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The Hillary Clinton Moment: Live By The Planted Question Lose By The Planted Question Boomerang

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In many political campaigns there is the moment in which the leading candidate says or does something that ends their chances of winning either the nomination of their party or the election for the office they are running for.

The Hillary Clinton cadre have been planting questions in the audiences and debates and one just boomeranged big time: 

“…3:15pm: Obama gets an interesting foreign policy question – why is it that he relies on many foreign policy advisers from the Clinton administration. Best moment of either Iowa debate as Clinton laughs and says she wants to hear and answer to that question as well – in other words, how would his policy differ from hers? Obama shoots back, “Hillary, I’m looking forward to you advising me as well,” and says he wants to get advice from everywhere. …”

Obama to Hillary: I look forward to you advising me 

Another planted question just boomeranged and hit Hillary in a the middle of her Clinton cackle or laugh:

Glenn Beck – “Hillary Clinton Laugh Montage” (10/2/07)

The are many reasons why so many Bill Clinton domestic and foreign policy advisors are now advising or working for her opponent Senator Barack Obama.

However the leading reasons are they do not like nor trust Senator Hillary Clinton and believe she will lose both the nomination and election.

Senator Obama is a likeable and decent guy and from a far Liberal Leftist point of view he was right about the war.

The Clinton cadre are not laughing any more.

Especially after receiving another foul mouthed tongue lashing from Her Highness Hillary.

The Hillary Clinton Moment–How sweat it is! 

Play it again Obama:  

Obama: “Our Moment Is Now”

Run Al Run!

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“One of the livelier exchanges in the debate came when moderator asked, Senator Obama, you have Bill Clinton’s former national security advisor, state department policy director, and navy secretary, among others, advising you. With relatively little foreign policy experience of your own, how will you rely on so many Clinton advisors and still deliver the kind of break from the past that you are promising voters?

As Clinton laughed and said, “I want to hear that” (meaning his response), Obama scored by saying: “Well, Hillary, I’m looking forward to having you as an advisor as well.” He added, “I want to gather up talent from everywhere. …”


Democrats Waltz Through Iowa Debate

“…But the reality is that the race, at least for now, remains a three-way competition between Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards. While there was no direct mention of some of the issues which these three have bickered about in the past, each managed to set themselves apart in ways the Republicans did not. If there was a winner, it may have been Edwards. His answers to almost every question hewed to his populist themes of sticking up for the disadvantaged and sticking it to corporate America. That should play well among Democrats in Iowa.

Obama was once again the “hope” candidate, urging Democrats to seize the moment and the movement he appears to be riding. A question about his reliance on former Clinton administration officials for foreign policy advice could have been a bad moment for him as he tried to differentiate his approach to candidate Clinton’s. But he was saved by a return of the Clinton “laugh.” …”

Is Hillary Clinton’s Campaign in Meltdown Mode?

“…Is the Hillary Clinton’s campaign in full meltdown mode? Probably not, but right now things are not looking good for the one candidate who was thought to be the inevitable nominee just a few short months ago. In reality, Hillary Clinton’s own worse enemy has been herself. When Hillary answers questions in a way that seems too smooth and scripted, most democratic voters just tune out her answers. In a way, I think Hillary Clinton is trying to campaign in the same style as her husband, former President Bill Clinton. However, she was not blessed with the same communication skills as the former President was, so her delivery sounds scripted and preplanned to almost all questions asked. The top person responsible for prepping Hillary Clinton for public debates needs to back off and let this lady show the American people who she really is, instead of filling her head with quick answers to complex questions that are commonly asked at debates. Hillary Clinton is in real trouble right now in the states of Iowa and New Hampshire, but she is far from out of the democratic race. …”

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