McCain/Romney vs. Obama/Biden: Landslide McCain Wins in November!

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Senator McCain will pick Mitt Romney as his running mate.

Announcement coming real soon.

Unlike Senator Barack Obama who refused to pick Senator Hillary Clinton, his closest rival, as his Vice-President running mate,McCain wants to win.

In politics and war there is no substitute for victory.

Therefore Senator McCain will choose former Governor Mitt Romney, his closest rival for the nomination.

Senator McCain knows he needs the support of movement conservatives if he wants to win the election.

McCain needs to pick a conservative or libertarian that would be acceptable to the conservative movement.

Romney is solid on leadership, economics, wealth creation and an excellent speaker and debater.

Both McCain and Romney are ready to be President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief.

Senator Obama is not ready to be President and Commander-in-Chief.

Senator Obama is not right for America.

The decisive issues in the campaign will be the economy, increasing the supply of energy (oil, natural gas, and nuclear power), reducing government spending, taxes, and regulations, national security (war with Iran), illegal immigration, abortion and leadership.

McCain/Romney will win 55% of the popular vote and at least 330 electorial votes.

Happy Birthday Senator McCain.



Background Articles and Videos


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A Romney-McCain Sighting …

“…Matt Romney is here,’’ Mr. McCain said, to applause. “Matt, where are you? I’d like to just say a word about the Romney family. Nobody worked harder, nobody worked harder than the five Romney sons. In fact, I don’t know if it was you, Matt, that drove all around every county in Iowa? Now that’s above an beyond the call of duty. Cindy and I have gotten to know Ann very well, as well as Mitt, and I am grateful.”

Then he repeated a line he has often used about Mitt Romney. “By the way, he does better on television for me than he did for himself.’’ he said. …” 


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[…] McCain/Romney vs. Obama/Biden: Landslide McCain Wins in November! […]

[…] McCain/Romney vs. Obama/Biden: Landslide McCain Wins in November! […]

[…] McCain/Romney vs. Obama/Biden: Landslide McCain Wins in November! […]

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