Barack Obama: The First Previable Puppet Presidential Candidate!

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It is the eternal struggle between these two principles – right and wrong – throughout the world. 

~Abraham Lincoln 

Red Sock Puppet

I always believed that Senator Barrack Obama was really running for the Vice-President position on the 2008 Democratic Party ticket.

I suspeced that his goal was to get as many delegates as possible in the states that Senator Hillary Clinton would not be  actively campaigning in–the smaller and essentially red or Republican states.

Then he could go to the convention and fully expect to be nominated as Vice-President with the quarantee that he would attract both the black vote and the far left wing of the Democratic Party.

Surprise, Surprise!

Well Senator Obama run of luck held and he actually beat Senator Hillary Clinton for the nomination.

The only problem is that objectively he is probably the most inexperienced person to run for President in the last sixty years.

If he had got the vice-president nomination and won, eight years from now he would have had the experience.

Faced with a political opponent, Senator John McCain, with years of experience in both the House and Senate and a war hero and naval officer, Senator Obama’s resume is in comparison, to put it diplomatically, very light weight.

Obama has peeked prematurely, about eight years too soon!
At best I expect Senator Obama might hit 50% in the polls after the convention and lose at least five to ten percentage points in the polls as election day approaches.

He will lose the election by a large margin in both the popular and electorial votes.

Barack Obama is the first previable puppet Presidential candidate.

He cannot survive outside of the protection of teleprompters and a prepared speech.

He is a reader, not a leader, a sock puppet not an agent for change and hope.

He is not ready to be President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief.

He is not right for America.

Barack Obama  is also the first black candidate.

Barack Obama  likes to point this out every chance he can.

This is called playing the race card–race solitaire–since Obama is playing with himself.

I will vote for an experienced black and/or women candidate provided they are a conservative/libertarian of any political party.

I was actually hoping to have this opportunity in 1996, but General Colin Powell declined to run.


  Official Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff portrait

Official Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff portrait

I will never vote for an inexperienced or experienced far left radical socialist.

I have read too much about Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao to vote for anybody with a socialist agenda no matter how likable and good intentioned the person may be.

Socialism always leads in time to a totalitarian dictator and the deaths of tens of millions.

If Senator Obama is elected and his plans for a huge increase in government spending, regulations and taxes are implemented, he would wreck the US economy.

If you want to drink the kool aid of yes we can and hope & change, see the US economy crash and lose your job, go commit political and economic suicide and vote for Senator Obama.

I for one will pass and most likely vote for Senator McCain provided he selects a conservative/libertarian as his Vice-President running mate.

Only you can prevent socialism in America. 

Sock Puppet Barack Obama’s Plan for the US Economy:


The real Computer Monster


“I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

~Thomas Jefferson 


Background Articles and Videos


Barack Obama: My Plans for 2008


Hillary Clinton – O’Reilly Reaction – Morning Joe


Oops: Democrat on VP shortlist underscores Obama’s inexperience

By Michelle Malkin

“… check out Colorado Governor Bill Ritter’s oops this morning on the Mike Rosen show, hour two ( When asked about rumors that he was on the list as a vice presidential candidate he remarked (not quoting) that his 18 months of gubernatorial experience were insufficient to be considered for vice president. When asked to compare this to [Obama’s] 143 days of experience [in the Senate], he quickly changed the subject.” …”


Has Barack Obama Accomplished Anything in the Senate


Obama’s Inexperience – In His Own Words (Hill to The Hill!)


Obama SmackDown Series: The Greatest Hits Collection

Obama — Experience

Colin Powell

Colin Luther Powell, KCB (Honorary), MSC (April 5, 1937) is an American statesman and retired General in the United States Army. He was the 65th United States Secretary of State (2001-2005), serving under President George W. Bush. He was the first African American appointed to that position.[1][2][3][4] As a General in the United States Army, Powell also served as National Security Advisor (1987–1989) and as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1989–1993), holding the latter position during the Gulf War. He was the first and so far only African American to serve on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. …”


United States presidential election, 1996



“…not sufficiently developed to survive outside the uterus <a previable fetus> …”


Sock puppet

“A sock puppet is a puppet made from a sock (or similar garment) which is placed over the hand of a puppeteer. When the manipulator fits a hand into the closed end of the sock, the puppet can be seemingly made to “talk” by opening and closing the hand. The puppet’s mouth is formed by the region between the sock’s heel and toe, with the puppeteer’s thumb forming a jaw. At a minimum the shape of the hand will instantly form the shape of a mouth, but sometimes the mouth is padded by putting in a fairly hard piece of felt (often with a tongue glued inside). Sometimes the region between the toe and heel is cut open with scissors to form a mouth. …”


Obama’s Abortion Lies

 “…There’s a newly uncovered paper trail demonstrating Barack Obama’s abortion militancy you can believe in (hat tip – Jill Stanek):

Newly obtained documents prove that in 2003, Barack Obama, as chairman of an IL state Senate committee, voted down a bill to protect live-born survivors of abortion – even after the panel had amended the bill to contain verbatim language, copied from a federal bill passed by Congress without objection in 2002, explicitly foreclosing any impact on abortion. Obama’s legislative actions in 2003 – denying effective protection even to babies born alive during abortions – were contrary to the position taken on the same language by even the most liberal members of Congress. The bill Obama killed was virtually identical to the federal bill that even NARAL ultimately did not oppose.


Obama & Live Birth Abortion / Induced Labor Abortions / Infanticide Pro-Life Anti-Abortion Video 


Jerome Corsi goes on FOX News & destroys Barack Obama, Daily Kos, other critics


Next, the Obama thugs came for Stanley Kurtz

By Michelle Malkin

“First, they came for TV stations daring to air an independent ad about Barack Obama and unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers.

Next, they came for GOP donors.

Now, they are shamelessly attacking National Review investigative journalist Stanley Kurtz — one of conservatism’s most thoughtful and penetrating writers on academic and educational affairs. Kurtz has been at the forefront probing Obama’s relationships with left-wing ideologues. It was his public information request and public call for help that led to the University of Illinois – Chicago finally releasing tons of files that shed light on the Obama/Ayers working relationship. The Obama camp is condemning Kurtz in harsher terms than it ever condemned the terrorist Ayers. Kurtz has been attacked now as a right-wing hatchet man” and “slimy character assassin.”

Here are the Kurtz-smearing talking points the Obama campaign sent to its worshipers.

As I reported yesterday, Kurtz spent two hours on legendary radio talk show host Milt Rosenberg’s Chicago program on WGN last night detailing his initial findings. The Obama campaign went ballistic — and in typical Chicago mafia-style, smeared Kurtz and tried to shut down the show. …”


Obama’s terrorist connections – William Ayers


Obama/Ayers gets an airing



Ayers’ Weathermen planned “re-education”, genocide


Know Enough?


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it’s amazing how individuals like you hate on someone who has the guts to run and try to change the way politics is done. in sports the same retreads are given job after job, but when that group of a few owners give a fresh coach with no experience a chance good things sometimes happens.if you are happy with how this country is viewed and the way our economics are then vote for mr mccain. i’ll take a chance on mr obama. i’ve had enough of the false and mean spirited reaction to someone who if given a chance can provide a new direction for this country and try to heal some truly open and unspoken wounds.

More government spending, regulations, and taxes is not a new direction.

It is folly and ignorance of how the economy really works.

He is simply not qualified for the job.

I know it, the American people know it, and Senator Obama knows it.

He will lose big time in November.

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[…] Barack Obama: The First Previable Puppet Presidential Candidate! […]

[…] Barack Obama: The First Previable Puppet Presidential Candidate! […]

[…] Barack Obama: The First Previable Puppet Presidential Candidate! […]

[…] Barack Obama: The First Previable Puppet Presidential Candidate! « Pronk Palisades […]

[…] Barack Obama: The First Previable Puppet Presidential Candidate! […]

[…] Barack Obama: The First Previable Puppet Presidential Candidate! […]

[…] Barack Obama: The First Previable Puppet Presidential Candidate! […]

[…] Barack Obama: The First Previable Puppet Presidential Candidate! […]

[…] Barack Obama: The First Previable Puppet Presidential Candidate! […]

[…] Barack Obama: The First Previable Puppet Presidential Candidate! […]

[…] Barack Obama: The First Previable Puppet Presidential Candidate! […]

[…] Barack Obama: The First Previable Puppet Presidential Candidate! […]

[…] Barack Obama: The First Previable Puppet Presidential Candidate! […]

[…] Barack Obama: The First Previable Puppet Presidential Candidate! […]

[…] Barack Obama: The First Previable Puppet Presidential Candidate! […]

[…] Barack Obama: The First Previable Puppet Presidential Candidate! […]

[…] Barack Obama: The First Previable Puppet Presidential Candidate! […]

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