Who is the conservative/libertarian Presidential candidate in 2008?

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There are no perfect candidates–each has his/her strengths and weaknesses.

That said if you are a member of the conservative movement who would be your candidate for President of The United States in 2008?

Note I did not say Republican Party.

I believe there are only three choices–Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

If the election were held today–I would vote for one of the three.

Now who is my first choice today–Fred Thompson with Ron Paul a very close second.

Why? Consistency! They consistently follow conservative/libertarian principles .

11/09 Fred Thompson – Ad Consistent Conservative – 60 Second  


1988 Ron Paul Interview – CONSISTENCY IS KEY


Ron Paul 1996 – Solid Consistency Part 1  


Ron Paul 1996 – Solid Consistency Part 2


Gov. Romney On The Conservative Coalition  


Gov. Romney : Conservative Principles In Healthcare  


Who will get the nomination?

Unfortunately, I think the Republican Party is going to have a brokered convention. Deals will be made.

In terms of a Republican Party ticket that could win the election:

Fred Thompson/Mitt Romney

Fred Thompson/Ron Paul

Fred Thompson/Rudy Giuliani 

A united party wins elections.

Map of results by state of the 2004 U.S. presidential election representing states won by the Republicans with red, and states won by the Democrats with blue.

Presidential election results map. Red denotes states won by Reagan/Bush, Blue denotes those won by Mondale/Ferraro.


A divided party or a third party candidate from the conservative base loses elections.

I am still hoping the Democrats will feel the warmth with a Al Gore for President and Hillary Clinton for Vice President ticket.

The two major issues in the 2008 Presidential campaign will be stopping illegal immigration with a sealed border and criminal alien removal and a new federal tax system–the FairTax or a national sales tax. 

The candidate who comes out in favor of the FairTax gets my vote.

The American people are tired of candidates saying they are for tax reform and tax cuts and then doing nothing or even increasing taxes or shifting taxes to the states, counties and cities with such policies as Open Borders.

I voted for both Bushes and all I have seen is either higher Federal or State and local taxes and fees mostly due to both legal and illegal immigration and wastefull spending.

President Bush should have vetoed the last Budgetary bill but instead signed it.

A FairTax or you will not be getting my vote and the votes of million of Americans that support it.

Fred Thompson: Illegal immigration – border control  


Ron Paul: Immigration  


Ron Paul on Immigration & Borders


Fred Thompson Issues 


Ron Paul on the issues 


Governor Romney On The Major Issues Facing The Nation


Ron Paul on Taxes


Fred Thompson Speaks on Our Broken Tax System 10/2/07


 Mitt Romney: Tax policy


Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

Prayers for Peace on Earth.


 Background Articles and Videos

The Origins of the Modern American Conservative Movement 


 The Conservative Movement: Then And Now

By Russell Kirk


Conservatism in the United States




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11 Responses to “Who is the conservative/libertarian Presidential candidate in 2008?”

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Rudy is the perfect Conservative/Libertarian
candidate and has the best shot of uniting both
factions. He’s Pro-Death Penalty/Tough on
Crime/Tough on Terrorism/Anti-Tax.

Ron Paul is Anti-Death Penalty and Weak on
Terrorism. He’s not a good choice for
Libertarians and Conservatives.

Romney and Thompson are good as seconds to

[…] Who is the conservative/libertarian Presidential candidate in 2008? […]

[…] Who is the conservative/libertarian Presidential candidate in 2008? […]

[…] Who is the conservative/libertarian Presidential candidate in 2008? […]

[…] Who is the conservative/libertarian Presidential candidate in 2008? […]

[…] Who is the conservative/libertarian Presidential candidate in 2008? […]

[…] Who is the conservative/libertarian Presidential candidate in 2008? […]

[…] Who is the conservative/libertarian Presidential candidate in 2008? […]

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