Barack Obama–Damaged Goods–Birds of A Feather Flock Together

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 Birds of a feather flock together,
And so will pigs and swine;
Rats and mice will have their choice,
And so will I have mine.

Queen-We Will Rock You

The pump and dump mainstream media fairly consistently ignored the church Barack Obama was voluntarily attending for twenty years and its pastor the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.

Simply put many in the mainstream media knew that if the views expressed by the Reverand Wright were ever widely aired, Obama would have a lot of explaining to do and few would believe that he did not know Pastor’s Wright true feelings and opinions were over these many years.

No longer can the pump and dump mainstream media ignore Reverend Wright and Senator Obama’s long association and attendance at his church. 

First the mainstream media pumps its chosen candidate up.

Then they dump him or her when the going gets rough.

The tipping point for dumping is near.

Obama needs to make a Nixion checkers speech, I doubt he can pull it off.

While Obama may get the black vote, the white male vote will defeat him and the Democrats know it.

Once Reverand’s Wright sermons are widely aired and Obama’s twenty year association becomes known, every white bigot and racist will make it a point to vote against Obama.

It will not matter whether Obama is at the top of the ticket or has the second spot, as the vice presidential  candidate.

It is not quilt by association, it is revelation by association, the mask is off.

Obama is damaged goods and nothing he says and does will distance him from his pastor.

Another one bites the dust Queen

The Democrats know they need a white male on the ticket and a fusion ticket of Obama/Clinton will be soundly defeated.

Will the Democratic super delegates give the nod to Clinton or go down in defeat with Obama?

Procol Harum – A whiter shade of pale 1967

A Whiter Shade of Pale

Senator John McCain, while not my favorite “conservative”, will win by a large margin, if not a landslide.

If the Republican Party establishment had backed a true conservative, the 2008 Presidential Election would rival if not exceed the Reagan landslides of both 1980 and 1984.

Senator McCain will win but I seriously doubt it will be a landslide for the simple reason many conservatives and libertarians will just stay home.

May I be the first to congratulate President McCain.

Queen – We Are The Champions (Live At Wembley 86)

“You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they?”

Matthew 7:16

Background Articles and Videos


Barack Obama Speech on Race (Tuesday, March 18, 2008) 



Transcript of Obama speech







Obama’s Big Speech

By Thomas Lifson

“…he has unconvincingly argued that he wasn’t there when the bad things were said, that Wright is like a crazy uncle, and that we have to remember that the scars of the past have not healed for the older generation. Worst of all, his language has been transparently evasive, making him look like a man with something to hide.

Obama implicitly promised racial healing, which is exactly what makes his two decades of cleaving to the teachings of a raging racial hater so shocking. The visceral impact of hate-filled pastoral rants and congregants clapping as they leap to their feet utterly contradicts the promise of bringing us together.  

How can Obama get out of his hole? 

Given his skills and the amount of time he has available to prepare, he may well be able to sell a formula that will reassure enough of his supporters to avoid a collapse of his campaign. Shoring up the base is usually the first priority for any politician in crisis. That should get him into the convention with a solid lead among ordinary delegates. At that point, the fear of angering his constituency will probably ensure he gets the nomination. …” 



Obama’s Speech
By Thomas Sowell

“…The great unasked question for Senator Obama is the question that was asked about President Nixon during the Watergate scandal; What did he know and when did he know it?

Although Senator Obama would now have us believe that he is shocked, shocked, at what Jeremiah Wright said, that he was not in the church when pastor Wright said those things from the pulpit, this still leaves the question of why he disinvited Wright from the event at which he announced his candidacy for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination a year ago. Either Barack Obama or his staff must have known then that Jeremiah Wright was not someone whom they wanted to expose to the media and to the media scrutiny to which that could lead.Why not, if it is only now that Senator Obama is learning for the first time, to his surprise, what kinds of things Jeremiah Wright has been saying and doing?

No one had to be in church the day Wright made his inflammatory and obscene remarks to know about them.

The cable news journalists who are playing the tapes of those sermons were not there. The tapes were on sale in the church itself. Obama knew that because he had bought one or more of those tapes. …” 



Barack Obama Pastor Jeremiah Wright




Obama Spriritual Advisor: God Da*mn America!



Hannity Gloats While Smearing Obama’s Pastor



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[…] Barack Obama–Damaged Goods–Birds of A Feather Flock Together […]

[…] Barack Obama–Damaged Goods–Birds of A Feather Flock Together […]

[…] Barack Obama–Damaged Goods–Birds of A Feather Flock Together […]

[…] Barack Obama–Damaged Goods–Birds of A Feather Flock Together […]

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[…] Barack Obama–Damaged Goods–Birds of A Feather Flock Together […]

[…] Barack Obama–Damaged Goods–Birds of A Feather Flock Together […]

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