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McCain Misstep on Vice Presidential Choice–McCain Loses

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Should Senator McCain not choose a conservative/libertarian Republican as his choice for Vice-President, I will not vote for him.

Instead I will vote for former Congressman Bob Barr.

If McCain thinks that movement conservatives have no place to go, he is sadly mistaken.

They will stay home or vote Libertarian.

Senator McCain, should you pick either Senator Joe Lieberman or former Governor Tom Ridge, you will lose.

Stop listening to your staff and talk to your conservative friends–Senator Tom Coburn would be a good place to start.

Build a bridge to the conservative wing of the Republican Party or lose.

The choice is yours.


Background Articles and Videos

Kristol: McCain VP choice will make gas prices plummet


Joe Lieberman

The obligatory ‘Lieberman on McCain’s Short List’ Post

“…Taking Romney or anyone else being vetted would simply be standard politics. But reaching out and choosing a Jewish independent senator closely identified with the Democratic party would definitely be a huge plus for McCain among independents, conservative Democratics, and perhaps even a good percentage of Jewish voters who traditionally vote for the Democrat in overwhelming numbers. But what are Lieberman’s true chances?

Conservative idealogues would hit the roof, no doubt – and for good reason. “Fightin’ Joe” is a big supporter of big labor, big government, and big budgets. He’s against tax cuts and is suspect on drilling. In short, Lieberman is a pretty good canddate for Vice President, alright – but for Obama not McCain. …”


And the Winner Is…
By Quin Hillyer


Tom Ridge


Tom Coburn


Hardball: Tom Ridge, John McCain VP 08/11/08 


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