Bill Clinton–White Trashing–Black Man–Barack Obama

Posted on December 18, 2007. Filed under: Blogroll, Links, Politics, Rants, Video |

The former first “black” President of The United States trashes the likeable black candidate for President, Barack Obama on the Charlie Rose show.

 Bill Clinton: Barack Obama is a Risk – Charlie Rose-Hillary

Seems like both Bill and Hillary Clinton like to dump on black politicians no matter what their political party.

The real agent of change is who–Hillary Clinton–you are lying Bill! Hillary Clinton handling of your administration’s  health care proposed program was a complete and total failure and disaster. Had she been a cabinet member she should have been fired or asked to resign. Neither intelligence or vision is a substitute for wisdom which you both lack.

She is a back to the past scandals of Bill Clinton administrations. This is one sequel that the American people will not want to see.

 The American people do not easily forget nor forgive the interview that saved your campaign for the nomination and the bold face lies both of you told:

1992 60 Minutes Open

Looks like Bill Clinton does not want to be First Laddie.

Every time he opens his mouth, he put his foot in it and Hillary’s poll numbers go down.

Looks like a divorce is in the cards in 2009. Bill Clinton keeps saying that if he not married to her he would still be campaigning for her.  Utter and complete rubbish.

Neither a Bush nor a Clinton will be elected President in 2008.

Time for a real change!

Keep on talking Bill.

Run Al Run.

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[…] Bill Clinton–White Trashing–Black Man–Barack Obama […]

[…] Bill Clinton–White Trashing–Black Man–Barack Obama […]

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