAC defended her as a “provocateur.”

Hey, it worked last time. So, here she is again — going after Sarah Palin by imagining her gang-raped and lambasting her as a “turncoat bitch” and a “whore.” Of course. …”


Sandra Bernhard dishes Sarah Palin at Theater J


Damon Condemns Palin



Sarah Palin, Tina Fey on SNL

SNL Palin Fey Interview Couric


“American women are so fortunate to live in the greatest country on Earth.”

By Michelle Malkin 

“…Amen, Mrs. Schlafly!


The feminist tirades against Sarah are mostly so tiresome, but one line of their complaints is really funny. After 40 years of telling wives and mothers to get out of the home (which Betty Friedan called “a comfortable concentration camp”), put their children in day care (tax-funded, of course) and join the workforce, these same feminists now tell Sarah to stay home with her children.

Sarah doesn’t need feminist approval for her lifestyle; the only person whose OK she needs for her double career as mother and politician is her husband’s, and he seems very happy with Sarah.

Sarah Palin is an exemplar of a successful, can-do woman, and the feminists simply don’t know how to deal with her. I hope she will usher in a new era where conventional wisdom recognizes that feminist negativism is ancient history and American women are so fortunate to live in the greatest country on Earth. …”


Obama unstained by Chicago Way

By John Lass

“…Yes, an excellent job. Except for his dalliance with his indicted real estate fairy, Tony Rezko, a relationship Obama considers a mistake, the senator has not played the fly to Mayor Richard Daley’s spider. Almost, but not quite.


“I know there are those like John Kass who would like me to decry Chicago politics more frequently, and I’ll leave that to his editorial commentary,” Obama said.

Not the politics, just the corruption, I said then, wishing silently that he had decried it all, that he’d stood up years ago and pointed to the list of sleazy deals, pointed an angry finger at the Duffs, the white, Outfit-connected drinking buddies of Daley who received $100 million in affirmative action contracts through City Hall.

That’s an easy political commercial for the Republicans: Mobbed-up white guys party at the old Como Inn with Daley, and they get $100 million in city affirmative action contracts and Daley doesn’t know how it happened and Obama endorses the mayor in the name of reform.

Obama had nothing to do with the Duff deal. But he kept mum. He has endorsed Daley, endorsed Daley’s hapless stooge Todd Stroger for president of the Cook County Board. These are not the acts of a reformer, but of a guy who, as we say in Chicago, won’t make no waves and won’t back no losers. …”

The View Get Heated Over Sarah Palin


Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild gets schooled on CNN


Clinton Pal Goes for McCain

“…In recent months, she has been vocal about her distaste for Barack Obama, speaking openly about her distance with the current Democratic Party—although she vowed to stick with the party over the long-term. “I’m not becoming a Republican, I am a Democrat. I will remain a Democrat,” she said.

She said she has already informed family and business associates that she is taking the next few weeks off to do “whatever this campaign wants me to do” to elect McCain.

While many Clinton supporters have expressed outrage at the suggestion that they would support Palin just because she’s a woman, Rothschild was open to it. “For that reason, I love Sarah Palin,” Rothschild said about the Alaska governor’s gender. “I think she’s pretty cool. Of course we disagree on some issues.”

Asked about her disagreement with Palin over abortion rights—Rothschild supports them and Palin does not—she expressed frustration at what she described as the Democratic Party using the issue as a political “noose around women’s necks.” …”


Reactions To Sarah Palin Nod



Red State Update: Sarah Palin Picked As McCain’s VP


Red State Update: Oprah Disses Sarah Palin


Oprah DOESN’T support women…


Sarah Palin RNC Acceptance Speech 1


Sarah Palin RNC Acceptance Speech 2


Sarah Palin RNC Acceptance Speech 3


Sarah Palin RNC Acceptance Speech 4


Sarah Palin RNC Acceptance Speech 5


Obama Religion Guns Flub,Controversy,Threaten to Define Him


Obama Says Sarah Palin Has Zero Experience. Let’s See…

“…Barack Obama said that Sarah Palin has ZERO experience. Let’s see if you agree… “


Dear Mr. Obama


Debby Boone – You Light Up My Life (1977)



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