The One –Arrogant Meddler–Barack Obama–Al Gore 2008–The Two!

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Let The Attack Ads Begin

 The One




Dr. No








Charlton Heston on Global Climate Change


George Carlin – Saving the Planet


Lyndon Johnson – Daisy


How To Make a Political Attack Ad 


When you do not have a lot of extra campaign money and the pump and dump drive-by mainstream media are in the “tank” or in love with your opponent, spend it on the ads, put it up on YouTube, and let the media react.

Great idea.

However, the ads must be great as well to drive viewers to the Internet.

Otherwise, who cares.

Sounds like fun.


An Alternative Approach to Attack Ads


3 Ways to Lower Gas Prices


Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less.


Response to Obama, 1: The Destructive Effects of Segregation


Response to Obama, 2: Why have things gone wrong?


Response to Obama, 3: Bad Culture and Bad Government


Response to Obama, 4: What’s wrong with Obama’s Leftist View


Response to Obama, 5: Tax Rates and Job Creation


Response to Obama, 6: The Difficulty of Change


Response to Obama, 7: Liberals and the fall of Detroit


Response to Obama, 8: The Importance of Culture


Border Security and Illegal Immigration – Newt Gingrich


Leadership in Energy & Environmental policy

The person I wanted to vote for in 2008 for President of the United States of America was Newt Gingrich.

He would have won in a landslide.

Memo to Senator McCain:

Select Newt Gingrich as your Vice President running mate, and the movement conservatives and libertarians would turn out en masse. 

Charlie Rose: August 11, 2003

“All of these senators live up here in this ivory tower totally isolated from reality surrounded by staff that do not have a clue.”

~Newt Gingrich


Background Articles and Videos


Voters Don’t Hate Attack Ads; They Hate Bad Ads

Posted by Vinny Minchillo

“… I am an advertising man.

A political advertising man.

A Republican political advertising man.

When I left my regular ad job to do politics full-time, my executive creative director said, “I always knew you liked politics, but I had no idea you were a Republican.” The emphasis on “Republican” was interchangeable with the emphasis you would put on the words “puppy eater.”

“I hope you do well,” he said, “and that all your clients lose.”

An Ad Campaign that McCain should adopt

Ed Lasky

“…While Democrats are sure to pounce on record high oil prices and the Iraq War, it would be worthwhile for Republicans to also capitalize on a Democratic-majority Congress held in such low esteem and perceived as being do-nothing. A start could be portraying Democrats as the roadblock to increased energy exploration in America; a corollary could be to note that the Republicans led the way in cutting taxes.


Furthermore, this approach might hold promise for John McCain. A strategy that contrasts his record of accomplishment (including working in a bipartisan way with Democrat) with Barack Obama’s meager resume would probably go down well with a population wary of Obama’s inexperience.  A campaign that not only contrasts the two but also inform voters that not only has Barack Obama accomplished very little; in some ways, his record has also been marked by failures along the way. …” 


CNN Candidates on McCain’s new ad


NBC Campaign gets ugly


NBC Complains McCain’s Ad ‘Much More Personal and Demeaning’ Than Hillary’s

“…Like the other network morning shows, NBC’s Today on Friday took exception to John McCain’s ad mocking Barack Obama’s celebrity, featuring very brief pictures of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Matt Lauer suggested it was “bizarre” and said it was “a new and some would say very negative ad from John McCain.” Meredith Vieira agreed, suggesting it was “over the top” and saying “the ad suggests that Obama is just like these two celebutantes, more style than substance.” In an interview with McCain aide Nicolle Wallace and Obama aide Robert Gibbs, Matt Lauer told Wallace the ad was “much more personal and demeaning” than Hillary Clinton’s “It’s 3 AM” ad, and after Wallace replied, he repeated it was “demeaning.” …”


D’oh: McCain donors in Paris Hilton’s family miffed at “Celeb” diss

By Michelle Malkin 

“…The McCain campaign runs a half-decent ad yesterday mocking Obama’s celebrification and comparing the Obamessiah to pop culture divas Britney Spears and Paris Hilton…

…and pisses off the big McCain donors in Paris Hilton’s family. Apparently, Camp McCain’s phones were ringing off the hook with complaints from the wealthy Hiltons who have showered the Maverick with cash. Doesn’t anybody check these things before they upload them to YouTube? The ad would have worked just as well without Paris. A pic of Obama gal pal Scarlett Johannson would have been smarter. …”


McCain’s Ad Formula Employs Lowest Common Denominator

“…By featuring Paris Hilton and Britney Spears in an attack ad against Barack Obama, the senator from Arizona has risked charges of silliness to draw attention to his frequently overshadowed campaign. And on one level, it has worked: Television, with its love of pop culture, has replayed the spot hundreds of times, and the NBC, MSNBC and Fox morning shows had aides to McCain and Obama debating it Thursday. …” 


The Many Faces of Newt Gingrich

A House speaker divided

“…After he became speaker, however, he let his self-confidence eclipse Drucker’s advice about time. He took on too many duties, and when he got over-tired, he made serious mistakes. Thus he illustrated another Drucker saying: “Strong people always have strong weaknesses, too. Where there are peaks, there are valleys.” Later on, he tried to rise from the valley by delegating more duties to Majority Leader Armey. …”


The ubiquitous Newt Gingrich slogs on

“…Despite the ever-apparent certainty and smugness that made him one of the most successful and reviled politicians for the past two decades — and ultimately led to his resignation from the House — it is clear that Newt Gingrich is definitely in it for the long haul. And should McCain lose in November, look for Gingrich to crank up all of his assorted entities in anticipation of Election 2012. …”


O’Reilly: Media Trashes America to Get Liberal Obama Elected



Mad TV – John McCain Campaign Ad Part 1


Mad TV – John McCain Campaign Ad Part 2




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