A Glimpse At Greatness–Mitt Romney–The Conservative’s Conservative!

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Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work.

And that’s the price we’ll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal.

 ~Vince Lombardi

Mitt Romney was not my first, second, or even third choice for the Republican candidate for President of the United States of America.

However, as my favorite candidates decided not to run or droppped out, I took a very close look at Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney became my fourth choice because he was a conservative and I saw a leader with the potential for greatness.

The speech Romney wrote himself and presented at CPAC 08 was inspiring and well worth watching and reading whatever your political inclinations.

Senator McCain would be wise to select former Governor Romney as his Vice-President for the Republican Party ticket in 2008.

In a single stroke Senator McCain would unite the Republican Party.

It would also go a long way to addressing the grassroot movement conservatives reservations about Senator McCain’s candidacy.

A McCain/Romney ticket would win.

I would vote for such a ticket despite my serious reservations with many of Senator McCain’s positions on such issues as immigration, global warming and a new cap and trade tax.

Laura Ingraham Intros Romney at CPAC 08


Mitt TV: Campaign Suspended (Video of Mitt Romney’s entire speech at CPAC 2008)



Mitt Romney’s CPAC speech on YouTube:

Romney at CPAC 08 pt1a


Romney at CPAC 08 pt1b


Romney at CPAC 08 pt2 


ROMNEY pulls out , withdraws, suspends 2-07-2008


Mitt Romney / Ronald Reagan – No Retreat, No Surrender


Governor Mitt Romney Addresses CPAC 2008

“…Over the years, my business has taken me to many countries. I have been struck by the enormous differences in the wealth and well-being of people of different nations. I have read a number of scholarly explanations for the disparities. I found the most convincing was that written by David Landes, a professor emeritus from Harvard University. I presume he’s a liberal – I guess that’s redundant. His work traces the coming and going of great civilizations throughout history. After hundreds of pages of analysis, he concludes with this:

“If we learn anything from the history of economic development, it is that culture makes all the difference. Culture makes all the difference.

“What is it about American culture that has led us to become the most powerful nation in the history of the world? We believe in hard work and education. We love opportunity: almost all of us are immigrants or descendants of immigrants who came here for opportunity – opportunity is in our DNA. Americans love God, and those who don’t have faith, typically believe in something greater than themselves – a ‘Purpose Driven Life.’ And we sacrifice everything we have, even our lives, for our families, our freedoms and our country. The values and beliefs of the free American people are the source of our nation’s strength and they always will be. …” 


Mitt Romney Speech at CPAC 2007 


Mitt Romney Speech at CPAC: Part 2:


Mitt Romney Speech at CPAC: Part 4


Mitt Romney Speech at CPAC: Part 5


Mitt Romney Speech at CPAC: Part 6  


Mitt Romney Speech at CPAC: Part 7


Former Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA) with wife Ann Romney
Conservative Political Action Conference
Washington, DC
March 2, 2007

“…Now, it’s the conservative coalition represented in this room that can build a brighter future for America—economic conservatives, social conservatives, and national conservatives. …”

“…Thirty years ago, in challenging times, a great coalition was forged in these halls. Today we face a new generation of challenges.

If we, in this room, lock our arms together, we can forge the political will to rebuild our military might.

If we, in this room, will simply march forward, we can propel America’s growth and prosperity to lead the world.

If we, in this room, lift up our eyes, we will lift the spirit of the entire nation.

Now is the time. This is the place for us to lead a great coalition of strength for our families, for our future, for America.

God bless the United States of America.”


“The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.”

~Ray Kroc

 Frank Sinatra – My Way



Background Articles and Videos


Peggy Noonan with Laura Ingraham

The Fight On The Right  



McCain’s Veep Options

By PAT TOOMEY, February 8, 2008 

“…Despite his impressive wins Tuesday, Mr. McCain lost among self-identified conservative voters and only managed a statistical tie with Mr. Romney among self-described Republicans. To win in November, Mr. McCain needs a strong economically conservative message. Picking a vice presidential nominee who can credibly champion that message is the first and perhaps best indicator he can give voters how he will govern if he makes it to the Oval Office. …”



The Case for McCain
He’s resilient. He’s consistent. He has backbone. And he’s gonna win.By Larry Kudlow 

“…McCain is also good news for business and the stock market. He wants to cut the corporate tax and keep dividend and cap-gains tax rates low. He’s tough as nails on restraining government spending and blowing up earmarks. On top of all this, he’s a very strong free trader who knows America can compete with the rest of the world.

Stock market fears about a new wave of tax hikes should be put aside. It ain’t gonna happen after McCain is sworn in. Neither will protectionism. So far as I can tell, high taxes and diminished free trade are the biggest worries for business and stocks. Investors can cast their fears aside. …”



 Ann Coulter on Gov. Romney at CPAC 2007



 the rolling stones – you can’t always get what you want



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4 Responses to “A Glimpse At Greatness–Mitt Romney–The Conservative’s Conservative!”

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Think About It
Super Tuesday is over, who do you think is the happiest camper in America?
Bill Clinton. The man who became our President with only 43% of the popular vote, (remember Ross Perot and his groupies?) is edging ever closer to becoming the “first man” at the Clinton White House No. 2. Why? Two words: Super-delegates! Go back to 1968. The Democrat Party saw itself fall apart in disgrace in Chicago on public television. In the early 1970’s, the party’s rules were changed to allow more activists, women and minorities into the process. The Problem: How do we keep the loyalty of all these special interest groups (women, Latinos, gays, African-Americans, tree-huggers) without actually giving them control of the party? The answer: Super-delegates, 800 of them, 40% of the number needed to secure a nomination. Who are they? Democrat former Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Governors, DNC members, among some others. Let the various special interests have their say with their buzz-words: “Hope, change, united, health care.” But when it’s all over, the power to broker a back room deal is in the hand of 800 un-pledged delegates who are free to vote as they please. And who better to broker a back room deal than the Clintons?
And who is the second happiest camper in America? Irving Kristol, self-confessed “Godfather” of the neo-conservative camp within the Republican Party, and best friend of the military-industrial complex, which Dwight Eisenhower warned us about 48 years ago. The Republican Party has no such Super-delegates. The neo-con’s problem? How do we keep the conservative base loyal to a moderate (?) Republican like John “We may be in Iraq for 100 years” or “Don’t tell me about border security, I know more than anybody in this room” McCain. He barely won his own state, Arizona, in the primary. The answer is simple. Split the conservative vote. Bring in someone—Governor Huckabee—to siphon off the right wing evangelicals: “That man is a Mormon”; who want a theocracy (just somewhat short of the one in Iran.) Author’s disclaimer: I consider myself an evangelical Christian, and I do believe Huckabee is a good man who truly wants to be President. But I am also a pragmatic politico. Where else can the conservative go in November? He/she is neither going across to vote for another Clinton, nor for the most liberal member of the US Senate. So the neo-cons are betting on their best chance to preserve the status-quo with John McCain, and potential running mate Huckabee. The problem is that McCain’s strong states in the primary are those he will lose to a Democrat in November. Regardless, the average American is so disgusted with the Bush administration, any Republican will fight an uphill battle.
I am reminded of the sputtering start of the Reagan revolution. Many of us who believed in his principles gathered around him in1976, even though he was trying to take the nomination from a decent (but moderate) sitting Republican president (although he had not been elected so.) The incumbency won Ford the nomination, but inflation and a smiling peanut broker cost him the election. Four years later, a charismatic Reagan re-appeared to win the election and change world history in a way that happens but once in a lifetime. I formerly had a partner who used to say, “The wheel keeps turning.” I refer to his quote to support my thesis: If not for Watergate, there would have been no Jimmy Carter; but if not for Jimmy Carter, there would have been no Ronald Reagan. Things seem to work out in the end for those who have faith. Mitt is young, he can wait!

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[…] A Glimpse At Greatness–Mitt Romney–The Conservative’s Conservative! […]

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