Barack Obama: A Watermelon Man–Green on The Outside–Red on The Inside

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 Watermelon Man


Senator Obama on Jobs, Guns, Religion, and Illegal Immigration

“You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not.

And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”


Barack Obama’s small town guns and religion comments

Religious distress is at the same time the expression of real distress and the protest against real distress. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless situation. It is the opium of the people. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is required for their real happiness. The demand to give up the illusion about its condition is the demand to give up a condition which needs illusions.

~Karl Marx, Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right

Video montage: Obama, Clinton on bitterness



Terrorism – Barack Obama – Bitter Elitist – 4/14/08 


Obama’s New Problems With Remarks About Small Town PA


One question Senator Obama, if all the criminal aliens holding jobs in the United States were required to go home to their country of origin, how many American citizens that are currently unemployed would find employment?

Millions of white, black, hispanic and asian American citizens would, Senator.

The rate of unemployment would fall below three percent, the United States would have full employment and wages and income would rise!

Yes they are bitter about the political elites of both the Republican and Democratic Party who break their oaths of office and fail to enforce the laws of the United States.

Yes they are bitter for having to pay local and state taxes to pay for the education, welfare benefits, medical care, jails, and prisons for criminal aliens.

Yes they are bitter for soaring crime rates and drugs in neighborhoods, towns, and cities which had very low crime rates until the arrival of twenty-five million plus criminal aliens.

Yes they are bitter about those who try to take away their guns that they use to defend their homes from criminals while they await the arrival of the police.

Yes they are bitter about the global warming hoax being used by the political elites of both parties to justify another tax increase called cap and trade.

Yes they are bitter about more taxes, regulations, and government spending resulting in more and more American businesses going abroad to produce goods they can no longer afford to produce in the USA.

Yes they are bitter about rising food and gasoline prices caused by government regulations and subsidies that benefit the contributors to both political parties while the American consumers be damned.

Yes they are bitter about professional politicians from both political parties that are bought and paid by those who benefit from illegal immigration.

No I am not bitter Senator Obama, I am mad as hell and I am not going to take this any more.


Network – Mad as hell


All three candidates for President of the United States and the current President favored comprehensive immigration reform–a code word for amnesty.

All three presidential candidates are completely out of touch with the American people and all three are political elitists.

Vote none of the above in November.

We want nothing from government but to be left alone and for the laws of the nation to be enforced.

Face it Senator you are very green on the outside, but on the inside you are as red as they come–a watermellon man. 

The two greatest orators of the twentieth century were Winston Churchill and Adolph Hitler.

Senator, you are no Winston Churchill.


Winston churchill “finest hour”


Winston Churchill Inspirational


Background Articles and Videos 


Barack Obama: Religion (and Guns) the Opiate of the Masses *Updated and Bumped*

‘…I guess I missed something somewhere. He claims he SAID that when people are bitter they “turn to what [they] can count on” like faith, family and community, but what he really said was that people “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

Perhaps he doesn’t know the difference between “turning to” (as in looking to something for comfort and support) and “clinging to” (as in out of desperation and a refusal to change).

And maybe there are subtle nuances between getting “mad about illegal immigrants who are coming into this country” (as in feeling angry about people who are breaking the law to come here and continue to break the law by being here) -and- “antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment” (as in xenophobia and a hatred of all immigrants, legal or illegal).

I just think he opened his mouth and revealed some of what he REALLY thinks, which is a dangerous thing for a politician to do, especially if he wants to be elected by people whom he secretly disdains.

Obama Woos Gun-Toting God Nuts

It’s going to take a lot of “framing” for Democrats to recast Obama’s explanation to San Francisco cafe society that gun ownership and a belief in God are the byproducts of a psychological disorder brought on by economic hardship.

It is an article of faith with the Democrats that they must fool Americans by simulating agreement with normal people. The winner of the Democratic primary is always the candidate who does the best impersonation of an American. …” 

“…Obama had been so careful until now, “framing” his message as “change” — rather than partial birth abortion, driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, tax hikes, socialized medicine and abandoning mandatory minimum prison sentences for federal crimes.

His message is “change” — not that his wife has not been proud to be an American for most of her life.

He is for “change” — and don’t mind the crazy racist loon who has been Obama’s spiritual mentor for two decades. …:


Huge Backlash Against Obama Elitist Comments


Obama (2004) connects guns, religion, economics, and bitter


Obama: Bitter ‘White Working Class, Don’t Wanna Work, Don’t Wanna Vote For The Black Guy’


Mitt Romney – Barack Obama – Bitter Elitist – Part 2


Obama Tim Russert’s last interview w/Barack Obama


Tim Russert’s last interview w/Barack Obama


A Living Lie
Obama’s controversial statements in San Francisco are perfectly in line with his Senate record.

By Thomas Sowell

“…Like so much that Obama has said and done over the years, this is standard stuff on the far Left, where guns and religion are regarded as signs of psychological dysfunction — and where opinions different from those of the Left are ascribed to emotions (“bitter” in this case), rather than to arguments that need to be answered.

Like so many others on the Left, Obama rejects “stereotypes” when they are stereotypes he doesn’t like but blithely throws around his own stereotypes about “a typical white person” or “bitter” gun-toting, religious, and racist working-class people.

In politics, the clearer a statement is, the more certain it is to be followed by a “clarification,” when people react adversely to what was plainly said. …”

“…Obama is also part of a long tradition on the Left of being for the working class in the abstract, or as people potentially useful for the purposes of the Left, but having disdain or contempt for them as human beings.

Karl Marx said, “The working class is revolutionary or it is nothing.” In other words, they mattered only in so far as they were willing to carry out the Marxist agenda. …”


Barack Obama’s Bitter Liberalism
By George Will

“…The iconic public intellectual of liberal condescension was Columbia University historian Richard Hofstadter, who died in 1970 but whose spirit still permeated that school when Obama matriculated there in 1981. Hofstadter pioneered the rhetorical tactic that Obama has revived with his diagnosis of working-class Democrats as victims — the indispensable category in liberal theory. The tactic is to dismiss rather than refute those with whom you disagree.

Obama’s dismissal is: Americans, especially working-class conservatives, are unable, because of their false consciousness, to deconstruct their social context and embrace the liberal program. Today that program is to elect Obama, thereby making his wife at long last proud of America.

Hofstadter dismissed conservatives as victims of character flaws and psychological disorders — a “paranoid style” of politics rooted in “status anxiety,” etc. Conservatism rose on a tide of votes cast by people irritated by the liberalism of condescension.

Obama voiced such liberalism with his “bitterness” remarks to an audience of affluent San Franciscans. Perfect. …”


Re: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama battle over bitter comments

Barack Obama’s ‘guns and religion’ blunder gives Hillary Clinton a chance

Hillary Clinton says her rival is exposed as an elitist with comments that look like an attack on small-town attitudes in the United States

“…Mrs Clinton was buoyed yesterday by Republican strategists who declared that Mr Obama’s remarks would become a general election “nightmare” for the Illinois senator if he became the Democratic nominee because they made him look like a liberal elitist.

Mrs Clinton activated the entire might of her campaign machine to exploit the remarks, which she called “demeaning”, “elitist” and “out of touch”. Aides handed out “I’m not bitter” stickers and surrogates took to the airwaves to fan the flames. …”


Obama dogged by ‘bitter’ guns and religion row

“Barack Obama was Tuesday braced for another round of attacks from Democratic foe Hillary Clinton, after his comments on “bitter” working class voters sparked a political firestorm.

Clinton hoped to use the row to enlist blue collar support and as a springboard to catch Obama in the Democratic race, in the tense run-up to next week’s Pennsylvania primary.

She turned up the heat on her rival on Monday, debuting a new advertisement in Pennsylvania, featuring voters taking offense to his remark that some economically bereft Americans sought refuge in God and guns.

But Obama hit back, telling Democrats at a dinner in Philadelphia: “it’s not me who’s out of touch.”

“I know exactly what folks are going through,” he said, expressing sympathy with voters who lacked jobs and healthcare. …”


Discussion on Obama’s Bitter Comment


John McCain – Barack Obama – Bitter Elitest


McCain Camp: Barack Obama is an “Elitist”

by Bonney Kapp

“…Schmidt said Obama’s remarks hit the “heart and soul of this country” and predicted Obama would have difficulty connecting with voters. “I think people will resent it and be very angry about it because that is not how most Americans view themselves. That’s now how most Americans view their lives in terms of practicing their faith or exercising their Second Amendment rights or having a desire to secure the borders in the country,” he explained.

When Obama later defended his remarks to voters in Indiana, a McCain spokesman fired back, “Instead of apologizing to small town Americans for dismissing their values, Barack Obama arrogantly tried to spin his way out of his outrageous San Francisco remarks. Only an elitist who attributes religious faith and gun ownership to bitterness would think that tax cuts for the rich include families who make $75,000 per year. Only an elitist would say that people vote their values only out of frustration. Barack Obama thinks he knows your hopes and fears better than you do. You can’t be more out of touch than that.” …”


Off-the-Record Obama
The Politics of Meaning on steroids.

By Peter Wehner

“…On a deeper level, what we saw in Obama’s comments is a glimpse into a particular worldview, one that animates his political philosophy (contemporary liberalism). Senator Obama seems to view ordinary Americans as bitter, often broken, small-minded objects of pity rather than anger, ostensibly in need of instruction from — you guessed it — Barack Obama. The words of Michelle Obama are worth recalling in this context. She has spoken about her husband pushing us out of our “comfort zones,” saying “Barack knows at some level there is a hole in our souls” and “Barack is the only person in this race who understands that before we can work on the problems as a nation, we have to fix our souls. Our souls are broken in this nation.”

This is the Politics of Meaning on steroids. If one views Americans as fundamentally needy children rather than competent citizens, one embraces the precepts of the nanny state — the state that (in Margaret Thatcher’s memorable phrase) takes too much from you in order to do too much for you. This provides an enormous opening for Senator McCain, who can frame this election as pitting a candidate who believes in self-government, against a candidate who believes in the nanny state.Increasingly, Barack Obama appears to be the Candidate of Illusion. He presents himself as post-racial — which is harder to accept than it once was, given his intimate, longtime relationship with a pastor and church that harbor deep and obvious racial anger toward whites. Obama presents himself as post-partisan — even though in his time in the Senate he has done nothing to bridge the partisan divide, which explains why he has been endorsed by the rabidly partisan Obama presents himself as post-ideological — even though he was named the Senate’s most liberal member in 2007 by the respected National Journal. Obama is a public critic of free trade — yet his chief economic adviser is quoted by a Canadian official as saying that Obama’s position on NAFTA is politically motivated and insincere. Obama speaks about the importance of religious faith in his life and the life of the nation — yet when speaking to a group of rich liberals, he implicitly denigrates people of faith, pairing them with people who have “antipathy to people who aren’t like them” and who harbor “anti-immigrant sentiment[s].” He paints religious believers as folks clinging to crutches to better deal with their desperate lives — only to insist last night that his words were actually a tribute to people of religious faith. So sayeth Barack Obama, “healer of broken souls.” …”


Photoshop of the week: Typical liberal snob; Update: New Obama spin – “I didn’t say it as well as I could have”

Red State Update: Obama Bashes Small Town America


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[…] Barack Obama: A Watermellon Man–Green on The Outside–Red on The Inside […]

[…] Barack Obama: A Watermellon Man–Green on The Outside–Red on The Inside […]

[…] Barack Obama: A Watermellon Man–Green on The Outside–Red on The Inside […]

[…] Barack Obama: A Watermelon Man–Green on The Outside–Red on The Inside […]

[…] Barack Obama: A Watermelon Man–Green on The Outside–Red on The Inside […]

[…] Barack Obama: A Watermellon Man–Green on The Outside–Red on The Inside […]

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