The 2008 U.S. Presidential Election–Wedge Issues Now (WIN)?

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Increasing the supply of energy from all sources,  taxes and  illegal immigration are shaping up to be the U.S. 2008 Presidential elections wedge issues now.

Wedge Issue

“A wedge issue is a social or political issue, often of a divisive or otherwise controversial nature, which splits apart or creates a “wedge” in the support base of one political group. Wedge issues can be advertised, publicly aired, and otherwise emphasized by an opposing political group, in an attempt to weaken the unity of the divided group, or to entice voters in the divided group to give their support to the opposing group. The use of wedge issues gives rise to wedge politics. …”

Key Issues–Rasmussen Reports Video

All of the 2008 wedge issues are fundamentally economic issues that the American people want addressed now.

Both Senator McCain and Senator Obama will be debating the benefits, costs and impact to the American people of their proposed energy and tax policies and programs as will the pump and dump drive-by mainstream media.

Neither candidate will want to discuss the economic impact of illegal immigration on the American people. 

The main stream media will go along and ask few if any questions on the subject.

Unfortunately for Senator McCain, movement conservatives as well as the American people want the problem of tens of millions of illegal immigrants or criminal aliens addressed.

Local, city, county and state taxes are rising as a direct result of tens of millions of illegal immigrants flooding into communities throughout the US.

Wages for American citizens with low skilled sets have been flat due to the influx of illegals into the labor supply.

32% Angry About Immigration, but Not Mad at Immigrants

“One-third of U.S. voters are still angry about illegal immigration, an issue that neither presidential candidate has made central to his campaign. But, voters blame Washington, not immigrants.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that along with the 32% who express “anger,” an additional 27% are frustrated with the lack of action. Thirty-nine percent (39%) say it’s just one of many issues they have an opinion about.

Eighty-three percent (83%) of those angry about immigration direct their anger at the federal government while only 12% point towards the immigrants. This fact, perhaps more than any other, may explain how official Washington misread the public mood so badly last June. While the Senators believed they were solving the problem, voters believed that the government was the problem. …”

“…Overall, public attitudes about immigration have shifted little in the past year. By a 63% to 28% margin, voters continue to believe it is more important to gain control of the border than to resolve the status of those who are already in the country illegally. Democrats are more evenly divided than other voters, but a plurality (49%) agree that controlling the border is the top priority. …”

Rasmussen Reports Video:

Immigration Matters: 60% Favor Sanctions for Illegal Hires

“Strict sanctions on employers who hire illegal immigrants is the most popular of four possible immigration reforms measured in a recent Rasmussen Reports survey. Sixty percent (60%) of American adults favor such an approach while (25%) are opposed. …”

All three final contenders for their party’s nomination show an ignorance of economics that is embarrassing at best and at worst could lead to a serious recession should they be elected President and their proposed policies and programs be implemented.

The Vice-President candidate for both political parties needs to have economic knowledge and business experience that their Presidential nominee does not have.

For the Republican Party, former Governor Romney has much to recommend.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

Romney gives McCain talking points

“…If Mitt Romney isn’t auditioning to be John McCain’s running mate, he’s doing a rather good impersonation.

On National Journal On Air today, Romney strongly defended McCain’s tax cut policies and promoted his promises to slice spending.

The former Massachusetts governor also took a whack at Democratic front-runner Barack Obama, saying that recent controversies are showing who he really is and calling him inexperienced and a “quintessential politician.”

“Now we’re getting a better view of Barack Obama as not just the liberal, but the political liberal that he is,” said Romney, who is campaigning for McCain and has said he would be honored to be asked to be the vice presidential nominee. …”

Mitt Romney
On the issues

For the Democratic Party, former Secretary of the Treasury Robert E. Rubin is the only name that comes immediately to mind, but I am sure there are several others.

Robert Rubin


Where Was the Wise Man?

“…Even as his critics and supporters debate the impact of the Citigroup debacle on Mr. Rubin’s reputation, he says he remains focused on the challenges at hand.

“I watched so many people get screwed up in Washington thinking about their legacy, and not on the implications of what they were doing,” he says, calm as ever. “I’ve seen a lot of ups and downs, a lot of turmoil.”

Between college and law school, Mr. Rubin briefly lived on the Left Bank in Paris, spending hours at cafes that were frequented by Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus. Like them, he says, he remains something of an existentialist.

“It’ll be what it will be, like everything in life.”  …”

Robert Rubin

I seriously doubt Senator Obama has the wisdom or courage to pick Robert Rubin.

Senator Obama’s radical supporters in both the black and moslem communities would explode in rage if their chosen presidential candidate named one of the Jewish faith as his running mate.

Both Reverand Jeremiah Wright and Supreme Minister of the Nation of Islam (NOI) Louis Farrakhan would surely have something to say about such an inspired choice for Vice-President.

Jeremiah Wright

Louis Farrakhan

If he wants to win, who will be Obama’s running mate?

Senator Clinton.

Unlikely, yes.

But so was Senator John F. Kennedy’s pick of Senator Lyndon B. Johnson.

Identity politics in terms of both race and gender are alive and well in the Democratic Party base.

Woman supporters of Senator Clinton are mad as hell that she did not win.

Senator Obama will pick her .

Senator McCain needs the support of movement conservatives who are also mad as hell that a consistent and principled conservative did not get the nomination.

If Senator McCain did pick Mitt Romney as his running mate, I would vote Republican.

Who will win the election?

Senator McCain.


Senator Obama appears more and more clueless on economic issues–most radical state socialists are.

The Senator recommends increasing taxes when U.S. economic activity is slowing down. 

Do this and YES we can have a Democratic recession in 2009.

Can you imagine a President Obama administration.

Yes and it will be much worse than former President Carter’s four years–the infamous “Carter years.”

Now that is an economic disaster in the making.

Just say NO!

Since my favorite for the Republican Presidential nomination was  former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and my favorite for the Democratic Presidential nomination was Senator Hillary Clinton, I have just killed any chance that my picks will be right.

LOL: Bob–The Voice of The American People!

John McCain wants to LOWER Gas prices…

Lower Gas Prices…

30 Years of Useless Polticians on Oil

The Price of Ethanol…

Global Warming is a Myth…

Illegal Immigrants!!!

Illegal Immigrants are above the law…

Illegal Immigrant “AMNESTY” Act

Politicians keep promising change…

What about the issues?!!!

“our” political system is a JOKE…

The Democratic Party is a Joke…

Barack Obama can’t STOP lying…

Barack Obama can’t make SIMPLE decisions…

Barack Obama says there are 57 states…

Three Cheers for Bob!


Background Artilces and Videos

Poll Shows Majority of U.S. Adults Believe They Pay More Tax than Donald Trump

“…“While divided on tax reform, Americans appear united in one respect—their dislike of the federal estate tax,” said Hodge. When asked about completely eliminating the estate tax, an overwhelming 68 percent of survey respondents favored elimination. Currently the estate tax is scheduled to be phased out in 2010 only to return in 2011 unless Congress takes action.

Other key results include:

  • 66 percent rated the value received from the federal government as “poor” or “only fair.”
  • The maximum percentage of anyone’s income that should ever go to taxes is just 16 percent – the mean response given by those surveyed – far below the nation’s estimated tax burden of 29.1 in 2005.
  • 34 percent said taxes and government services should be reduced, while only 13 percent favored increases 3.
  • When told that an estimated 44 million Americans file tax returns each year but owe no federal income tax after deductions and credits, 59 percent of respondents said everyone should be required to pay some minimum amount of tax to help fund government.
  • The federal estate tax and income tax were seen as the least fair federal taxes (from a list of 4) by respondents, while local property taxes are seen as the least fair state and local taxes (also from a given list of 4).
  • 28 percent said they had bought something over the Internet rather than from a local store, 25 percent said they gave more to charity, and 14 percent said they crossed a border to shop in a neighboring area with lower taxes in part because it meant that they would pay less in taxes.

Rasmussen Reports: 67% Support Offshore Drilling, 64% Expect it Will Lower Prices

“…Sixty-four percent (64%) of voters believe it is at least somewhat likely that gas prices will go down if offshore oil drilling is allowed, although 27% don’t believe it. Seventy-eight percent (78%) of conservatives say offshore drilling is at least somewhat likely to drive prices down. That view is shared by 57% of moderates and 50% of liberal voters.

Nearly all voters are worried about rising gas and energy prices, with 79% very concerned and 16% somewhat concerned. …”

Rasmussen Reports

“…4. When thinking about how you will vote in the presidential election, which of the following issues is most important—the economy, the War in Iraq, immigration, national security, health care, Social Security, or government ethics and corruption? 

34% Economy

26% War in Iraq

8% Immigration

8% National security

9% Health care

2% Social Security

8% Government ethics and corruption

2% Some other issue

3% Not sure …”

“…10* A proposal has been made to increase the capital gains tax from 15% to 28%. Do you favor or oppose increasing the capital gains tax to 28%? 

23% Favor

61% Oppose

16% Not sure 

11* If the capital gains tax is increased to 28%, will that help the economy or hurt the economy? 

19% Help

49% Hurt

19% No impact

13% Not sure …”

McLaughlin Group – John McCain VP Predictions

Bill O’Reilly: Who will be McCain’s VP choice?

John McCain’s Top 24 Potential Picks For Vice-President

Starting Gate: Who Will McCain Pick?

“…That leaves us with a great, big guessing game as the process goes forward, so without further ado, here are the five candidates topping the inaugural edition of our Republican Vice Presidential Hot Sheet:

1). Mitt Romney: Wounds from the primaries have healed thanks to Romney’s efforts to raise money and campaign for McCain. He’s got the economic chops to fill a hole and could help in Michigan. But is the chemistry there?

2). Tim Pawlenty: Young, fresh face of the GOP, a Washington outsider and the governor from the battleground state which hosts McCain’s convention. Is he ready for to be a heartbeat away?

3). Charlie Crist: If this election is all about Florida, Florida, Florida, the very popular governor of the state should be a lock. Conservatives might balk though and if McCain needs him to lock down the state, he may have bigger problems.

4). Bobby Jindal: Policy wunderkind who has little beltway baggage and brings ethnic diversity to boot. But at 37 years of age, this could be too much of a May-December match to work.

5). Tom Ridge: Always on a short list but never the pick, the third time could be a charm for the former governor of Pennsylvania, a state the GOP is eyeing once again. But pro-choice leanings could be a non-starter for party loyalists.

Obama Vice President Picks: Who Are The Frontrunners?

ENPR — McCain’s Libertarian Problem and Evangelical Problem

McCain, Obama offer different visions on taxes

“…”On tax policy, health care reform, trade, government spending, and a long list of other issues, we offer very different choices to the American people,” McCain says at every turn.

Concurs Obama: “When it comes to the economy, John McCain and I have a fundamentally different vision of where to take the country.”

Major changes to the tax code are at the heart of both candidates’ sweeping economic plans, given that most cuts enacted since President Bush took office expire at the end of 2010 and the alternative minimum tax (AMT) is poised to hit much of the middle class – two years into the next president’s first term. …”

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