John McCain and Hillary Clinton Anger Management Issues

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Anger management issues are a nice way of saying he/she is a hot head that bullies people by yelling at them using obscene language.

Both John McCain, Hillary and Bill Clinton all have a reputation for having anger management issues to varying degrees.

While most people will on occasion lose there temper and errupt with an expletive deleted, a pattern of such outbursts is cause for pausing and even considering is this a person we want to be President of The United States of America?

I think not.

This is especially true if the people advising them do not have the back-bone to challenge such behavior and take them to task.

Few unfortunately do and especially so if that person is the elected President.

Vote none of the above in November.

Background Articles and Videos

McCain: A Question of Temperament

By Michael Leahy
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, April 20, 2008; A01

“…Smith admits to not liking McCain, a point he has often made over the years to reporters. “I’ve witnessed a lot of his temper and outbursts,” Smith said. “For me, some of this stuff is relevant. It raises questions about stability. . . . It’s more than just temper. It’s this need of his to show you that he’s above you — a sneering, condescending attitude. It’s hurt his relationships in Congress. . . . I’ve seen it up-close.”

Smith, whose service in the Navy included a tour on the waters in and around Vietnam, said he stood stunned one day when McCain declared around several of their colleagues that Smith wasn’t a real Vietnam War veteran. “I was in the combat zone, off the Mekong River, for 10 months,” Smith said. “He went on to insult me several times. I wasn’t on the land; I guess that was his reasoning. . . . He suggested I was masquerading about my Vietnam service. It was very hurtful. He’s gotten to a lot of people [that way].”

McCain goes MAD with ANGER about immigration questions

McCain Denies Having “McCain Moments” … Has “Moments”

When John McCain Hit Another Republican

MSNBC Countdown : McCain : Temper Temper

 Fred Thompson



Dobson’s Sitting Out if McCain’s the Nominee

“…I’m deeply disappointed the Republican Party seems poised to select a nominee who did not support a Constitutional amendment to protect the institution of marriage, who voted for embryonic stem cell research to kill nascent human beings, who opposed tax cuts that ended the marriage penalty, and who has little regard for freedom of speech, who organized the Gang of 14 to preserve filibusters, and has a legendary temper and often uses foul and obscene language.
“I am convinced Sen. McCain is not a conservative, and in fact, has gone out of his way to stick his thumb in the eyes of those who are.  He has at times sounded more like a member of the other party.  McCain actually considered leaving the GOP in 2001, and approached John Kerry about being Kerry’s running mate in 2004.  McCain also said publicly that Hillary Clinton would make a good president.  Given these and many other concerns, a spoonful of sugar does not make the medicine go down.  I cannot, and I will not vote for Sen. John McCain, as a matter of conscience.  …:

McCain’s Out-of-Control Anger: Does He Have the Temperament to Be President?

“…”What has struck me about McCain is that everybody underestimated the ability of his advisers and him to hypnotize the national media, because most of us in the media in Arizona thought of him as a guy who had a terrible temper, occasionally had a foul mouth, a guy who whined and pouted unless he got his way,” Murphy said. “McCain has a temper that is bombastic, volatile, and purple-faced. Sometimes he gets out of control. Do you want somebody sitting in the White House with that kind of temper?” …”

Book: McCain temper boiled over in ’92 tirade,…

McCain’s Sharp Tongue: an Achilles Heel?

“…Yet McCain’s temper hinders his efforts to make peace with his critics and rally Republicans behind his candidacy for president. That could be a big problem, because his most persistent foes _ conservative radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Focus on the Family founder James Dobson _ talk to tens of millions of people each day.

McCain and his advisers insist the acrimony is about matters of policy: “We have disagreements on specific issues from time to time,” McCain recently said of his critics.

In fact, the disputes often are as much about style as they are about substance.

McCain’s tone was certainly on Dobson’s mind when he issued a stinging anti-endorsement on Super Tuesday. He mentioned various issues, but Dobson also said the senator “has a legendary temper and often uses foul and obscene language.” …”

What Does It Mean?

“…Temperament is far more important for a President than for a candidate. A President has to be on an even keel 24/7, for four long years, despite crises that can break out anywhere in the world at any time.

John McCain trails the pack in the temperament department, with his volatile, arrogant, and abrasive know-it-all attitude. His track record in the Senate is full of the betrayals of Republican supporters that have been the party’s biggest failing over the years and its Achilles heel politically.

The elder President Bush’s betrayal of his “no new taxes” pledge was the classic example, but the current President Bush’s attempt to get amnesty for illegal aliens, with Senator McCain’s help, was more of the same. …”

McCain win would mean war with Iran

Seven Things To Know About Bill and Hillary Clinton

“…3. Rumors of Sen. John McCain’s temper have haunted his campaign. Hillary’s temper is even more widely documented, by disaffected Secret Service agents, military aides, Arkansas state troopers and others. Hillary repeatedly has been in rows with agents whom she importuned to carry her bags despite Secret Service regulations against the practice. While first lady, Hillary threw a book at the back of an agent’s head, as reported to me by White House military personnel. She repeatedly has thrown temper tantrums in front of staff, used foul language and hit her husband, as reported by security and other staff members. …:

The Foulmouthed & Lying Clintons

by Reinhold Aman, Ph.D.

George Stephanopoulos Interview, describing Clinton 1 of 2

George Stephanopoulos Interview, describing Clinton 2 of 2

Democrats praise John Mccain

Anger management

Anger management: What are you so angry about?

Five Easy Pieces Diner Scene

Jack Nicholson Bangs On About His Creepy Hillary Clinton Video

Jack Nicholson Exclusive: Actor Talks About Hillary Clinton, Campaign Ad — ‘This Woman Can Do This Job’ 

“…MTV: One attribute Obama seems to possess over Clinton is this uncanny capacity to inspire people.

Nicholson: Well, why would we assume he wouldn’t continue to energize people were he not the nominee? Even his own people know it’s a bit early for him, but these are the circumstances. Believe me, the Republicans are not going to let him slide. MTV doesn’t want to hear this, but he seems youthful. His small mistakes do not get amplified. I love the inspiration of Senator Obama, but we have a representative republic for this very reason. In the original democracy in [ancient Greece], everybody voted and that was it. They realized they didn’t want the hot song of the week to take over the country. The same is true of these superdelegates. These superdelegates are there to make democracy more thoughtful. You can’t just discount super-delegates for one reason or another. These are the rules of the Democratic Party. The only thing I can say is, it’s obvious one person is more experienced.  …”

Jack and Hill

Jack Nicholson Hillary Clinton Video (Parody)

A Few Good Men: Lunch With Jessup

A Few Good Men: Nicholson’s Final Words


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[…] John McCain and Hillary Clinton Anger Management Issues […]

[…] John McCain and Hillary Clinton Anger Management Issues […]

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