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Conservatives Say No To McCain’s Cap and Trade Tax and John McCain

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Shania Twain – Dance With The One That Brought You

In Texas there is saying you have to dance with the one that brought you.

Senator McCain has a real talent for alienating the conservative movement base and not dancing with the one that brought or voted for him.

The Senator cannot even figure out that climate change is a hoax fostered by the left to increase taxes.

John McCain actually buys into this nonsense!

Please Senator McCain do your homework and think for yourself for a change.

Stop pandering!

The United States needs more oil exploration, development and production and dozens of new oil refineries as well as more coal and nuclear electrical power plants. 

Production creates wealth, income and jobs.

What the American people do not need is another tax increase based upon government funded junk science of climate models.

McCain Addresses Climate Change

“…And we must do this in a way that gives American businesses new incentives and new rewards to seek, instead of just giving them new taxes to pay and new orders to follow,” McCain said, “The most direct way to achieve this is through a system that sets clear limits on all greenhouse gases, while also allowing the sale of rights to excess emissions. And this is the proposal I will submit to the Congress if I am elected president — a cap-and-trade system to change the dynamic of our energy economy.”

TV AD – A Better Way 

If Senator McCain cannot figure this one out, he will not be getting my vote.

I am forced to conclude that Senator McCain with his proposed cap and trade tax no longer wants nor deserves the support or votes of conservatives and libertarians.

It is time for both conservatives and libertarians who in the past supported the Republican Party to give serious consideration to the formation of a conservative party.

Let us call it the American Conservative Alliance Party (ACAP).

Put a cap on taxes, government spending, and regulations and then starting cutting them.

Professional politicians and the elites of both political parties are out of control.

Time for another party.

You have to stand for something!

Aaron Tippin-You’ve Got To Stand For Something


Background Articles and Videos

Club for Growth Disappointed with McCain’s Cap-and-Trade Plan

“…McCain’s cap-and-trade bill to limit CO2 emissions is badly flawed and would do great damage to the economy. Although McCain promotes the cap-and-trade plan as a market-based solution, it is just another heavy government regulation with tremendous costs to American businesses and economic growth.

The cap-and-trade system has a number of flaws. For starters, the proposal is no different than a tax on carbon emissions; it merely hides the cost increase through a trading mechanism in order to make the bill more politically palatable. Companies who can’t afford to lower their CO2 emissions will be forced to buy emission credits from other companies or the government, raising production costs. According to the Congressional Budget Office’s analysis, the legislation would amount to a $1.21 trillion tax over ten years. These costs will then be passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices. According to a paper by the Heritage Foundation, energy prices could jump by 36 to 65 percent by 2015…” 

JOHN McCAIN AND 100% AUCTIONS….On Monday, John McCain outlined his climate change policy, which includes a cap-and-trade program:

We will cap emissions according to specific goals, measuring progress by reference to past carbon emissions. By the year 2012, we will seek a return to 2005 levels of emission, by 2020, a return to 1990 levels, and so on until we have achieved at least a reduction of sixty percent below 1990 levels by the year 2050.

….As part of my cap-and-trade incentives, I will also propose to include the purchase of offsets from those outside the scope of the trading system….Through the sale of offsets — and with strict standards to assure that reductions are real — our agricultural sector alone can provide as much as forty percent of the overall reductions we will require in greenhouse gas emissions….Over time, an increasing fraction of permits for emissions could be supplied by auction, yielding federal revenues that can be put to good use.

Cap-and-trade like Soviet-style central planning

Random Thoughts

By Thomas Sowell

“…Senator John McCain could never convince me to vote for him. Only Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama can cause me to vote for McCain. …”

“…There is no question that Barack Obama is a clever and glib fellow. There is also no question that some of the most foolish, dangerous and horrific things done around the world in the past hundred years have been done by clever and glib fellows.

When someone is brutally murdered, the media often defuse our shock by focusing on praise of the victim, instead of focusing on what can be done to keep the murderer from ever doing this again. In the midst of all this emotional venting, it is galling to realize that chances are the murderer will eventually be put back on the street again. …”

Rush Global Warming Update Song


Bi-Partisan Government WON’T work…

Global Warming is a Myth…

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