1,119 Delegates –Romney/Huckabee Republican Ticket–FlatTax Time and Georgia On My Mind

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Ray Charles “Georgia on my Mind”



 To win the Republican Party nomination for President of the United States of America you need to have 1,119 delegate votes out of 2,380 delegate votes.

Republican Party (United States) presidential primaries, 2008 (Latest Delegate Results)



Candidates Actual
pledged delegates
(66 of 146)
pledged delegates
(146 of 1,917)
unpledged delegates
(10 of 463)
Estimated total delegates
(156 of 2,380;
1,191 needed to win)
Mike Huckabee 7 26 3 29
John McCain 89 95 2 97
Ron Paul 6 6
Mitt Romney 27 67 7 74
Rudy Giuliani 1 1 2
Duncan Hunter
Fred Thompson
Color key: 1st place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place
or lower
Candidate has
Sources: “Primary Season Election Results“, The New York Times, (regularly updated). 
Election Center 2008 Primaries and Caucuses: Results: Republican Scorecard“, CNN, (regularly updated). 
This box: view  talk  edit

Total delegates so far projected: 208
Other delegates yet to be assigned: 2,172
Total number of delegates: 2,380
Delegates required for nomination: 1,191
States already polled: 7 (Iowa, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Michigan, Nevada, South Carolina, Florida)
States yet to be polled: 43
Also to be polled: District of Columbia
Next State(s) in contest:
February 2nd, Maine, Republican closed caucus
February 5th, Super Tuesday, 21 states, 1069 delegates[2] 

If the Republican race were between just two candidates–Senator John McCain and former Governor Mitt Romney, I am confident that Mitt Romney would win the nomination by his overwhelming support of grassroot movement conservatives.

Unfortunately, there are two candidates that are spliting the conservative vote–former Governors Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee.

This enables the Republican Party establishment elite and the pump and dump drive by media candidate Senator John McCain to win the most delegates this coming Tuesday and may be even win the nomination.

Senator John McCain is not trusted by grassroot movement conservatives.

While Senator McCain fancies himself a maverick, most conservatives view his flirting with changing political parties and running with Senator John Kerry in 2004 as the betrayal of the conservative movement not to mention the Republican Party.

Kerry: McCain asked to be my VP in 2004


Hume Discusses McCain and Kerry  




Rush: A Moderate GOP Nominee will lose in Landslide


Peggy Noonan with Laura Ingraham

The Fight On The Right  


Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

January 25, 2008; Page W14

“…On the pundit civil wars, Rush Limbaugh declared on the radio this week, “I’m here to tell you, if either of these two guys [Mr. McCain or Mike Huckabee] get the nomination, it’s going to destroy the Republican Party. It’s going to change it forever, be the end of it!”

This is absurd. George W. Bush destroyed the Republican Party, by which I mean he sundered it, broke its constituent pieces apart and set them against each other. He did this on spending, the size of government, war, the ability to prosecute war, immigration and other issues.

Were there other causes? Yes, of course. But there was an immediate and essential cause.

And this needs saying, because if you don’t know what broke the elephant you can’t put it together again. The party cannot re-find itself if it can’t trace back the moment at which it became lost. It cannot heal an illness whose origin is kept obscure.

I believe that some of the ferocity of the pundit wars is due to a certain amount of self-censorship. It’s not in human nature to enjoy self-censorship. The truth will out, like steam from a kettle. It hurts to say something you supported didn’t work. I would know. But I would say of these men (why, in the continuing age of Bill Clinton, does the emoting come from the men?) who are fighting one another as they resist naming the cause for the fight: Sack up, get serious, define. That’s the way to help.” 


 John McCain Hates Me
By Michael Reagan

Michael Reagan, the eldest son of Ronald Reagan, is heard daily by over 5 million listeners via his nationally syndicated talk radio program, “The Michael Reagan Show.”

“…As I watched McCain and Governor Romney go at it during the debate at the Reagan Library I was struck by the huge gap that separates McCain — whose contempt for his fellow humans is patently obvious — and my dad, Ronald Reagan, who had nothing but the deepest affection and respect for the American people.

The feeling is mutual between McCain and me. I don’t like the way he treats people. You get the impression that he thinks everybody is beneath him. He seems to be saying, “I was a war hero, and you had damn well better treat me as your superior.”He has contempt for conservatives who he thinks can be duped into thinking he’s one of them, despite such blatantly anti-conservative actions as his support for amnesty for illegal immigrants, his opposition to the Bush tax cuts which got the economy rolling again, and his campaign finance bill which skewed the political process and attacked free speech.

I am appalled by his contempt for the intelligence of his listeners when he flat-out lies and expects them to believe what he says even when the truth is staring them in the face…” 


Breaking Up Is Hard To Do – Calendar Girl Neil Sedaka  


Should Senator John McCain eventually win the nomination, the Republican Party will be repeating the same mistake that lead to the defeats of Jerry Ford, George H. Bush, and Robert Dole.

Enough conservatives will not vote for Senator McCain resulting in victory for either Senator Clinton or Senator Obama in winning the presidential election in 2008.

A repeat of the 1992 election and another Clinton in the White House.

This is the reason Senator McCain is popular with both the pump and dump drive by media and many liberal progressive leftist Democrats.

The Democrats are convinced that they can beat Senator McCain and he is the weakest Republican candidate.

I am afraid they are right if he is the Republican Party candidate.

A Rebellion and an Awkward Embrace

February 1, 2008

“…The conventional wisdom is Mr. Romney can’t win it while Mike Huckabee’s in it. If Mr. Huckabee dropped out, Mr. Romney might pick up his conservatives. But Mr. Huckabee seems very happy running, and perhaps happy thinking of his future as the Mitt slayer in the party of John.

Mr. McCain seems to me to have two immediate problems, both of which he might address. One is that he doesn’t seem to much like conservatives, and never has. They can’t help admire him, but they’ve disagreed with him on so many issues, and when they bring this up his demeanor tends to morph into the second problem: He radiates, he telegraphs, a certain indignation at being questioned by people who’ve never had to vote in Congress and make a deal. He’s like Moe Greene in “The Godfather,” when Michael Corleone tells him he’s going to buy him out. “Do you know who I am? I’m Moe Greene. I made my bones when you were going out with cheerleaders.” I’ve been on the firing line, punk. I am the voice of surviving conservatism.

This doesn’t always go over so well. Mr. Giuliani seems to know Mr. McCain is Moe Greene. Mr. Huckabee probably thought “The Godfather” was kinda violent. Mr. Romney may be thinking to himself, But Michael Corleone won in the end, and had better suits.”


Moe Green 


Conservatives would strongly support a Romney/Huckabee ticket and may be even very reluctantly support a McCain/Huckabee ticket if McCain came out publicly supporting the FairTax.


Several reasons.

First, former Governor Huckabee connects with the grassroots as a likeable, humble and honest person, a man of integrity and character.

Second, Mike Huckabee is the best public speaker and debator of all the Republican candidates.

He actually listens to the questions being asked in the debates and responds to the questions. A very smart and effective communicator.

Rumor has it that Huckabee has been receiving advice from former Speaker Newt Gingrich on policy positions to take on various issues including illegal immigration and federal tax reform.

Third, on the issue of illegal immigration, he has listened and now has the strongest possition of all the candidates on this issue.

Huckabee Signs “No Amnesty” Pledge in SC

“…At an event sponsored, by two anti-illegal immigration umbrella groups, Huckabee signed a “No Amnesty” Pledge, that read in part that as president he would oppose” amnesty or any other special path to citizenship for the millions of foreign nationals unlawfully present in the United States.”

Roy Beck, head of Americans for Better Immigration, one of the event organizers, said Huckabee was the only presidential candidate so far to sign the pledge. …” 




“I pledge to oppose amnesty or any other special path to citizenship for the millions of foreign nationals unlawfully present in the United States.  As President, I will fully implement enforcement measures that, over time, will lead to the attrition of our illegal immigrant population. I also pledge to make security of our borders a top priority of my administration.” 


Fourth, Mike Huckabee has grassroots support from not only the religious right or the traditional/social conservatives but also the libertarian/economic conservatives and many independent and moderate Republicans that support the FairTax or a national sales tax on consumption.

Huckabee would run well in the South especially among Baptists, evangelicals and pro lifers–the religious right.

Mitt Romney needs to cut a deal with Mike Huckabee as soon as possible and before the convention.

The offer would be the Vice-President positon on the ticket and public support for the FairTax.

Otherwise, Romney runs the real risk that Senator McCain will cut a deal with Huckabee first.

A distinct possibility.

Apparently some of Senator’s McCain staff have already approached Congressman John Linder about the FairTax.

The two wedge issues that the Democrats fear the most are illegal immigration and tax reform as embodied in the FairTax.

With the right candidates and message on immigration and taxes Republicans could win a landslide victory.

With the wrong candidates and message the Republicans will lose even worse than in 2006.

Only by building on grassroot movement conservative support will the Republicans have a victory in 2008.

Karl Rove gave excellent political strategic advice to Repubican candidates–run from Bush–and I might add run to Ronald Reagan–advice most of the candidates are following religiously.  



Karl Rove: 2008 Election and Hillary Clinton  


The Fair Tax


 Congressman John Linder on the FairTax


Mike Huckabee addresses the Fair Tax Rally  


Mike Huckabee on why the “Fair Tax” is Great  


Should Mike Huckabee beat both Senator McCain and former Governor Mitt Romney in Georgia this Tuesday, it will be due to his evengical, FairTax, and movement conservative grassroot support.

Please Governor Romney make the call and Governor Huckabee accept the offer. 

You will both be amazed by the response of the movement conservatives as well as their leading radio talk show hosts.

Time for real change.

I too have a dream Governor Huckabee and Romney.

Mike Huckabee: It’s about delagates


America The Beautiful (Sir Ray Version)  


Background Articles and Videos

The FairTax Act of 2007


Answering the Critics

Cover Image

 Americans For Fair Taxation

Freedom. Fairness. Savings.

What is the FairTax?


The Origins of the FairTax  


Immigration Gumballs




Glenn Beck with Pat Buchanan, Parts 1 & 2 (11/27/07)


Glenn Beck with Pat Buchanan, Parts 3 & 4 (11/27/07)  


 Ray Charles: Hit The Road Jack


 Rush Vows To Fight On


Coulter: I’ll campaign for Hillary if McCain is the nominee  


Romney is Strongest GOP Candidate — Ann Coulter  





Red State Update: Sayonara Karl Rove


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8 Responses to “1,119 Delegates –Romney/Huckabee Republican Ticket–FlatTax Time and Georgia On My Mind”

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Politico said the “control group” thought Huckabee won the Republican Debate — what’s so astonishing is that the control group consisted wholly of CALIFORNIA WOMEN — that’s right those independent-minded strong California Women thought Huckbee won — now this flies in the face of the Media’s Conventional notion that Huckabee only appeals to the Evangelicals — so why isn’t the Main-Stream Media covering this?????????? You can see the women’s pre- & post-debate comments on Politico. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0108/8235.html

More importantly, today Politico did a story on Women being a key factor in the election — so, this makes Huckabee’s win even more ASTOUNDING & NEWS WORTHY. So, again, why isn’t the MSM covering this?

Oh, and by the way — Huckabee’s press secretary has been trying to get him on Hannity’s show tonight — any success with that??????? Hmmmmm [Just in- they’ve now said Yes for tonight, Feb 1]

How about a debate between Hannity & Huckabee — since Huckabee’s not only running against the Republican Candidates — but the Media as well? Perhaps this could be held on another “Fair & Balanced” network — any suggestions??

Also, Mike is only 1% behind Romney in New National Poll!! So HOW DARE the media ignore and suppress him? For Poll Results see: http://race42008.com/2008/02/01/poll-watch-fox-news-gop-national/

The main-stream media or what I like to call the pump and dumb drive by media are in the tank and fully supporting Senators John McCain and Hillary Clinton. They will pump up McCain during the primaries.

Should Senator McCain win the Republican Party nomination, they will gradually transition to dumping on Senator McCain for the many reasons already known by conservatives and pump up Hillary Clinton the person they want to be elected President.

Politics has nothing to do about what is fair and unfair. Stop whining.

Remember to be nominated and elected President of the United States of America, you need MOMMA–money, organization, message, momentum, and ambition.

You need them all and if you are lacking in one or two, you will not get nominated or elected.

You must play hardball and to win.

“In war there is no substitute for victory.”
General Douglas MacArthur

The same can be said for politics.

[…] Raymond wrote an interesting post today on 1119 Delegates âRomney/Huckabee Republican TicketâFlatTax Time and …Here’s a quick excerptWho will the conservatives vote for now that Fred Thompson and Duncan Hunter are no longer running? John McCain Flunks The Ignorance Test On Global Warming. Who is the conservative/libertarian Presidential candidate in 2008? … […]

Conservatives would strongly support a Romney/Huckabee ticket!

I agree but it looks like Huckabee is more intested in being the Morman slayer than Vice President of the United States.

Huckabee’s comments lately are sounding like whining. If he does not win several southern states Tuesday, he will be history.

[…] 1,119 Delegates –Romney/Huckabee Republican Ticket–FlatTax Time and Georgia On My Mind […]

Huckabee is worth voting for because:
– He is the strongest social conservative in the race (pro-life, pro-marriage)
– He promotes a strong national defense, and secure borders
– He supports the FairTax and has signed the tax pledge to never raise taxes
– He has a history of success as a governor working with a Democrat-laden legislature in a heavily Democratic state
– He can get the African-American vote (40% in Arkansas!).

Read more here:
Concerned about him not being a fiscal conservative? READ THIS article by a reporter who followed him in Arkansas:

[…] United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the […]

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