Hillary Clinton–Requiem for A Goldwater Girl

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Clinton Wells Up: ‘This Is Very Personal’

Hillary Clinton learned how to cry on cue from Bill Clinton:

Clinton Cries in Slo-Mo

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – Big Girls Don’t Cry

Divine–Walk Like A Man

“The Goldwater girls and boys were for the most part innocent, and they tended to have slightly protruded jaws, not unlike Big Barry himself, and blue eyes–an astonishing number had blue eyes (was the world finally coming to the war of the blue-eyes versus the brown-eyed?)–and they were simple, they were small-town, they were hicky, the boys tended to have a little acne, an introspective pimple or two by the corner of the mouth or the side of the chin, a lot of the boys looked solemn and serious, dedicated but slightly blank–they could fix a transistor radio, but a word like ‘Renaissance’ would lay a soft wound of silence, stupefaction in their brain. They were idealists, nearly every last one of them but they did not speak of the happier varieties of idealism; one thought of Lutherans from North Dakota, 4-H from Minnesota, and Eagle Scouts from Maine. Many of them wore eyeglasses.”

~ Norman Mailer (1923-2007)

Conversations with Norman Mailer, page 111.


Conservatives re-take the Republican Party – 1964

Barry Goldwater Clip

You dance with them that brung ya.
—An old Texas expression of loyalty

Shania Twain – Dance With The One That Brought You

 Reagan – A Time For Choosing

“A Time for Choosing” by Ronald Reagan

From a loyal Goldwater boy and Renaissance man.

Background Articles and Videos



Dick Morris Psychoanalyzes Hillary Clinton’s tears, Pt 1

Dick Morris Psychoanalyzes Hillary Clinton’s tears, Pt 2

Norman Mailer On Iraq | Pt. 1

Norman Mailer On Iraq | Pt. 2

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons (Medley) Sherry, Walk Like A Man,Big Girls Don’t Cry,Dawn,Rag Doll

Divine Interview Thicke Of The Night 1984 Part 2


Hillary Clinton Tears Up During Campaign Stop

Frankie Vallie and The Four Seasons Big Girls Don’t Cry

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